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Spoofing Hillary, Sort of: Kevin Spacey Makes a Phone Call

Written by Gary North on August 16, 2014

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

So does entertainment.

Which one is the fake?

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9 thoughts on “Spoofing Hillary, Sort of: Kevin Spacey Makes a Phone Call

  1. Holy Shirt says:

    Never mind HER decision. Pray we don't screw up sending her to Washington, unless it's 200 miles west of Seattle!

  2. Larry Hughes says:

    Should have said, which one is MORE fake, since both are lying fantasys except in politics the blood is real.

  3. Larry Hughes says:

    Rather send her to Kansas., Leavenworth that is.

  4. More sickening bullcrap from the Clintons.. It makes you want to puke,,, these people are disgusting,,,

  5. You're right! It turns the stomach. .

  6. If Hellary runs, my only question is how many deaths/murders will occur directly connected to her?

  7. Why would Gary North plug this garbage propaganda? Is he getting paid to put this crap in front of the people who trust him to provide worthwhile information?

  8. markypolo says:

    BOTH of these Clowns are putrid!

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