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Getting 9-11’s Building 7 Collapse on the Ballot in New York City

Posted on August 16, 2014

I hope this works. It is being opposed by the usual politicians.

Article by Russ Baker

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I was standing blocks from Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex and staring directly at it when it collapsed.

Working for the Los Angeles Times, I arrived that morning just in time to see an enormous cloud of dust and people running away. I had not yet known of the rapid and deadly descent of the South and North towers. That afternoon, I called in a series of reports to a staffer in the New York bureau.

I was literally on the phone with the office at 5:21 p.m., describing the fires burning in the structure as the building began—and completed— its remarkably fast, smooth descent to the ground. I described the building neatly pancaking, and the Pulitzer Prize winner on the other end taking my dictation declared: “That sounds like a controlled demolition.”

Controlled Demolition

In fact, I have seen controlled demolitions before and since—and indeed, that was exactly what the destruction of Building 7 looked like, except perhaps for a marginally slower collapse of the top portion

As with most people, I was baffled by how Building 7—a smaller, 47-story tower that had not been hit by a plane and was separated from the Twin Towers by low-rise buildings–would come down at all. It just made no sense.

How exactly the building did come down has never been properly explained. An investigation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded that the building was hit by debris from the collapsing North Tower that started fires. However, it ruled out diesel fuel, structural damage from the debris, and structural elements (trusses, girders, and cantilever overhangs) as causes of the collapse. It said the lack of water to the sprinkler system was an important factor in allowing fires to rage all afternoon. But the panel declined to state how the fires could bring down the building—and in such a rapid manner.

Reasonable Doubts

For many years, those who have been troubled by things that did not make sense regarding the 9/11 attacks have been marginalized as kooks. To be sure, some entertain enormously elaborate, complex scenarios that assume unspeakable evil carried out by a bewildering number of individuals, nations, and institutions.

(There’s more. Click the link.)

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12 thoughts on “Getting 9-11’s Building 7 Collapse on the Ballot in New York City

  1. It hasn’t been a mystery for a long time. The Daudet Brothers, French filmmakers who were making a documentary about the NYFD and happened to catch the WTC strikes on camera, recorded a fireman saying that a third plane was headed to New York. Flight 93 was obviously the one intended to hit Building 7 but it didn’t go according to plan and was shot down over Shanksville, PA.

    If Building 7 had been allowed to remain standing, eventually the wiring and charges would have been discovered and the ruse exposed. So some operatives ran into 7, set a few wild fires (not enough to melt structural steel!), and it was brought down in a classic controlled demolition.

    To this day Rudy Guiliani, who headed the “command center” in Building 7, has never disclosed who told him to vacate 7 because it was about to be “pulled”.

    The neocons got their “new Pearl Harbor” and we have had nonstop war, debt and police-state existence since.

  2. The neocons are a made up name by the media to create something that doesn’t exist..creates division amongst the people. . The people running this country are all the same evil scum left or right. We really do need a revolution

  3. I”m beginning to believe they exploded the building on purpose to collect insurance.

    A mandate probably stated they would not pay out unless these 3 building were destroyed. Hence, the owner made sure bldg #7 came down also and with the insurance proceeds divvied up the profits to keep mouths shut.

  4. Stuart Shepherd says:

    I believe you are correct, Sir.

  5. Larry silverstein hadn’t even made his first payment on the wtc. Demolition takes weeks to plan it isn’t done on the spot. This was a controlled demolition. Marvin Bush’s company was in charge of security for the wtc and all the airlines and airports used on 9/11. Marvin is George’s brother that nobody in the media will ever mention. one more thing the media never mentions anymore are the three Israelis arrested on the George Washington bridge with a truck bomb. Everything about those three was classified after they were released. Also the 2.3 trillion dollars Rumsfeld told us about the day before has never been mentioned again because the people working on finding the money were killed at the Pentagon. The Sullivan building(building 7) houses all the sec records on illegal trades insider trades and Enron documents. JFK, gulf of Tonkin, Oklahoma city, 9/11, underwear bomber, Sandy hook and who knows what else have all been lies.

  6. I do not know what the ballot would say but I'd love to bring this whole mess to the attention of the voting public to see how we are being duped into wars and scandals so the ruling class can make untold fortunes.

    It is time for us to clean house in November and start it by doing our research into the lying and scandal after scandal with no closure on any of them. Chase the money trails!

  7. They owned the insurance company.

  8. Lil Kim from north Korea has the best idea so far. Nuke Washington.

  9. peleus212 says:

    In my opinion if the approval rating of congress is below 50 percent incumbents should not be allowed to run for a new term. Come of folks would you rehire a person that has proven they can't do the job?? No, only in politics! But what is sad that the 'morons' will never vote against Santa Claus and there in lies the problem and we get what we got.

  10. Rattlerjake says:

    The Oklahoma bombing was nothing more than a trial run to establish the gullibility of the people to believe what they are told by the government and media. Engineering experts have already stated and proved that that truck bomb could NOT have done the damage that was done to that building.

  11. fipplepop says:

    This film started with Ed Asner. That was enough for me to cast doubt upon everything shown here. Nevertheless, enough "evidence" (it may not really exist) is shown for me to make a search for the debunking articles that must exit. So, congratulations, Ed, you have succeeded in getting me to waste my time finding the proof that this is is yet another of your lies, or might "fantasties" be more accurate?

  12. Anyone still trying to ride the conspiracy train through 9/11 does themselves no service. The collapse of building 7 was so rational it didn't deserve nor require any further investigation into the cause.