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Prep School for 2 Kids: $1 Million. For the Ron Paul Curriculum: $5,250.

Written by Gary North on August 15, 2014

MarketWatch reports this.

Going to a top private school could cost an American family with two children nearly $1 million—or $500,000 per child. But short of that, sending your kids to any better-quality school—even a public school—can considerably increase the costs of being a parent.

Tuition at top-tier prep schools—those awarded a 9/10 or 10/10 by the national non-profit GreatSchools —averages about $40,000 a year for fees, according to new research by real-estate website Trulia. “You could be talking about $1 million for families with more than one child for the best prep schools,” says Mark Hamrick, Washington, D.C. bureau chief with personal finance site Bankrate.com.

Outside the top tier, private school isn’t as prohibitively expensive. The average private school costs $11,000 a year—around $317,000 total for a family that sends two kids to private school, K through 12. The annual cost for private schools of all quality ratings ranges from $7,000 for Catholic schools and $9,000 for other religious schools to $22,000 for non-sectarian private schools (only 20% of students go to non-religious private schools).

The Ron Paul Curriculum is free, K-5. It is $250 per family above grade 5, but families pay a flat fee. Then it’s about $250 a year per child.

The Ron Paul Curriculum offers a free market program. The prep school will be Keynesian.

Which is the better deal?

Meanwhile, conservatives send their children into the public schools, where there are football games, pom-pom girls, and drugs. Boola-Boola.

“Push ’em back. Push ’em back. Way back!” Count on it.

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4 thoughts on “Prep School for 2 Kids: $1 Million. For the Ron Paul Curriculum: $5,250.

  1. kenny9876 says:

    Many private schools have become rackets designed to attract rich kids or foreign students whose parents can afford to pay. Some private schools in CT, costing $50,000 per year, have upwards of 40% foreign students in these idyllic rural locations (e.g. Pomfret Academy). Headmaster salaries can easily top $400,000 for student bodies far smaller than urban school systems where superintendents make far less. The better recourse it to move to an affluent community with excellent public or charter schools, than to pay these exhorbitant prices. Or, if possible, home school.

  2. I thank my immigrant parents who sent me to New York Military Academy for my Senior HS year. It was the first time I did homework and it gave me a huge edge in College.

  3. I wonder how many affirmative action students who passed their classes with 0.7 are your lawyers, doctors, engineers, politicians and community activists.

    Homeschooling is a great way to educate rather than indoctrinate especially where morals and religion are allowed.

    I am disgusted and repulsed by many of the alumni of 'Ivy League' schools!

  4. sweetqueen777 says:

    Considering the sorry state of the public school system all over America, Christians have a duty to be separate from that garbage. I went to public schools in Ohio in the 60's, and I think I got a great education, but it was a different world then. We never even locked our doors, and the car keys were in the ignition most of the time. Now???? You would be crazy to do those things. We can't even safely let our kids go trick or treating. There are hundreds of home schooling curricula available, usually for under 1000.oo a year. Even the public school systems now have an online program available. There are co-ops, so the kids can do things with other kids, and you can access teachers for things you are not comfortable teaching. The public schools cannot even keep our children safe, much less teach them anything. They are geared to the lowest common denominator. Keep your kids at home. I will be teaching my grandson in a few years, and I can hardly wait. I am disabled, and can't work but this will be my grand contribution to the future.