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Lauren Bacall Just Would Not Quit

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2014

We forget how long she was in front of audiences. Michael Caine seems like a seasoned trooper. He got his start in Zulu in 1964.

She got her breakthrough in 1944. “You know how to whistle, don’t you?”

I was two years old at the time.

Her last movie on-screen appearance was in 2013. Her last movie voice-over was this year.

We should all be this productive.

Click the link for a collection of film snippets. But she spent years on the stage when she was not in front of a camera.

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3 thoughts on “Lauren Bacall Just Would Not Quit

  1. rick baldwin says:

    her story should get the headlines Robin Williams did.

  2. The first crush I had as a little boy BEFORE I realized people on film were not always the age they appeared! I grew up but the OLD movies stll show her as frozen in time! She was sexy and talented and cool before ANYONE!!!

  3. You are correct. What Robin Williams did was sinful, cowardly and most hurtful to his loved ones.
    Why doesn't a dynamite lady like Bacall, who lived her life to the fullest, get at least as much attention as stupidity seems to get. ?