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No Free Federal Lunch Money ==> No Nanny Menus

Written by Gary North on August 11, 2014

It is happening all over the country. Public schools are pulling out of the federal lunch program. They are walking away from the subsidies.

Why? Simple: the kids will not eat the federal lunches. They toss out the food.

To get the subsidies, the districts must adopt the federal lunch menus. The kids then revolt. This is passive resistance. Gandhi lives!

This started with a law called the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. It sounded so humanitarian. It was rammed through Congress back when Obama had a majority in both houses of Congress.

The districts have decided that it’s better not to take Uncle Sam’s money.

The districts are learning a lesson: “If you take the government’s nickel, you take the government’s noose.”

Here is a solution: let the parents pack bag lunches for the kids. No more subsidies of any kind!

We are told that some parents cannot afford to feed their children. Really? Then I guess there will be millions of starving children in a matter of weeks . . . unless the claim is bogus.

The claim is bogus.

If you don’t want government-supplied menus, don’t have government-financed lunches — federal, state, or local.

There are always menus. He who pays the piper calls the tune. He who pays the chef selects the menu.

I’m with the kids. A little resistance to big government is a good thing. Let it start early.

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42 thoughts on “No Free Federal Lunch Money ==> No Nanny Menus

  1. diabetichamsters says:

    Our local high school pulled out because of the restrictions on what kinds of food could be sold for fundraisers. Cookie dough and pizzas sell. Broccoli does not.

  2. Daniel from TN says:

    I'm a former school teacher. Every day I saw 2 or 3 large dumpsters completely loaded with food that students would not eat. This is a HUGE waste of taxpayer money. The planned meals may comply with nutritional standards, but they mostly taste awful.

  3. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Just another instance of the children proving that politicians and bureaucrats are dumber than rocks.

    At least a rock keeps its mouth shut instead of proving how little they know.

  4. We're already paying for their meals – That's what food stamps, SSI and welfare is for. Feed your kids breakfast and pack their lunch with your free money.

  5. Our school made a video that went viral and should have shown WH how lousy the food is. You cant dictate what kids eat. My mom used to send cheese or peanut butter ,or balogna sandwiches.with a fruit and sometimes chips. We bought milk at school for 6 cents and ice cream for dessert. We did not have many fat kids because we didnt have computers and game boys. We played outside and had recess at school. If we didnt like our lunch we traded it.

  6. Win on the food and then win on the text books. I would not even recognize what the History books have it today. Golly, I didn't know that the Boston Teas Party was a terriost act. Anything in the past that gave us our frredoms are being turned around in the newly written books. The kids don't learn Civics today, this is so they don't ask questions as to how the government is run. Heroes are removed from books and replaced with activist figures. Kids today don't even know who signed the Constitution, know Gettysburg address by heart, The Preamble to the Constitution and many other speeches and laws we had to learn to graduate. I still remember these things and I am 75 now. Its now brainwashing, don't think or ask questions and accept everything the way it is. TIME FOR A CHANGE PEOPLE.

  7. If you can't afford to feed your kids don't have any kids use Obama's free Condoms or female birth control which is provided free to you ghetto rats

  8. Just another notch in this administrations record of shooting from the hip incompetence. The team of Michelle and Barack have been quite a pair. Screwing up things from kindergartens to international relations. Amazing. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  9. dealerdeb1 says:

    Our district had to absorb 3000 illegal alien kids and they ALL get free not only LUNCH but breakfast as well.The white and black kids get to eat garbage which they refuse to. We live in a very liberal state so they will not back out

  10. dealerdeb1 says:

    They can't what would they have left after they sell their EBT cards and food stamp cards for drugs? Their Baby daddies need cash to get it from the dealers silly girl

  11. dealerdeb1 says:

    Nah they can't be responsible enough for that they want free abortions because that is fast Birth control. No stopping in the heat of the moment to use a condom and no icky pill to have to remeber to take.

  12. Why would you use birth control when rach new kid gets you more money? Your mom raises them for you anyway.

  13. Carmelo Junior says:

    Reduced and free lunch is a necessity for low income and/or unemployed parents. Some of us are not Ron Paul, a doctor and a congressman who earns hundreds of thousands a year. Sure this program should be amended: parents should be allowed to check if their kids are eating the lunch with the help of school staff. For kids that are not eating the menu a note should be sent to the parents and warning that if they get free or reduced meals they will need to be withrawn the program and make sack lunch for their kids. NO FREE or REDUCED meals for non US citizen or legal resident kids!. Period!

  14. Carmelo Junior says:

    Nobody gets married thinking on feeding kids. You might have a job when you get married and be unemployed or with low income job when you have kids in school.

  15. Awesome, it is about time the schools stop depending on the Fed Gov and stop being dictated to as what they can feed our children. The food is sickening and the children won't eat it. Waste is wrong and so is feeding "cardboard" to them. Those who make up those menus need to eat them for a week. I hope more schools will work on serving food without federal assistance.

  16. Well said. We home school and it is the best way for children to learn and get the correct information.

  17. Same her in our District in Western Colorado. The free and reduced lunch kids (40 cents) now all get free breakfast as well and some elementary schools (deemed at-risk, etc) don't charge any kids for lunch. Many if not most of these same kids have parents receiving Welfare and Food Stamps. This is just one more way to keep these parents from becoming responsible. Let the school feed them breakfast and lunch so the parents can spend their money on something else (booze, cigs, junk food for mom and dad). It's sickening that my hard earned tax money is being handed out like candy to people who could provide for their own families if they tried.

  18. Carmelo, I agree with you on the free lunch for unemployed (documented) but if you receive Food Stamps your children should not receive free and reduced lunches, that's what Food stamps are for whether your feeding them breakfast and lunch at home or at school. Parents need to be taught, obviously, how to care for their children making sure they get breakfast in the morning and packing a lunch. It's seems to be a no-brainer for most of us but I guess some people need help learning.

  19. 3000 with free meals when the parasitic hosts for these illegals receive over $1700.00 per month per kid plus they receive medical, rent subsidies, phones … the list goes on. Time for some irate parents to attend school board and PTA meetings, voting at the poles in November and rallying friends to do the same.
    What are you doing about it? Will you or a family member run for the board? Why not … I bet you are better then they are !!!

  20. This whole thing is Michelle's idea and she has no authority to do anything about anything.The government needs to keep their noses out of how we raise and feed our kids.Anything the government touches is a train wreck waiting to happen.

  21. dealerdeb1 says:

    They have no desire to try. They just prefer someone else takes all the responsibility for them

  22. Carmelo Junior says:

    That is correct and I agree. What angers me is these so called "conservatives" who earn over 80,000 a year trying to eliminate programs that help AMERICAN parents who earn much less than that.

  23. What happened to brown bagged lunches of a sandwich, fruit, cookies, etc. Sell them the milk, juice and dessert. We must expect these to be money losers because we are trying to grow great students.
    Cafeteria could sell popular, easy to prepare, no left-over food like pizza slices, hot dogs or burgers.

  24. dealerdeb1 says:

    FYI My husband has served on the school board for 8 years and gets shouted down by the teachers wearing black shirts that he is a criminal. In fact they came to our home once kicked my old cat until she was seizuring, broke my truck window and drove their cars over my front lawn. My Cat's vet bill was $1800 , my lawn cost $1200 to replace and my truck window $400 because it was less than the deductable.Did I mention I hate Marxist union thugs? The police dragged their feet coming[Union supporters] and when they arrived said there was no evidence the teachers did anything at all. Gee what a surprise.It did make the news but it was billed as Vandalism by unknown assailants

  25. Cliffystones says:

    Having kids is no longer directly correlated to getting married. And while every one of us can fall on hard times, it takes a certain level of incompetence, ignorance and just plain stupidity to get to the level some folks fall to. And again, not everyone. But I can't begin to count the folks I've known who blow every cetn plus borrow more in the good times, never "saving for a rainy day". Want Jet Skis? No prob., just borrow. Save to a 401K? Hell no! I can't afford to! Meanwhile they are driving a new Lexus, and have severl new flat-screen TVs.

  26. Carmelo Junior says:

    It is the decision of each person how are they going to live their life and spend their money. However, a lot of folks struggle, paying 1/4 of their earned income in taxes. Getting married without thinking on having kids is like going to Puerto Rico without thinking about having a Pina Colada or going to the beaches. Unless, of course, we are talking about same sex marriages, adopting of making our own in vitro kids.
    You want a new Lexus and have the money to pay it or the possibility of a loan, go ahead. School meals has nothing to do with Lexus.

  27. There is the umptenth version of "my sermon." There is no such thing as free anything from the US Government. Somebody pays. That somebody is the US taxpayer. The US Government is broke. It has no money to give. What they give is revolving door money. They are merely returning money taken from citizens in inflated tax levies; American citizens are paying 20% of their income in taxes.Where is it going? In part back to the taxpayer in phantom grants which they use to blackmail/browbeat citizens in to doing as the government directs. The bulk of the grant comes from loans which the US government gets from China which increases the national debt of 17 trillion + that the US citizens and their progeny will be paying until the second coming. Every time I hear of the government "giving"
    out money, my stomach turns. We citizens become responsible for repaying even more money than exist in the world and we did not even consent to or sign for the loan. Our taxes are taking 20% of our income. As the US continues to spend money it does not have, taxes will continue to go up. People establish priorities. Many of the people who claim that they cannot afford to feed their children lunch are on welfare. They are already getting government money. Maybe instead of playing into victimology, the Government dispensers of welfare should look at those families' spending habits and budgets and help them make adjustments there. My father did custodial work all his working life. My mother's "career" was in food service. In elementary school, I can home for lunch. In junior high and senior high, I bought my lunch or carried it. I never saw a hungry day. We were far from wealthy but my parents knew what the priorities were and spent accordingly. We were their children and they were responsible for us including feeding us. Fir these parents who claim they cannot afford to feed their children, a reminder of whose children they and whose responsibility they are might go a long way.

  28. Nothing is stopping you Carmelo from starting a program to feed children of poor parents lunches.

    But you don't have the right to decide what other people do with their money. If you think other people should be buying children lunches, you should ask them to contribute.

  29. so much stupid in your inane post. In case you never got the memo kid, TANSTAAFL! Go look it up- there ain't no such thing as a free lunch! This is not some pessimistic or whiny complaint- this is the fact of life. This is reality. Everything has a cost PERIOD! And only an IDIOT, IMBECILE, fool, or sleazy scoundrel would ignore the costs.
    Where in the hell do you think(are you even thinking?) your beloved 'free lunch' comes from? huh? would this supposed 'free lunch' come falling from the sky like mana just cause you whine all day? cry? beg? sob? or scribble on pieces of TOILET PAPER (aka legislation)? Go learn some economics kid

    And also get some dang intellectual integrity- your post is full of inane contradictions and hypocritical statements (on top of your other dozen fallacies)

  30. They weren't eating it in the 60's either. I worked for my lunch – scraping plates and washing dishes. This one has nothing to do with Obama lunches – don't get me wrong, though – I hate that the federal government tells schools what they can/can't serve.

  31. so much stupid in your inane post. In case you never got the memo kid, TANSTAAFL! Go look it up- there ain't no such thing as a free lunch! This is not some pessimistic or whiny complaint- this is the fact of life. This is reality. Everything has a cost PERIOD! And only an IDIOT, IMBECILE, fool, or sleazy scoundrel would ignore the costs.

    Also you can't even tell the difference between a cost and benefit- lol you have absolutely no clue even what a cost is! So thus your "opinions" are entirely invalid. Go do your homework first kid

  32. Carmelo Junior says:

    George what exactly is your point? Please type slower.

  33. The poor only have themselves to blame (that and the Fed's endless money printing machine). They want MORE government. What does that do? Make things MORE EXPENSIVE. Hello?

  34. Great stop the government blackmail. They don't care about the kids. They care about control.

  35. There wasn't enough protein in the 'new' lunches to keep kids from being hungry before school let out.

  36. "Hoochie Mama" Michelle has absolutely no business managing (or mismanaging) anything. She was not elected to any office, and she is certainly not qualified or empowered to dictate school lunch menus based on her preferences. Next thing you know one of her daughters will be dictating nuclear policy in the manner Chelsea Clinton.

  37. peleus212 says:

    Maybe if the government dependence is broken and no funds are being sucked from Gov teet, they can go back to fund raisers and sell things the folks like. If not beholdened to government maybe they could not make dictates stick. How about that selling cookies and stuff to raise money……..

  38. I agree… and give women having children on the dole tubal ligations. We don't need more people, we need a better educated RESPONSIBLE society, that plans their child bearing and creates a good family life. We've turned into a welfare and I deserve nation.

  39. Je d'accord! or I agree!

  40. I witnessed as a cashier Ma/Pa using food stamps. Then, no kidding, paid cash for 100 LBS. of dog food for their 3 (Illegal ) pet dogs!!

  41. When I was working as a grocery cashier in Louisiana I had to ring up people twice all the time. First for food stamp items and then second for a load of cigarettes and booze that they paid in cash. It was even more intersting when the cigs and booze rang up higher than the groceries!

  42. I witnessed as a cashier Ma/Pa using food stamps. Then, no kidding, paid cash for 100 LBS. of dog food for their 3 (Illegal ) pet dogs!!