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13 thoughts on “Internment Camps: Government Field Manual Gets Leaked

  1. While I am as nervous about the direction this government is taking as anyone, this video is somewhat misleading. I have the document in front of me so I can see everything in context and some of this info is distorted. First, the only reference to U.S. operations are in disaster relief where civilians have been displaced by natural disasters or actual attacks. There is no other reference. The section 7-16 which mentions social security numbers is strictly in reference to U.S. Military personnel who have been arrested. Of course they have social security numbers! All of the following references refer to overseas combat operations. I agree that everyone should download and read this document but read ALL of it, not selected portions taken out of context.

  2. David in MA says:

    Martial law will negate all of this and much more, obatchit will become a dictator full blown, the Islamic Marxist army currently in and being allowed in America will surface, the Islamic world will hail obatchit the Mahdi and the FEMA camps will make Adolph Hitler proud. If the Ebola doesn't decimate the American population, FEMA will… Casualties, on both sides, will not be a concern, winning at the destruction of America will. America is at war with some very sick minds, from obatchit on down and once they are conquered they must to the last one, be put to death.

  3. David you're insane. Better put the tin foil back on buddy.

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  5. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    What I read Jim refers to what I believe is some insurrection, and in case of invasion, we need a place to keep our military prisoners, of course UN, HSA, and others are mentioned, but as a civil responsibiliy! When the nukes hit us we will have almost anarchial conditions prevelant, and the varying agencies will attempt to arrest all the people trying to feed and house themselves by means of weaponry and gangs! Subversives that war amoung themselves and with gov't will also be contained. With the collapse of the USSR, the gov't employees organized to become the Russian Mafia and are operating worldwide, their failed gov't didn't contain them! Their ops are continueing today, world wide, and their organization, very good at concealment and covered up crime! I don't believe that our agencies are innocent in their efforts to suppress the people however! They will do it in a hearbeat! Fema is a huge grafter of monies to our elite, say Warren Buffet, as they procured about 4 or 5 times the needed mobile homes that sat years and years, deteriorating and being picked over with theft, vandalism, never used, a product of crony capitalism, payback to a loyal fascist, a big donater to the DNC!



  7. Game69 M. says:

    David is right…the Illegal O Bomb Us is coming after the American people. Why else would he do an E.O. of Martail Law,bk on March 16,2012..we’re at Peace..want gives? Think about it if u can…

  8. Have no fear of these camps like many do. Please read this carefully and understand what I am trying to say…

    These events are accurately prophesied in our Bible and it can be absolutely trusted. See the one page proof GodAuthoredBible.com.

    There is nothing to fear when you have been Biblical adopted into God's family by accepting the Biblical gospel of salvation.

    These articles help us understand what we must do in the short term but our primary responsibility lies in helping others to have the 100% assurance that they will have an eternal life in heaven.

    Life is too short and eternity too long to be wrong about God, His Bible, Jesus and His gospel message of salvation.

  9. tomf33602 says:

    Or worse.

  10. redmeatstate says:

    I see this and then wonder why the Feds backed down at Bundy Ranch and in Texas and Oklahoma.

  11. Tommy Thompson says:

    Sure they backed down for now and remember Bundy Ranch is not the only place where similar events have happened . Think maybe they are reassessing how to do what they originally came for!? Time will tell but you need to remember Uncle does not like to get anything shoved in their collective faces. Waiting..

  12. These guys are just click ho's

  13. Get your lithium level checked dude.