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A 40-Year Conspiracy of Silence on Nixon

Written by Gary North on August 9, 2014

It was 40 years ago today that Richard Nixon climbed into a government-supplied helicopter that was about to carry him into private life. He raised both hands in the famous V-sign, which supposedly symbolized victory, but which marked the most important single personal defeat in the history of the American presidency.

Nixon over the next 20 years wrote his way back into a kind of grudging acceptance. He could always write, and he had plenty of time to write. The man who was more hated by Democrats than any other Republican, long known as tricky Dick, wrote his way out of trickiness, disgrace, and general resentment against him. In this sense, he probably had the most successful post-presidency of any American President. He pulled himself out of the deepest hole that any President had ever dug for himself.

I voted for Nixon in 1968. I had a very good reason for doing this: revenge. If national politics is not based on revenge, then it’s based on nonsense. If you base your commitment to national politics on hope, then you are terminally na├»ve. But revenge is a perfectly good reason to vote for somebody, if you’re trying to get even with a politician’s enemies.

In 1962, ABC Television ran a program: “The Political Obituary of Richard Nixon.” Wikipedia’s article on Howard K. Smith is accurate.

After the 1962 mid-term elections, Smith presented a documentary entitled, “The Political Obituary of Richard Nixon” as part of his Howard K. Smith: News and Comment (1962–1963) television series. Smith referred to Nixon’s “last press conference” after his disastrous losing campaign against Democrat Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, Sr., for governor of California. In that exchange, the former vice president famously told reporters that they would not “have Nixon to kick around any more.” Smith included in the broadcast an interview with Nixon’s longstanding nemesis Alger Hiss, a convicted Cold War perjurer.

I decided when I saw Hiss brought in as a character witness against Richard Nixon, that if I ever had an opportunity to vote for Nixon, I would. My motive was simple: to get even with Howard K. Smith. I also vowed that I would never do it again, and I never did.

The Watergate story is one of the most amazing stories in American history. It is amazing for at least two reasons. First, historians have never figured out why somebody on Nixon’s staff ordered the break-in. What in the world did this person have in mind? What did he expect to discover in the Democratic Party National Committee’s headquarters?

But the second aspect of it is, and has remained, the most amazing. We are told that Watergate illustrates the triumph of American democracy, because a sitting President was forced to resign. Nobody ever asks this question: “How did the government know which sections of the infamous Watergate tapes to demand from Nixon and his lawyers?” They were not granted access to all of the tapes. The tapes have never been released. They are still incomplete in terms of public transcripts and access. The government’s lawyers could only request highly specific segments of specific tapes. They knew exactly which sections to subpoena.

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22 thoughts on “A 40-Year Conspiracy of Silence on Nixon

  1. I too voted for Nixon. People have forgotten that Nixon was very smart. He opened up China. Along with his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, he did a lot of good in the world. But he had one small problem he was a megalomaniac. He was so convinced that he was the only one capable of running the country, he felt he was justified to keep the job of President by any means. And that was his downfall. But for that, he may have gone down as one of our greatest Presidents. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  2. 2warabnvet says:

    I get it now.
    Watergate – the most horrifying scandal ever perpetrated in the history of mankind,
    Benghazi, politicizing the IRS, Fast & Furious, spying on journalists. IRS scandal, border crisis, middle east failures, rule by imperial diktat – move along; nothing to see here.
    I saw a story the other day about the 40th anniversary of Watergate. While Watergate is still with us, and considered the hallmark of Presidential scandals, you can pick any one of Obama's many scandals and see immediately that they far exceed the scope of the relatively insignificant Watergate.

  3. I have been waiting 40+ years for this. I always thought this was a set-up by the party of people they called Democrat. This type of assignation was not well known. The gutless, underhanded. dirty tricks used in political battle were considered harmless. Of course today it is old news, sort of like the survival of the most unfit. I was in the armed service at that time and was disgusted with the media as they portrayed Kennedy as a Camelot, while he publicly whored around on his wife. I never dreamed how bad it would get.

  4. Kent Groth says:

    I agree with you 100% !! I always thought Nixonwas one of the most effective presidents ever, and most consequential in a positive way. He accomplished more in four years than Obama has in a lifetime!

  5. James earp says:

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    They grow theirs on what was. Public.lands that we have been cut off from

    They know what’s happening now.they said whites will vanish from earth and. A lot of whites. Share in the foods and drugs for swearing their oath to Obama’s. Wipe out the conservative raise. I know some of them and even.their hard core felons are well armed and need you unarmed

    Armed is the only thing holding them off for now miss Clinton.means to.make it possible for them to kill us all when.its her turn and Congress has no.power to stop it

    that takes the Senate and their with the anti constitution. Obama teams. This means armed they know they can’t make it happen

    too many young gave up USA citizenship to join the illegal president

    .just Americans with open boards for Latino drug cartels but not for USA to cross their boarders or you never get out of prison alive

    You.convert to.Muslim or die there same as Obama’s home land. Over seas. Hold America

    You’ve been warned the rest is up to you

    I have made.my choice

    Wish our system could work.but we have.no.legal system anymore

    There’s only Obama. Anti America rules cops have to. Follow or quite

    Most.went with.the beast

    You waste time you don’t have

    For years we begged leaders to enforce constituting.laws

    It has done nothing for us but waste money and time

    Stay armed or become ad NY. Dead at the will.of a young ignorant cop

    . The legal system.is. taken away from.cops to up hold

    Stop helping.Obama by doing nothing

    .you who waste time on. Laws Obama has. Set aside. Are helping.them.win

    Please help us or get out.of.the way

    your a shame to the fore father’s.. you already lost. The rest of us will not share in the win with you if you set and watch

  6. markypolo says:

    "WaterGate"? Nobody DIED. Democrats have murdered Millions. Start with Benghazi.

  7. porterv7 says:

    I am reading a book, ostensibly about the Bush family, which has a large section on Watergate. It is "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker. I have always had suspicions but Baker has convinced me that it was the eastern establishment Republicans who hated Nixon and who wanted to get rid of him. Nixon wanted desperately to please these people and so he surrounded himself with their stooges. That was his downfall.. They stabbed him in the back. They have perfected their techniques, but essentially they are the same Republicans who have scuttled the campaigns of conservative candidates like Todd Akin, Christine O'Donnel, Sharron Angle, Ken Cuccinelli, and Chris McDaniel.

  8. msjallen says:

    If only -0 would step down as gracefully as Nixon did.

  9. I voted for President Nixon in all of his Presidential campaigns. His knowledge and skills in Foreign Relations has not been surpassed by any of the Presidents we have had in my lifetime. At the time he stepped down, I was working at an international location. Everyone I knew in that area of the world thought the US was "stupid" for forcing him out of office.

    He did have an enemies list and it was real, he had more enemies in the MSM than Obama has minions. NOTE: Fox News did not exist at that time. President Nixon's one failure was his strong sense of friendship. This prevented him from simply throwing whoever made the decision to break into Watergate, under the bus. He also underestimated the power of the President and the conversely the Power of the 4th estate at that time. Again we did not have a Fox News to offer the other side of the argument and the 4th estate had long ago deserted the concept of truth in journalism, in search of methods to destroy President Nixon.

  10. You hit it on the head! – that was child's play compared to the treacherous acts being perpetuated by the Muslim-Marxist jihadist!

  11. Although I am a conservative, I frequently do not agree with Gary North's opinions, but I am in full support of his column on Nixon. Nixon's resignation was not a triumph of democracy. It was a triumph of the liberal media's ability to influence unthinking, uninformed America. And the media still have that ability,to mislead, such as persuading people to blame the Republicans for a government shutdown.

    Unfortunately, while the Left controls the media and academia, Nixon's true story will never become common knowledge, just as Senator Joe McCarthy is still generally considered evil for acting against the destructive communist influence within the American government.

  12. singer23 says:

    Right on Rosie! The Communist influence will never exonerate Joe McCarthy, although the, "Commies," he exposed,were later to be identified as what he had said they were! I still believe the main reason they were determined to, "Get," Nixon, he put, Alger Hiss in jail! He was never forgiven for that, so they went after him, until they got him!

  13. WhiteFalcon says:

    The commie media was out to get Nixon because he routinely made them look like the jackasses that they were, and still are. He was playing dirty politics. So what? Don't they all play dirty politics? Just look at the smear tactics that are used today. Politics is a dirty game and they all play dirty. As for what he actually did as president, it is far better than any dombo president has done since. We had Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and the idiot that is there now. I would take tricky Dick over any of them.

  14. excellent

  15. kibitzer3 says:

    Gary North hints at the answer to the conundrum towards the end of his article. Yes, the 'Republican establishment' was involved – but it is more specific a matter than that.

    You would have had to 'be there' at the time, to fully appreciate the infighting going on. Long story short: Nelson Rockefeller was angling to take over America, for TPTB. The far Left aren't the only ones who understand that Crisis = Opportunity. The Cabal needed a crisis. They set the whole thing up – paid for it. (Big time, a la to E. Howard Hunt.) And then directed the authorities to the smoking gun. The point? To get Nixon out of the way, for their man to move up: the VP – G. Ford. To pardon Nixon, of course; but to pave the way for 'Rocky' to make a run for it next. Or at the least, for him to have control over the operations of the office, especially on foreign policy and monetary policy: the linchpins to the power of the Cabal, to take over control of the operation of the United States of America – a wholly owned corporation.

    Gary Allen dug into all this. His likes are sorely missed in our time.

  16. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    It should be abundently clear to these politicians of any persuasion; The american people will not put up with party fights over greed to see who rapes the taxpayer and abscounds with the cash! It is happening now in all the alphabet agencies guided by crooked senators, congressmen, even scotus and donaters of cash to buy their favors! We will not put up with it! It isn't what the people want, the people want clean business that is good for america, and good for the taxpayer! Not a bunch of scam artist running amok, calling themselves leaders!

  17. Centurian says:

    I voted for Nixon in my first vote in 1972. He kept me out of Viet Nam. I was called, had my physical and preliminary orders which were cancelled when he abolished the draft. They guys the week before went and I stayed home. If dead voters can vote for a democrats, can't other people vote for dead presidents? On that point alone, I'd vote for him today.

  18. David in MA says:

    Why are stories coming up about Nixon now?
    Is this some way to deflect from Obama and his failures?

  19. I certainly hope it does some good and shows how terrible b.o. has been. I always liked Nixon for a lot of reasons and Watergate would have been like Benghazi if a Dem had been in on it/especially the ones in control now or think or thought they were in control such as Hillarious.

  20. redmeatstate says:

    My ONLY PROBLEM with Nixon was his creation of the EPA, OSHA, and signing the HMO Act of 1973, All major mistakes. Aside from that, he was a superb President.

  21. redmeatstate says:

    Agreed!! It was a personal triumph for the amoral punk Dan Rather to build his career upon!! What a slime bucket. Most reporters are.

  22. I still say Nixon's failure was due to paranoia and not failure of leadership per say! Who ever ordered the break in never was revealed!! President Nixon failed to stop the insanity and should have fired the criminal and pardoned him if he felt the need! Mitchel went to prison and John Dean (Nixon's Lawyer of record) testified! Dean went to country club prison I figure he provided the tape information! But it doesn't matter now! Nixon should have burned the tapes and said the dog ate them and HE would have gone down as great in history!!! I do not know what happened to the congress! The Republicans stood by Nixon until it was obvious that a crime had been committed then they led the charge to get Nixon! Today the cover up is in congress!