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Dumb Idea: A Smart Gun That Will Not Fire, Unless. . . .

Written by Gary North on August 8, 2014

A German gun designer has come up with what the disarmament media call a smart gun.

It will not fire unless you are wearing a special watch.

If you plan to avoid getting raped, attacked, or in some other way made a helpless victim, be sure you wear your watch.

Maybe the gun control crowd will come up with a snazzy slogan. How about this? “Watch Yourself!” Or this: “Time to Think It Over.”

Here’s mine: “Time Out — Permanently.”

Next step: watch registration with local police departments.

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23 thoughts on “Dumb Idea: A Smart Gun That Will Not Fire, Unless. . . .

  1. Germans – Hitler now stupid gun! Here a scenario – robber come up demands my money, I have on my smart watch on my wrist, but my gun in my car. Should I ask the robber to hold on I have my smart watch on but I forgot the dumb gun in my car? Just give me a gun so a can put the piece of crap robber in the ground to head to hell!

  2. They'll skip right over the watch and go right to directly chipping us all "for our own good." Beware a government that desires to take care of you. Your liberty is what's being traded.

  3. So you're sound asleep at night and someone starts kicking in your door. You have to stop, find your watch, put it on, find your gun, and your prepared to defend your family. Brilliant. Nothing like German engineering. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  4. Why not a Yellow Star, sewn into our clothing? I'm sure that the RFID can be made small enough to fit into a small cloth patch, yes?

    Police pull you over, notice your "special watch" and then shoot you in the head because "They had a concealed handgun, I was fearful for my safety".

    Mugger sees your "special watch" and shoots you first. Picks over your dead corpse. "Gotta shoot first so that these guns nuts don't murder me.".

  5. I think this is a great idea. However, before manufacture, we should test it with the bodyguards for Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, Reid, all other Democrats and Hollywood celebrities who have bodyguards but are anti-second amendment. Let's see if it works.

  6. Criminals will just modify or remove the electronic safety features on the “smart guns” so they fire the same as traditional firearms. Many Smith & Wesson owners have removed the locks on their revolvers, and they still function perfectly without the locks. So the question is how will smart guns really stop violent people from committing gun crimes. Answer: they won’t.

  7. This is why they claim that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  8. Instead of spending money on this foolishness, get the super aiming device.

  9. barry1817 says:

    once criminals know this, they will demand the smart watch when they take your gun. And since there is a system that needs to work, there are people that can circumvent that system

  10. A gun only one person can use is like a gun with one bullet in it.

  11. Anonymous Patriot says:

    Even more likely, the robber KNOWS about your stupid smart gun watch, even if you have it on you he/she will demand you remove your watch first as it is clearly visible. Then they know you are as good as a defenseless person. And they can then use your "smart gun" to attack the next target.

  12. james earp says:

    Offcourse Germany came up with a smart that the watch battery runs down fast and no way to know when

    They know more about killing whole raises than any on earth. No way little nazi. Give them to all demos. And they will not except them nor the cops who protect only them. Force them on all trying to.erase American law and freedom

    . I don’t want any with Obama to.have protection

    Its demos doing all the killing for 5 years under holders killer ok. I don’t. Live by their rule’s. ,I live by the constitutions laws. The rest are all acts against America. Go home illegals while you can.

  13. punisher says:

    dumb idea. electronics go bad. is it water proof, shock proof? they had a simliar smart gun. It was for revolvers. you would wear a ring on your gun hand and it would contact the plate on the grip and allow the trigger to be pulled. did not work out. Cops ended up carrying auto loaders. it did have jamming problems. the trigger would sometimes not move unless you changed your grip.

  14. Punisher says:

    you spoke to late. governor Brown in CA signed a hand gun bill for only single shot handguns. you will have to have your exsitting gun modified. it's being heavlly opposed and it is un constitutional.a lot of people are thumbing there nose at this law. the gun stores are still selling hand guns and doing back ground checks. lets see if theses checks are voided. if so , all hell will break lose in CA. we the people will not surrender. a lot of cops are going to die.

  15. exbuckeye says:

    Totally agree. After all that – hubby gets shot in exchange – wife doesnt have time or cant get to watch to take
    it off husband and put it on so cant use gun to defend herself and children.

  16. exbuckeye says:

    I agree.

    Never heard of the ring gadget. Did they ever make gun/ring combinations for left handed people?

  17. And just think there is a device in it that can disable the system to protect the cops! A push of a button and a radio signal disables the watch that's a real deal!

  18. 2warabnvet says:

    This spells the end of concealed carry. A robber/rapist can look at your wrist and find out whether you're packing.

  19. Interesting comment. You can’t quite say it right, but sir, you got the gist of it very correctly.

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  21. Holy Shirt says:

    500% accurate, your assessments and warnings have no meaning to the 80% never trained to think critically.

    Before Political Correctness coerced stand-up comics to fill their monologues with four-letter words, a popular gag was a loving father asking his son whether he would prefer a wristwatch or a hunting rifle for his graduation gift. Choosing the wristwatch, the boy receives the following lecture: One day not far off you will fall in love and marry. Not long after, you will come home unexpectedly and find your wife in bed with another man. What will you do? Point to your wristwatch and say, "Time's Up!"?

  22. Holy Shirt says:

    Developed for the Second World War Italian Army, a similar weapon is ready to distribute to DC-based federal officials. A hidden barrel faces the shooter.

  23. Wearing a watch in order to fire a gun? Why even have a gun in the first place? Pointless with all these progressive morons trying to limit our actions with such irrational thinking. This idea of wearing a watch is a stupid as using soda to loose 50 pounds.