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NATO: The Broken Promise Has Backfired–Ukraine

Written by Gary North on August 5, 2014

NATO was created in 1949. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization broke an American tradition. It was a defensive alliance. The United States had been involved only one such alliance in the past: the French alliance of 1778, which led to the defeat of the British at Yorktown in 1781.

The French treaty was permanently severed in 1800 by the Treaty of Mortefontaine. For the next 149 years, we did not enter into such a foreign alliance.

NATO was Truman’s umbrella over Western Europe. It was part of the Truman Doctrine. It was part of his creation of a national security state.

In 1989, James Baker III, who had been Reagan’s Chief of Staff, and who was now Bush’s Secretary of State, sat down with Gorbachev. He made a promise: if the USSR took apart the Warsaw Pact, NATO would not move one inch closer to the USSR. In 1991, the USSR was officially dissolved. A new Russian state replaced it — much smaller.

Clinton broke the promise in 1996. NATO has moved steadily eastward, bringing in mini-states that the U.S. government does not need to defend. NATO should have been dissolved no later than 1992.

We are now trying to bring Ukraine into NATO. That has gone too far for Putin, as well as the eastern Ukraine.

Each side is rattling sabers, rhetorically speaking. In this case, Russia has the larger saber: its geography — next door to Ukraine — and its natural gas exports to Western Europe.

The New World Order crowd refuses to pull back and let good enough alone.

In this interview, David Stockman goes through some of the potential economic mine fields that the U.S. government is blustering into. They could backfire in the domestic economy.

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2 thoughts on “NATO: The Broken Promise Has Backfired–Ukraine

  1. Very good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need.

  2. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    That's what happens when you put stuffed shirts in empty chairs and declare them to be 'smart'.

    The empty suits pretend to bluster with pompous attitudes which in turn, irritates intelligent people and makes them push the hot air back into the faces of the incompetent morons.

    The word "EXCEPTIONALISM", whle applying to the American spirit is seldom seen in the political class of fools, morons and buffoons currently wielding power in government.

    In the entirety of the US government today, the number of STATESMEN is well under one percent.

    "EXCEPTIONALISM" is not bred, nurtured or encouraged in the 'educational' system in America because, by design, it works tirelessly to under educate and dumb down the population.

    A uninformed, undereducated populace is far easier to control than People that have retained the ability to REASON and THINK for themselves.

    The 'teachers' in the system today, came from the undereducated and received less education than their parents and cannot "TEACH" above their own intellectual capabilities.

    Nor can they "TEACH" that which was kept from them in their own educational history.

    Todays 'teachers' were taught the evilness of America by those "persons of trust" in schools and now they KNOW beyond any doubt that any History that was not taught to them is false, and they steadfastly refuse to accept anything other than their ow false knowledge.

    Try to teach them the facts from original writing and Founding Documents, they will respond with "That is false and written to back up the lies!"

    They "TEACH" your children what they KNOW to be true and FACTS do not matter.