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Mother Arrested for Letting Her 7-Year-Old Walk to a Park

Posted on July 31, 2014

Bureaucracy is running amok. We know this. Here is more evidence.

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6 thoughts on “Mother Arrested for Letting Her 7-Year-Old Walk to a Park

  1. LiberalsRCommies says:

    Welcome to the New World Order. It's neither Republican or Democrat. They are Globalists seeking to destroy America in favor of a One World Government. The Police State is the 1st stage.

  2. That mommy needs to go to jail, what will be next, why she might allow the child free thought, what a crime, she might allow him to develop a love of Country, a desire to defend his Nation, she might allow the child to actually care. That mommy is so bad, she might allow the child to get a good education, think on his own, and be a responsible hard working citizen that actually believes in the Ideals of the USA.

  3. Stuart shepherd says:

    It's all the white female lesbians and feminazis who have no kids of their own and want to control everything everybody does because they think they are the next best thing to God. Narcissistic authoritarianism. Narcissistic Infantile personality disorder associated with sociopathy. This behavior (the controllin, punishing, destroying behavior) is sociopathic. We have many, many non-elected beaurocratic officials acting as narcissistic law enforcers, judges, and juries. The Gestapo. The gestapo.

  4. Hah, when I was 8, I had pretty free run of our whole part of town, riding my bike anywhere. Off to friend's houses, I rode to school daily (4 miles each way), explored…. my younger siblings had even less supervision and control than I did, none of us were shot, raped, kidnapped, beat up, robbed, arrested, burned down any buildings, got into fights… though one brother felt his time was far better spent at the beach surfing than sitting in those abominable high school classrooms, so he did what was right. Looking back, he didn't miss much. He became a very successful businessman and is now retired debt free. He DID have to learn a bit of maths, though, mainly to work out engineering calcs…. nothing he could have learned by sitting through those high school classes, though….. LE today are not really out for our safety. They are out for total mind-numbing control.

    By the bye, if that copper thought the kid was at risk from some pedophiles, why was he wasting time dealing with a clearly responsible kid instead of patrolling that "dangerous" park to arrest the pervert? Seems his attention was misdirected. But then, he kept himself a whole lot safer dealing with the unarmed kid than he might have been actually on the trail of a real criminal. After al, his greatest mission in life is to return home safe at night. Hirelings….. worthless hirelings.

  5. Rabelrouser says:

    Now you can understand, why we who live here, call this city Port Saint Looney; or Port Saint Lousy, take your choice.

  6. Bundoker says:

    In our suburban paradise [?] convicted pedophiles and rapists who did their required jail time can live in our residential areas based on state law that protects the rights of the guilty; however, part if that law says communities must publish the felon's name, photo and street name prior to relocation.

    As a result of one move-in two blocks from our place four years ago, we and our neighbors no longer let our preteen kids walk unescorted to the bus-stop or park [2-3 blocks from our homes]. The good news is so far this person hasn't caused any problems … unlike the two guys that returned to their old ways after moving in two miles from us.