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Ron Paul Says We Need More Whistleblowers

Posted on July 30, 2014

Seizing on the public’s demand for a louder voice in public affairs, former presidential candidate Ron Paul is expanding his media footprint with a call for an “epidemic of truth-telling” by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Vietnam War-era tipster Daniel Ellsberg.

Already the face of the web-based Ron Paul Channel, the libertarian Republican has just added an interactive online site called “Voices of Liberty” that will provide more news, blogs and a chance for supporters to start petitions to push policy in Washington.

“He’s so excited about it. He’s jazzed,” said Voices of Liberty managing editor Tiffany Rider. “I don’t think ‘retirement’ is in his vocabulary,” she told Secrets.

In a video explaining his project, Paul said that the new “Voices” site is “one step forward where we are going to reach a lot more people.”

Part of his goal, he added, is to encourage more insiders like former national security official Snowden or Ellsberg, who made public the infamous Vietnam War Pentagon Papers, to come forward and reveal the government’s secrets that clash with liberty.

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7 thoughts on “Ron Paul Says We Need More Whistleblowers

  1. It would be nice if Ron Paul and his son actually replied to individuals trying to report criminal actions by the federal government. I’m betting their staffers filter out anything that DC gang doesn’t want making it to members of Congress.

  2. we have all seen what this government does to whistle blowers. Why risk it.

  3. Ron Paul wants someone else to risk their career and maybe even their lives.

  4. Gee Ron, for many years you were the ultimate insider knowing all the devious little secrets we useless resource eaters were never privy to. Why didn't you name names and tell all where the bodies are buried? Those were the whistleblowers. You had access or still do have access to the meds that keep the Ruling Class living beyond the normal lifespan of us paeons. It's amazing how the DC bureaucracy has avoided the diseases the rest of us seem to succumb to.

  5. I believe the truth shall (ultimately) set us free. In the mean time, it could also get you locked up.

  6. Nobody trust the people in congress these days not the staff of people that are working for them. If you phone your congressman or senator the phone don't get answered, emails you send get blocked. And these are to few that I used to trust, not any more! I sent an email to Nancy Pelosi when she was the house Speaker. I got a terse reply, "You are not one of my my constituents!" I fired one back to her stating that "as speaker of the house everybody your constituent, its part of the territory!" I got no reply to that one! As far as I'm concerned they're all worthless and we should band together and go to DC and physically run them all OUT OF TOWN for good!

  7. No, we just need our elected people [and news media] to tell the truth of what they know about the corruption and plans for the 'new government' subservient to the UN. This reporting should be truthful and without reservation or PC filters.

    The loyal, patriotic, American citizens are not fearful of truth but that is something evil people [most seasoned elected and appointed officials] fear and hide.