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A Simple Test for Deciding Which Charitable Organization to Support

Written by Gary North on July 28, 2014

By now you know that I am convinced that YouTube (free), when combined with WordPress.com (free), is a powerful tool for education, mobilization, recruiting, and everything else connected with communications.

This includes charities.

I am also convinced that, despite the hundreds of millions of videos and websites out there, almost nobody is systematically using YouTube and WordPress.com to produce a systematic programs of recruiting, training, mobilization, and implementation. In other words, it’s not a matter of technology; it’s a matter of vision.

This is why these extraordinary technologies are not being used effectively for education. I realize the Khan Academy is the exception that proves the rule, but there is no way that he will get all of the students in the world, not even free of charge. He will get more than anybody else, but he won’t get all of them.

This is true in all areas of service. What people need is training in mobilization. There are lots of informational videos out there. There are lots of books out there. But we do not see systematic program of recruitment, training, and mobilization. If we think of the Communist Party in England in the 1930’s, there is not much out there to rival it. The system of recruitment, training, and mobilization that is described by Douglas Hyde in Dedication and Leadership (1966), based on his experiences as a Communist leader in the 1930’s, is virtually nonexistent in most areas of the society.

I have used the example of Sunday school classes online. The Sunday school materials that are on YouTube range from terrible to abominable. They don’t show any understanding of lighting, sound, or organization. You cannot go online and find competently produced 12-week Sunday school programs devoted to specific topics. There are denominations out there with people who have the technical skills to produce such materials. There are mega-churches out there that could produce such materials in abundance. They don’t do it. Why don’t they do it? They lack vision. They lack dedication. They lack any assessment of what the new technology can do to build organizations. They are still operating in terms of printed books and magazines. They do not understand that printed books and magazines are now supplemental to digital communications. They are operating in the world that existed before 1995. They are operating before Netscape Navigator changed the world.


Think of all of the fraternal organizations that have come into existence in the United States. These organizations have chapters all over the United States, and some of them have chapters all over the world. Think of the talent that is available to these organizations. Think of what a local chapter could do with a smartphone, a $25 cable to convert the smartphone’s headphone jack into a microphone jack, an $80 tripod, a $200 wireless microphone, a $70 video editing program, a free YouTube channel, and a free web site.

People belong to special-interest organizations of all kinds. Any time you have more than a dozen men or women gathered together, there will be enough talent in the group to begin to produce effective video training materials. One of them can speak. One of them can use a video editing program. One of them can show up and point a smartphone at a speaker. Everybody can toss in $20 or $40 apiece to buy the equipment. (They all own smartphones.)

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2 thoughts on “A Simple Test for Deciding Which Charitable Organization to Support

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Pretty harsh, but unfortunately true. If you think your organization is being unfairly criticized, then what ARE you doing to spread the word? And is your method better than this one?

  2. good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need.