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Obama’s 2008 Promise: A New America. Real Soon Now.

Written by Gary North on July 28, 2014

Campaign rhetoric is always fun to review. No matter what the politician promises, it does not come true.

Here is what Obama said 5 days before he was elected.

Hope. Change. Change we can hope for. Hope we can change for.

Pelosi gave us ObamaCare. Anything else?  Nope.

Hope in nope. It’s safer. You won’t be disappointed.

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8 thoughts on “Obama’s 2008 Promise: A New America. Real Soon Now.

  1. I didn't take long before "hope and change", became hopeless change. Too many people were convinced by the press that Bush was a terrible President and that change was necessary. But Obama never told the changes that he intended to make. Well, we sure do know now. Hopefully, people will realize that cool doesn't get the job done. Competent does. Would you want Obama to run a company that you had heavily invested in? See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  2. carl benander says:

    Obama never even ran a mom-pop grocery store; yet the Liberal Press convinced the American people to vote for him-and this incompetency is what we got!

  3. Owen Kinnan says:

    True enough, but people were warned long before the 2012 elections and they still did not believe. Dinesh D'Souza warned about Obama in his documentary, 2106 Obama's America and in the accompanying book, The Roots of Obama's Rage. And yet, voters did not believe. People were warned about Obama over and over again in conservative talk radio and in alternative media, they still did not believe. Obama did tell about the changes he was going to make in his book, Dreams From my Father as well as many speeches he gave before being elected president. People didn't bother to check. People didn't read the book, or if they did, they did not believe. Truth is, it is the voting public that elected Obama, then gave him a second term. They didn't believe. And the voting public has gotten what they voted for. Sad thing is, the rest of us are taken along for the ride down.

  4. A company? He has control of the U.S. missiles, ect…that's scary. What gets me the most is he promised to lower the high gas price and never did a thing.

  5. peleus212 says:

    Actually he did say what he was going to do but folks were to caught up in the hope&change, etc they missed, "American is the greatest country in the world and we're going to change that." Hope they like it, they voted for it.

  6. undunder says:

    He said before he was elected that he would decimate the coal industry and that electricity rates would "necessarily skyrocket". Hope and change reminded me of what I'd read in history books about the communist revolution… Going forward future generations won't have to be bothered by history and the warning provided by historical accounts. Nope. common core seems to be gutting history and instead pushing propaganda. I don't think incompetence is the problem with obama although it does come into play. He is very competently changing America. After all that's what he said he would do. What's next for the man who would be king? Perhaps head of the UN?

  7. I've always said, "Two muslims using similar strategies. One wins the world heavyweight championship using "rope a dope" the other wins the U.S. Presidential election using "hope a dope"!!" Can you believe that?

  8. Very good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need.