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My Speech at Mises University: “Careers for Austrian Economists”

Written by Gary North on July 24, 2014

On July 22, I spoke to college students at the annual Mises University. Each year, the Mises Institute brings in about 130 students from around the world for a week of lectures.

This time, Judge Andrew Napolitano is giving a week of classes on the Constitution and the Free Market. The students are being pushed intellectually. To see what the students get — free of charge — take a look at the schedule. (If any student you know would benefit from something like this, recommend that he or she apply for the 2015 session.)

Here is my lecture: http://bit.ly/AustrianCareers.

I showed them this brief video, which I produced several years ago.

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4 thoughts on “My Speech at Mises University: “Careers for Austrian Economists”

  1. There is no one better than Judge Napolitano to both teach and extol the United State Constitution. He is a true believer and can make clear the most convoluted logic. His students are in for an unforgettable treat. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  2. I suppose this means he will never get a job at Harvard

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