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Democrat Leaders Say Hillary Is in Wall Street’s Hip Pocket.

Written by Gary North on July 22, 2014

The Washington Post ran a story on a meeting of Leftist Democrats, some of whom are running for the Party’s nomination for President.

The main thread: Hillary is just too moderate. She is way too far to the Right.

She is, some imply, a tool of Wall Street.

Her husband surely was. He appointed Goldman Sachs’ ex-CEO, Robert Rubin, as his Secretary of the Treasury. But it’s nice to see the Party’s Left wing willing to attack Mrs. Clinton as “soft on Wall Street.”

I find it amusing that the only candidates who are talking about an alternative to Hillary Clinton are to the left of Hillary Clinton. These are people who are so far out of touch with their own voter base that they think they can ride to victory in the party nomination process in 2016. They think they have a running shot at heading Hillary Clinton off at the pass. The only thing that is going to head off Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton. If she wants the nomination, she can have it. These people are hoping against hope that something is going to persuade Mrs. Clinton not to run. Whatever may persuade Mrs. Clinton not to run, it will not be any of these people. This really is Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

I mean, when Jerry Brown is being discussed as a candidate — by Gary “Monkey Business” Hart — and the media regard this as anything except high camp humor, the Democratic Party is in serious electoral trouble. This is the fruit fly governor. The entertainment value of politics has gone up at least one notch. If he ever announces, it will go up two notches more.

I think it is clear that the American establishment would very much like to see the 2016 campaign for president being a race between Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. These are trustworthy people. These are people who have not rocked the boat. One of them is clearly more conservative than the other, but both of them operate towards the center of the political spectrum.

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One thought on “Democrat Leaders Say Hillary Is in Wall Street’s Hip Pocket.

  1. Speaking of Mr. Money Business, I was amused by the media hue and cry over this episode. I reasoned, this is representative government, isn't it? Who could be more representative of this electorate than a philandering candidate? Evidently, the American public holds its candidates to higher standards than it holds itself. Even the Democrats, in 1988. Furthermore, if one were to look at the private lives of the reporters tut-tutting Hartpence's failings, I'm sure that at least this and probably much more would be discovered, given the liberal leanings of the average MSM reporter and the view of sexuality that implies. Of course, this was 1988, 26 years ago. If such an occurrence were to happen today, it a) might not even be considered newsworthy and/or b) if it were reported, would be treated the same way as Clinton's escapades with Monica. Of course, both the reaction and the coverage would be far different if the candidate were Republican.