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Public Goes Ballistic Over the Porous Mexican Border

Written by Gary North on July 17, 2014

A recent Gallup poll reveals that two issues are neck and neck as the issues of greatest concern in the USA: (1)  illegal aliens; (2) dissatisfaction with the federal government.

Gallup dutifully refuses to call them illegal aliens. One does not use such crude, accurate language. No, no, no; these are “undocumented immigrants.”

In early June, hardly anyone cared: about 5%. But then the media began to focus on the flood of children from Central America who are crossing the border.

How they got all the way from Central American nations, across Mexico, and across the U.S. border with Mexico, no one seems to know. Did they walk?  Hitchhike? What?

Who their parents are, no one knows.

Why these parents simply sent their adolescent children out the door forever, told them to cross several borders by themselves, and go into the United States, no one asks.

Why no parents in recorded history have ever done this to pre-adult children seems to surprise no one in the media, let alone Congress.

Basically, Central Americans have adopted the Jor-El strategy. They figure the United States is a nation of Jonathan and Martha Kents.

Why now? Parents could have done this at any time over the last ten years.  Are the children fleeing the Mexican drug cartels? Or are their parents using them as paid escorts?

Republicans in Congress had planned to sneak through an amnesty bill — not called an amnesty bill, of course — before November. The “rubes back home” would not notice, Boehner thought.

Then came the Cantor moment on June 10.  Whammo!  An unknown with no money got the nomination. Cantor was sent into early retirement. All of a sudden, Republicans in the House decided to skip Mr. Cantor’s fate at the hands of the rubes back home.

Then came the media stories began to flow on the Jor-El strategy. A media feeding frenzy began. It has escalated. Drudge keeps running stories.

Result: the Gallup poll figures.  In early June, the issue was 5%. Today, it’s 17% — actually above the 16% of Americans whose disgust with government is their #1 issue. It’s a Congressman’s worst nightmare: a self-reinforcing race to the top. The higher the immigration story goes, the worse the federal government looks.

What’s a Republican Congressman to do?

House Republicans are hunkered down, desperately hoping this will just go away. They have postponed voting on the “not an amnesty bill — trust us” until the media feeding frenzy fades.

In January, Boehner was ready to work out a deal with Obama. In late May, he was waffling. On June 30, he bailed. “You’re on your own, Bro!” Paul Ryan lamented this at Hillsdale College this week. It’s just not fair!

The media feeding frenzy continues. Drudge knows what sells. This story is selling.

Apparently, Jonathan and Martha are not ready to cooperate.

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50 thoughts on “Public Goes Ballistic Over the Porous Mexican Border

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    If these "children" are coming all the way through Mexico from Central America, the Mexican government has to be complicit. What has Barry Soetoro promised them?

  2. CaptTurbo says:

    They are illegal and must be deported. Not just these new kids but every last stinking one of them including the one usurping the White House.

  3. No one asked how come these kids aren’t arrested in Mexico like our marine still locked up in Mexican jail Stinks. This was a planned exodus and most likely leads to Obama himself but as long as holder is head of doj no nothing will be done. These guys are criminals

  4. When I came here 30 years ago and applied for permission to stay, I became a RESIDENT ALIEN!! with a "Green" Card. No stigma attached to being ALIEN!

    My status as a LEGAL immigrant continued until I applied for and gained Citizenship.

    Every other country you go to, including Canada and Mexico has rules for entry, which include a temporary visa and restrictions regarding your stay, e.g. no working.

    These people are ILLEGAL ALIENS, no two ways about it!!
    Deport them and let them apply through the required channels, in their own country, for entry here!

  5. Remember those who are on welfare or who collect a state or government pension will be sorely screwed when the government cuts back on them to pay for illegals flooding into our country. The taxpayers are already spent and sucked dry. Welfare and Government pensions are next, Greece.

  6. “undocumented immigrants.” the truth there felons

  7. JustMeInAz says:

    Ok, one way America can fight back is to hit them in the pocketbook. BOYCOTT Mexico!! No more vacations, or products.

  8. Holy Shirt says:

    If "Public Goes Ballistic Over POROUS Mexican Border" (realizing "Porous" means "Poor U.S.") will America revolt?

  9. There will be PROTEST all over the nation this weekend Fri and Sat July 18/19 to stop the illegal invasion and Obamas insanity ! All the locations and times are at this link http://www.downtoearththinking.com/citizens-take-… there are protest in nearly every state and many cities so all can participate ! Get out there and let your voice be heard, finally !

  10. You want to end all these problems, IF AMERICA REALLY REALLY desires to end ALL these problems then it's time for a change. A change in Washington, a change to this government, a change of these CRIMINALS in government in Washington. But most Americans don't give a damn, most Americans arn't really Americans at all. They are SHEEPLE being lead to the slaughter. As long as they have their REALITY TELEVISION, their VIDEO GAMES, their welfare checks, and get to sit at home and enjoy their wothless do nothing lives they are happy as pigs in SH*#@t. They might actually have to stand and fight for a cause for once in their sorry lives and that is just a price to high to pay. These are the types of people you will see inthe FEMA camps and under the thumb of the government when the time comes. I will be in the woods waiting for them.

  11. To pay off the Mexican Cartel with Tax Payer Money how is it that all of a sudden everyone in Central America can pay $8000 to a Cartel member when these people make $10 a day

  12. The only way to stop this is to start taxing all registered Democrats for their support. Put in in a account that can't be used for any other purpose. Lets see how long it takes them to shut the border then? If you think that is unfair then take a look at school taxes on Property owners.

  13. This is all part of Barry's calculated plan to tear our country down and remake it into a commie-marxo-muslim state, using trillions of overspent money and our money printing press to do it. Does everyone get the clue now? How long are we going to wait until we start working our own change – to remove these fascists from office before it is way past way too late?

  14. msjallen says:

    Actually, if the liberals want the thousands of illegal immagrants they should each take one — regardless of age — into their home and have them become part of their family. I am sure the border will close immediately and by the liberals. It is amazing to me that liberals just don't know how to think beyond their nose.

  15. New School says:

    It's part of the "Cloward and Piven" strategy to put so many people on the government dole that the system collapses.

  16. Simple: Clowaed-Piven the border, I'll make sure most of the agents are too busy minding the nappies and nipples, the border will be wide open, unguarded. You lot will then have free run to establish your Northern Division infrastructure.

  17. Stick the PC crap where the sun does not shine. Illegal- breaking a law / Alien – foreign person and or object Therefore illegal alien. Dam it basic English Stick your Spanish crap up your ass we are I. America. Complaisant – one who goes along with breaking the law aka Politicians

    Jail the politicians and walk the kids back over to Mexico and threaten to cut off their foreign aid

  18. Close… nut no cigar this time. Nearly every other civilised nation, upon apprehending someone illegally within their territory, expells them after making a record of their presence and identifying information, and warns them… if you come back ever again, it will be prison for you. For a LONG time.

    Canada have a solid track record of rejecting some as they attempt to enter, and, before they have the chance to succeed and cross, they are turned about and ordered to never come back. Further, upon accepting someone as a "landed immigrant" (documented permanent resident), if that person ends up on any sort of public assistance within the first few years, their immigrant status is revoked, they are deported to their country of citizenship. WHY should we be significantly different? NO ONE has ever accused Canada of "unfair" immigration policies.

  19. When a bus load of illegals arrives unannounced at some town, that town should just turn the bus around and
    send it to Washington, D.C. Congress would quickly change that 2008 law!

  20. Great question. These starving poor people who suffer at the hands of brutal enemies come up with $8,000.00 to send their children through Mexico to the United States. There are many questions we never get an answer to, such as the gun running by the united states government to the drug cartels in Mexico to see what they do with them. That ranks right up there with Bill Clinton saying," that depends on what is is" I have a feeling the politicians think we are all so dumb and they are all so smart we will not figure there is anything wrong as long as they say there isn't. I have faith in Hillary Clinton answering that red phone at 3 AM. She said she knew that husband Bill was giving counseling to Monica. The secret service was so alert they never noticed someone sneaking into the white house repeatedly and even carrying a pizza sometimes. How stupid are we suppose to be?

  21. The President has simply been using the Hugo Chavez model regarding illegal aliens. These are all future voters for the Democrap Party, Maybe it is time we start executing illegals at the border to send a message.

  22. I completely agree with that. The reason they are sent through Mexico to the border is because it is not closed. I say install a short fence and high voltage. Do they mean to say that we just can't figure a way to close the border?

  23. The POS president of the USA says we need to pass a comprehensive immigration bill because we can't understand the one we have. First enforce the one we have. Close the border and follow the laws we have. They haven't worked because they don't think they exist.
    We have repeat offenders from Mexico and I am not just talking about immigration offenders, they are also law offenders while they are here. Our law makers are better at being law breakers.
    we have high unemployment and we don't even know how high because people in Washington cannot count. They say we need more immigrants to take the extra jobs. What the he ll are they talking about. they also say we need a higher minimum wage. I don't know of anyone who pays minimum wage because people will not work for that low because they can't survive on that. The fast food places have people who are just starting out in the work force who make minimum wage. The fact is he is trying to destroy the countries economy, and he is doing just that.

  24. Also, a regiment of Marines to help guard the border would help. But, this jerk in the White House doesn’t care about our country and won’t do ANYTHING.

    USMC 1970-1974

  25. I agree and the one thing I would like to say to those who think it is a waste of tax payer's money to sue Obama, is yes sue him because we have already seen that impeachment doesn't work and maybe that will be quicker. the fact is we need to file suit on many of our politicians and send them to prison, not to retirement they set up for themselves.

  26. chamuiel says:

    Canada also has illegal aliens. Do try and catch up.

  27. One of the problems is we the people are sitting out here waiting for the people we elected to do what they were elected to do. if you have heard about the system of checks and balances, forget it because it is not in play. The people we are expecting to change the situation are the ones who created this mess. If there is one of them who can show where they have accomplished good things for the people let them step forward. I am not talking about like Tn. senator Lamar alexander who was publicly corrected during a news conference by Obama. He was right and Obama was wrong. that is what Alexander shows as is crown achievement. Big deal, it was not corrected at the time, they did eventually come out with he was right. So what. The country is going to hell and he has done nothing. Senator Corker has done something, he has suggested raising the price of gas 13 cents a gallon to raise money to work on the highways. Yes, in his world of millionaires I am sure that seems like next to nothing, but in our real world it is quite a big thing.
    If we had an honest politician everyone would know their name and they would have been eliminated.

  28. Amen and that has nothing to do with the bible, it just means a firm affirmative.

  29. ILLEGAL = CRIMINAL!!! Period! No Amnesty for criminals … deport every single one of them and watch our economy BOOM!

  30. The Biggest Undocumented is the US President-Barack Hussein Obama, with illegally sealed papers.
    Barry Soetoro-Foreign Student was legally granted entry. Latinos are illegally over the border into the United States of America, and undocumented. He probably said, Vote for me and I will have the power to keep you in America, but you will continue to be illegal if you do not open the door to the Dept. of Immigration, and go through the safeguards of health checks, criminal background check, have a green card for employment and ID card and fingerprints on file. As a Law Student, without a license, I know that there are many laws in the USA, and I learned what can happen to you IF you do NOT Follow the LAWS. And I am ready to be arrested on 649 counts already.

  31. madmemere says:

    You wondered "what" obama-soetoro has promised Mexico?? Something I picked up on a website yesterday, wish I could remember which one. Seems "he plans" to give seven of our southwestern states "back" to Mexico! It also appears that, back in January, or February of this year, he placed ads asking for "babysitters" (not that exact phrase) at the southern border!!

  32. If these are children why did the DHS put out a bid request for 150,000 pairs of men’s underwear in sizes 4x and 6x????
    The Dems and the GOP are in this together save for a few brave men such as Jeff Sessions of Alabama.
    I think back to this quote from 1984 and realize that back then I KNEW NOTHING at all about immigration and what was planned for the founding stock of the former AMERICA:

    “Something is happening: we are becoming the first universal nation in history … If you believe, as the author does, that the American drama is being played out toward a purpose, then the non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.”

    Ben Wattenberg, The Good News Is The Bad News Is Wrong (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1984), p. 84.

  33. Robert What? says:

    The reason it isn’t even higher is because the MSM and their cronies are dutifully not reporting or under reporting it. For example, if you only read the Huffington Post, you probably wouldn’t know anything was going on at the border at all.

  34. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    These are not all children, lots and lots of 25-30 year olds in the mix! This is reminiscent of the carter administration when castro emptied his prisons, and dumass carter said he would take them as immigrants! We paid big time for that, so did carter! But then only the commies were for taking them in, now we have a complicit GOP! It's going to cost the ones in power now in the WH, Senate, supremes, big time! Americans are fed up with their schitt! Our country will be taken back by the people, commies and marxist will be arrested and held in the fema camps. Traitors, corrupt politicians, gov't overthrowers, constitution tramplers, christian and other religions persecutors, theives, and bunglers,Where ever they are found!

  35. hes probably complicit as well – thinking it will " play " on our heart strings – I have NO DOUBT hes more involved in this than whats out in the open – Its yet ANOTHER one of his underhanded SCAMS to destroy this country – Hes an enemy combatant and needs to be PROSECUTED as such –

  36. bob jones says:

    They are coming on trains, a dozen a day loaded with thousands of illegals. Of course Mexico and the current administration are complicit.

  37. You can be sure the Mexican government is complicit–they've been complicit all along in all the illegal immigration. Qui bono? Allowing millions of illegals to leave Mexico and enter the US benefits Mexico tremendously:

    –It takes a great deal of political and economic pressure off the Federales.
    –It represents billions a year in remittances.
    –It is a de facto occupation of a great deal of the territory Mexico lost to the US in the 19th century.
    –It sends a lot of criminals, narco and otherwise, out of the country and out of your hair.

    If you're a Mexican higher-up, what's not to like? And now this.

  38. My gut feeling is that no matter how high the percentage of concern over this issue gets, it will never go above 50%. The people who voted Democrat will never care.

  39. Marilynn says:

    That's right John. And thank you for obeying our laws. Marilynn

  40. The Republicans and Demacraps are working together to take control of this great country they want us to be there slaves the old and sick must die but the others must work hard and give everything to them they like the Mexicans because they do what they are told we dont kick everyone one of them out of office and If they have went aginst are laws and consititon put them away where they belong We need to stand up and fight all of these crooks now

  41. Holder is too busy pressing charges against a man in a small town who dared to have an outhouse decorated as the "Obama Library" in the local parade. Illegal immigrants? What illegal immigrants? He hasn't seen or heard about any of those things…..then when you keep your eyes closed and earplugs in your ears you miss a lot…..

  42. Boycott Mexico – quit eating all Mexican food, mow your own lawns, paint your own houses and those illegals will no longer have jobs!

  43. Immigrants flood our borders because of America's "environment" – which has nothing to do with weather or climate. They will gladly live in Palm Springs just as quickly as they will Seattle or Anchorage. It's about America's economic environment.

    The real danger presented by anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is that self-serving politicians will tax CO2 . . . another industry and job crippling tax that will be paid by all consumers. In other words, the same people that global warming zealots want protected from climate change will be made to suffer even more from a suppressed economy and diminished standard of living. Third-world countries suffer because of their poor governmental and economic environment, not because of their climate. Ironically, we may need an Economy Protection Agency to protect our "environment" from the Environmental Protection Agency and Immigration and Customs Enforcement so that America will not become another Malawi, Bangladesh, or suburban Detroit. One thing for sure: we can use more "environmentalists" – but smart ones; not politically motivated fear mongerers.

  44. peleus212 says:

    'Porous' my butt, a country without a border ceases to be a country. That seems to be where we are now. There have been no attempts to deport any of them, the burden of feeding, housing, and taking care of their needs has been conviently placed on us by the folks whose job it is to protect our borders??? What is up with that!!

    My thoughts:
    Secure the borders!
    No benefits of anykind while they are here, unless Sherif Joe needs more folks to work
    Put a bunch of truck drivers to work and start taking them back to the border [we are not the bad guys here, the parents that abandoned them sent them away are]
    Put them on planes leaving the US
    Cut off all aid to countries that have been identified as suppliers of these folks
    Penalize companies that have hired them

  45. peleus212 says:

    I would gladly welcome a person that did it right and help anyway I could…

  46. peleus212 says:

    I don't think the doofus' have figured that out yet

  47. CaptTurbo says:

    I love your thinking!

  48. Old1Glory says:

    I can not believe this is the same America that I have loved and been proud of all my life. We have made some mistakes and bad judgement calls. Basically, what we have done is to try to be good to mankind. BUT making people dependent on government and turning their lives into meaningless cesspools lacking morality, judgement, and character show where we have fallen by the wayside. Our family values, education systems, and who we are as a nation now makes me sad when I see our country spiraling out of control. It is the liberal progressives who are destroying this country and the world with their crazy ideals. I hope their are enough good people out there to fight this madness. You won't be alone fighting from the woods. I thing a lot of others will be there with you.

  49. I agree with you

  50. As you say eyes closed and ears plugged, in my opinion he should be fired! When freedom of speech and the right to protect yourself no longer applies something (we all know what or who) is wrong in this country! Why do you think Obama chose him for the job? I would love the mid term elections to show that so many true Americans were fed up with the BS from Obamaland that their false voting could not even cover it! If we do not stand up now, we will be forced to stay seated later!