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Ryan: No Amnesty Bill This Year for “Undocumenteds” — Code Word for Illegal Aliens

Posted on July 16, 2014

Representative Paul Ryan (R., Wis.,) has given up on passing legislation to overhaul the current immigration system because the border crisis has poisoned the political atmosphere for such an effort, at least for this year.

“It has poisoned it now, that’s for sure,” Ryan told National Review Online, saying he didn’t know if the legislative debate would be feasible next year. “For this session, I believe that’s right.”

Ryan also summarized his view of how to resolve the border crisis. “The ultimate goal ought to be to secure the border, get the resources at the border that you need (and that’s where I think there’s a case for a supplemental; they’re burning through funds). But you’ve got to change the human trafficking law so that we’re not resettling people within the interior of the country, because all that does is create the incentive for more to come,” he said, during an interview after his speech at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies.

It’s not clear if the House will pass a supplemental appropriations bill without border security provisions included in the legislation. “The question is, what all do we put in this, or do we pass a couple measures? And that’s an ongoing debate,” Ryan said.

Ryan also defended his efforts to pass an immigration overhaul, saying that the legislation should secure the border, and having verified that it was secure, change legal immigration programs to meet labor shortages in the United States.

“For the undocumenteds, I’d give a probationary period,” he told a group of Hillsdale College students.

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15 thoughts on “Ryan: No Amnesty Bill This Year for “Undocumenteds” — Code Word for Illegal Aliens

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Unemployment is still at near record highs – and Ryan is talking about a "labor shortage." One more evidence of the cluelessness and uselessness of the GOP.

  2. This isn't a message for GOP voters, it's for the donor class. Obama's border ridiculousness has made getting H1-B visa limits raised & getting current stoop labor here amnestied politically impossible.

    Ryan's a lackey to the Wall Street/Cheap Labor lobbies, he doesn't give a sh*t about Main Street. But, it's a good act, I guess.

  3. Priority, remove the enemy out of the White House and congress and America can get back to work being the greatest nation on earth!

  4. There is no "labor shortage" particularly for women, children, felons, and terrorists within the United States and we cannot even keep these illegals from coming into the country. There is no labor shortage for non English speaking males illegals of any age as we already have somewhere between 12 million to 20 million already in the country dispersed and hiding. The labor shortage argument is old and stale as even migrant workers have for decades been legally handled through guest worker agreements, etc.

    We have had TWO amnesties in the past giving legal status to millions of illegals with the understanding that the borders would be closed and secured to illegal crossings which has not been done. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame in me,…so now it is fool me a third time…?

    Can you now understand why this immigration situation continues? Only when the borders are secured which is going to take a major effort to do and verify should any further discussion on what to do with the illegals already here should be deliberated…and this propaganda "comprehensive immigration reform" be seriously discussed because as of now, it just looks like another Democrat based amnesty with no commitment to stopping further crossings.

  5. peleus212 says:

    Labor shortage my butt, how about you guys [House and Senate] knock off the BS and put policies in place to create jobs [full time good paying] in this country!

  6. peleus212 says:

    Let the lay-offs begin starting with 535 in DC

  7. King Obama and his cronies will not enforce the current immigration laws and seal off our borders

  8. The biggest recruiter of those crossing our border is the gangs. Particularly MS13. Between this and the diseases and pests being brought in Obama's giving us an inheritance that will take years to correct. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  9. Sedalb Desu says:

    They don't NEED to pass an amnesty bill. Obama just gave ALL of these aliens that have been scattered around the nation their de facto amnesty. Just the very fact that they have been scattered to the four winds means that they *aren't* leaving.
    God help us because now we have the new liberal voting bloc arriving along with every sort of disease under the sun.

  10. New School says:

    Labor shortage, what? Paul RINO has a brain-cell shortage!

  11. Why bother passing an immigration bill. Obama won't enforce the laws we have now, won't sign anything that doesn't include amnesty and will continue to use pen and phone to destroy this nation, with the non-help of the GOP, who obviously want the same thing the Democrats want, but for different reasons. Regardless of which party you're talking about, the American People/Worker, are being beaten down by WASHINGTON. Clean house now. Get rid of the Liberals, get rid of the old guard Republicans and elect someone who wants to save America, for Americans. Right now, the hated Tea Party (the People) are our only hope. Texas…..lets get rid of Mac Thornberry and John Coryn and elect a true Conservative.

  12. Hey Paul Ryan why not simply call them illegal; aliens , that is what they are ?

    There will be PROTEST all over the nation this weekend Fri and Sat July 18/19 to stop the illegal invasion and Obamas insanity ! All the locations and times are at this link http://www.downtoearththinking.com/citizens-take-…. there are protest in nearly every state and many cities so all can participate ! Get out there and let your voice be heard, finally !
    Read more at http://teapartyeconomist.com/2014/07/17/public-go

  13. So Obama is the "undocumented" President?

  14. You have it right Phil. Ryan is another RINO. These politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths. Vote ALL incumbents out of office.

  15. "Code Word for Illegal Aliens" sounds like a science fiction movie.