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3 thoughts on “Video: Retirement Dreams (Workers) vs. Reality (Retirees)

  1. Or you could a spade a spade and say that no one gets to stop producing just because they reached a certain age. Rather people who aspire to not work should build up an investment portfolio which will provide enough passive income to be idle.

  2. Or if faced with an earlier disability face every day with uncertainty! And now wonder when the government is going to say "Sorry we cant send your check this month, we have no money to pay you!! Actually they robbed our money a long time ago and continue to take it today! Now they want to take our Medicare away for some flim flam plan that isnt woth all the paper its written on.

  3. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Yes, Pelosicare is an attempt to discredit the 'free market' and destroy private healthcare, replacing it with a gunverment operated single-payer system. But they are not taking away 'your' Medicare, because it is not and never was yours. They simply stole some of your (and my) money, then tried to sooth us by giving back part of it as 'medical insurance for the aged.'