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Video: How Khan Academy (Free) Transformed an Inner-City School

Written by Gary North on July 2, 2014

Khan Academy has 10 million students. They pay nothing. They are located all over the world.

Oakland Unity School in Oakland, California, is an inner-city charter school. It is over 90% black and Hispanic. It was a low achiever. Then it adopted Khan Academy’s math program. This school is now in the top ten schools in the state in math — in the 99th percentile.

Khan Academy teaches with YouTube videos and exercises. It also teaches motivation — character. Character makes the difference. IQ scores don’t.

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6 thoughts on “Video: How Khan Academy (Free) Transformed an Inner-City School

  1. bojidar says:

    I agree, Dr. North.

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Unionized 'teachers' in the Government Indoctrination Centers (aka Public Schools) continuously claim they are underpaid. Here is a simple way to test this claim – repeal the mandatory attendance laws, then see how many students show up for their classes.

  3. "Character makes the difference. IQ scores don’t."

    I love Khan stuff as much as anyone and agree character certainly matters, but let's see some SAT scores before we all go around giving each other reach-arounds. Also, let's see the students' IQs before they entered the school. Sorry, trust, but verify.

  4. Once again the private sector proves itself far superior and once again government proves itself completely worthless. So, when are we going to drop this stupidity known as "public education"?

  5. What about the budget surplus now that unionized "educators" don't have to prepare lessons, teach class, self-study to master their chosen subject, take refresher courses? I guess the schools will ask for lower funding in years to come, and the residents will get some tax relief, right? Right? Hello, anybody there?

  6. Who pays? Someone spends time and money to keep Khan Academy running.