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Why There Will Be No Revolution. Facebook Will Prevent It.

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2014

I recently read an article on the Left-wing website in Great Britain, The Guardian. This has been the most consistently Left-wing publication in Great Britain. It was part of the organized Left as early as the 1920’s, and it has never varied in the slightest.

The author interviewed a former American spy. The spy is a very well read man. But he cannot think straight. He is a super Leftist. He talks about “the commons.” He does not like private property. He sees all of capitalism as an attempt to take away from the commons and privatize wealth. But there never was a state-free commons. The commons was always a state agency. Throughout men’s history, when there is common land, it is run by an agency that possesses political power. It possesses the power of coercion. Every time you see the word “commons,” think “commissars.” You don’t have commons without commissars.

This man is singing the same old song that he sang in his youth. He says there’s going to be a revolution. No, there isn’t. He says that the open source technology will create the revolution. No, it won’t.

The essence of revolution is centralized power. Engels knew this early, and reminded us of it for years. There is nothing more centralizing than a revolution. Every revolution in history has moved towards the centralization of power, including the American Revolution. This ex-spy, singing the songs of his youth, says that we are right at the edge of a revolution.

We are at the edge of a non-revolution.

What we’re seeing is decentralization. We are seeing the breakup of the equivalent of the Roman Empire. There was no revolution against the Roman Empire. It simply disintegrated. The medieval world was a time of enormous decentralization.

In the 17th century, there were attempts to start revolutions. The Puritan revolution in England was one of them. It was a revolt against the centralized power of the King, but it was done in the name of the centralized power of the Parliament. It wound up with a military dictator, Oliver Cromwell: 1649-1659. He was replaced by a new king in 1660. But the Parliament continued to centralize its power, and the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and 1689 stripped much of the power of the King, but it did not reduce government power; it simply transferred it to Parliament. Parliament adopted a theory of parliamentary sovereignty second to none in the history of tyranny. It claimed, and it still claims, that it has final sovereignty over all aspects of British life. There was no written constitution to restrain it. There was only the common law to restrain it. That was something important, but the centralization continued. It continues today.

With massive decentralization, there comes, not revolution, but secession.

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7 thoughts on “Why There Will Be No Revolution. Facebook Will Prevent It.

  1. mathischristian says:

    After the American revolution i.e. secession, less power resided in England. If Southern secession had been successful, less power would have resided in DC.

    Isn't a secession a decentralization, in the nature of the case?

  2. Real American says:

    Secession would have been a disaster for the south then, and would be a disaster for the US now. Is anyone stupid enough to think we can fight off globilization, ragheadism, or fascists like Putin if we broke up into a dozen or 50 separate States? I realize lots of idiots in the south are still fighting the civil war, and the look forward to secession as the thing that will save the south. Can't fix stupid.

  3. We live in massive illusions and all are control mechanisms ! All the current technology related to mass communications is a double edged sword ? It can be a great source of information and it can also be used to control people ? and it is.

    I completely agree we are seeing the meltdown of what was, into something that we likely will not like ? But there are many factors to consider and I doubt the status quo control freaks will succeed as they think ?

  4. robmull says:

    I'm not sure where you come from, Real American, but the "idiot" Democrats who fought for slavery and the KKK have now settled for importing lots of really cheap illegal labor from the Latin American countries; and currently occupy mansions, limos and jumbo-jets along all the coasts of nearly every picturesque city, worldwide; flying and spewing tons of carbon, from one environmental bonanza to the next. I'm not sure [it] "fixed stupid," but progressively controlling the mainstream media silenced any unnecessary rumors about anything "progressive," liberal or other. The only "secession" I notice [in the south] is the snow-birds [me] "seceding" from the cold!!!

  5. Hello? Barak H. Obama, the "forbidden foreigner"(NON-ANGLO-SAXON &/OR JEW) and ONLY LEADER of US predicted in Deuteronomy 17:15? No? Name me another such NON-ANGLO-SAXON LEADER, LET ALONE "ANTI-CHRIST(MARXIST), which "we the people" have done plenty of previous times in 6,000 years of Anglo & Jew history? I'm waiting? ANYBODY??? Okay, Hawah(Eve) did the same thing in the "garden of Eden," didn't she and AGAIN, with her murdering son Cain! Wonder what her part was? Again, Duh? There also is the "Anti-Christ"(Marxist) ruling us in Revelation, chapters 7 & 11! Again, Duh? And I didn't even get into the part about history repeating itself OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN! I'm just saying…WATCH FOLKS because "JACOB'S TROUBLE" is about to begin! Wednesday, September 24, 2014 is the next Annual Feast of Trumpets(Spiritual War) by the way, so folks: WATCH…

  6. we don't want revolution anyway. reactionary counterrevolution is brewing