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State University Professor Is Paid $2,400 Per Hour

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2014

It’s tough teaching at the University of North Carolina. The hours are killing. I mean, 75 whole hours a year! Can you imagine it?

The class time is 50 minutes per class. You do this three times a week for a crushing 30 weeks per academic year. And all they pay you is $205,000. That’s $2,700 an hour.

He is asked to grade papers outside of class time. Grade papers! Incredible. That cuts his salary to maybe $2,400 an hour. (It depends on how many students there are, how many exams he requires, and how fast he reads.)

The guy defends his salary as legitimate. He is a lawyer. Lawyers will argue for anything if you pay high enough fees. I guess $2,400 an hour is high enough.

The pay is sweatshop labor — for taxpayers.

I used to live in North Carolina. I made a run for it in the last week of 1979 to escape paying state income taxes. It was a legal tactic. I never regretted it.

There was a reason for this. The state limited charitable deductions against gross income to only 15%. You therefore had to pay income taxes on any money above that if you donated it.

There were exceptions. If you donated it to the state, you got to deduct all of it. If you gave it to a university in the state, you could deduct it. That included the University of North Carolina.

That annoyed me. So, I rolled over the money in advertising mailings in December (deductible for 1979), moved to Texas (no state income tax), and pulled back my money in Texas in January. I beat the system. It was a lot of money.

Those who stayed behind got to put up with the state’s income tax, which pays this professor’s salary.

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4 thoughts on “State University Professor Is Paid $2,400 Per Hour

  1. Although I agree $205K is a bit outrageous, you have to remember supply and demand. He is a lawyer, so if you don't pay him that he will go back to doing something where he does earn the big bucks. In addition, class time is just a small part of what a good professor does with his time. My husband has been a professor for over 20 years. He has meetings out the wazoo (thank you, bureaucracies). He is right now at a conference because he has to have Continuing Education credits to maintain his certifications. He has to publish. He has to do "public service." He has to have lots of office hours to meet with students. He helps the younger professors get published. Then there are night classes, or classes at the next university an hour away. The first fifteen years, he had 50-69 hour weeks until he got tenure. Now he is down to about forty hours. But it is the summer and he isn't teaching. Oh, wait, he drove 1000 miles to a conference where he is putting on a presentation. He was Editor of the professional journal two years ago. This is all for "free" if you figure the only hours they are paid is when they are actually in the classrooms. Oh, yes, and he takes the multiple choice sheets of tests down to the scantron to grade. Unless it isn't multiple choice, which it seldom is. Then he brings them home to grade and with me helping, it still takes hours and hours since he has classes of over 100 students. No raise in seven years since he is a state employee. But yes, the ones with tenure close to retirement do get away with working less. Still, WAY more than 75 hours a year.

  2. william spires says:

    From the comments above this may be his wife's rebuttal to the article.

  3. Nope, different school, different subject.

  4. DebbieF says:

    Read the rest of the article, though. This guy shouldn't be teaching any students, anywhere!