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The Nanny Who Will Not Leave. Cops Won’t Evict Her.

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2014

What ever happened to the right to hire and fire? Gone.

A 64-year-old live-in nanny refuses to leave. The family that hired her cannot get her evicted. The police say it’s a civil matter. “You’re on your own!”

She threatens to sue. On what grounds? Age discrimination.

She eats for free. She has a place to lay her head at night. She sets work conditions.

Private property in America has been under assault for a long time. Voters don’t care. But this case at least reminds us about what has been done to us by the federal government.

We live in the land of the safe and the home of the litigious.

“A man’s castle is his home!” But castles are subject to federal regulation.

The nanny has turned America’s homes into roach motels. “Nannies go in. They don’t come out.”

“But this is America!” It sure is.

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7 thoughts on “The Nanny Who Will Not Leave. Cops Won’t Evict Her.

  1. MARION R. SKAGGS says:

    Cut off the Heat, Cooling, water, and Electricty and board up the door to her Quarters. I don't know what or how these people were raised but there is always an answer to every question. Now it is up to these Home Owners to come up with a strong Question and then find their own Answer. Good Luck. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  2. What they need to do is file an Unlawful Detainer eviction suit in court , have Summons issued granting 3 days to respond. If she responds, go to Court for the Judge to issue Judgment for possession and have Sheriff levy. Every state a little different, but in Calif, sheriff will give her 5 days to remove and after that the Sheriff will put her on the street. It' an expensive process, but
    can be done.

  3. So laffable! If the court won’t do what is proper by the Constitution than you have the right to ignore what the court says when a law is unjust or not to Yahweh’s judgement.

    You have done everything right and what is required and they have FAILED you. It is YOUR house by law, not hers or the court to dictate to you what to do with YOUR house.

    KICK her out and give her ONE WEEK! Or you will THROW her out!

  4. all you need to do is file a criminal trespass in magistrate county court……bye,bye!!!

  5. mutantone says:

    is she the one that worked for the Obama?

  6. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Have a locksmith standing by. Physically force her out the door. Change the locks. It's done. The Police would have no authority to force the family to let her back in.

  7. Physically force her out the door? That would get you charged with assault.