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Hillary’s Book Sales Bomb. Amazon Readers Turn Thumbs Down.

Written by Gary North on June 23, 2014

Simon & Schuster paid Hillary Clinton a staggering $14 million in advance royalties for her book, Hard Choices. That may turn out to be a money-losing hard choice for Simon & Schuster.

The book retails for $35. If she gets 20% of the retail sales price, the publisher must sell two million copies. But the book sold a paltry 60,000 hardback copies in the first week.
The publisher touted 100,000 sales, but this counted e-books. That’s a bad sign.

A worse sign is that it has fallen out of the top ten list on Amazon, where you can buy a copy for $21. If Simon & Schuster pays her 20% of retail, the royalty payment will take a big chunk out of the profits.

An even worse sign than this is Amazon readers’ evaluation of its quality. The vast majority have given it one star: a turkey. I never remember seeing any major book with ratings this low. This sends a message: turkey! Readers read Amazon’s reviews to make buying decisions.


People who buy a politician’s book are political junkies. They are usually the politician’s fans. This is a bad indicator.

Finally, worst of all, it’s a book on foreign policy. Americans are not interested in foreign policy unless there is a scandal, such as Benghazi. But she remains an obvious loser on the Benghazi issue. The book is self-serving on Benghazi.

Because of heavy discounting, publishers do not make much money from Amazon sales. This book may not lose the publisher a fortune, although it may. It reputedly printed a million copies to get printing costs down. These books were ordered by book stores, but unsold copies will be returned. If this happens, which is now likely, the book will be remaindered for a couple of bucks per copy — or less.

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65 thoughts on “Hillary’s Book Sales Bomb. Amazon Readers Turn Thumbs Down.

  1. Mike Hughes says:

    The publisher is no doubt counting on "favors" that will be done for them should the worst come to pass that Hillary becomes president.

  2. Dave Zubas says:

    Her book is part of the marketing strategy for her run for President and unfortunately not a very good start, primarily because there is just not that much to work with as Hillary Clinton is a known entity and we all know everything we need to know about her, and a book is not going to add much, if anything of interest. Personally, I am tired of the Clintons and wish they would just back off from their continual ego stroking attempts to stay in the public eye, and especially seeking to get back in the Whitehouse. This country needs new young blood in Washington starting with the President and including Congress, and Hillary Clinton is not one of them. Go home Hillary and enjoy your retirement.

  3. Hillarity who? Sounds funny to me!

  4. $14 million! for this piece of abject HUBRIS and an accomplice to MURDER! Female version of that illegal scum occupying the BLACKHOUSE.

  5. Couldn't have happen yo a nicer person ( wink. wink ) Hillary is a damn LIAR & loser!! Persident my butt!!!!!

  6. Presdident*

  7. The Hilabeast is a joke and people are now starting to wise up to the Clinton's. What this country really has to worry about is the low informed voters who can't read and vote for their food stamps and welfare money.

  8. How can anyone give an advance of 14 million to someone who didn't even write her own book and expect a profit? If I am that interested in reading lies, I would go to the library than spend more than a dollar. .

  9. Well stated James!!! Agree with you 120%!

  10. The Taxpayers know who you are and what kind of a Liar you are. What except your Ego would make you think anyone would want to read your book full of more Lies? If you would publish the truth about Benghazi, people would buy that. You're done lady. Look at the results. We don't want you. Go home.

  11. $14 Million advance on a book that she didnt write and her popularity already on the rocks? Lets watch this publication company real close for the next 5-10 years. Lets see if they don’t receive a “grant”, courtesy of our tax payer money, later down the road for their $14Million campaign contribution. This is how polititians and drug dealers funnel money from outside sources. Just like the Clinton’s “organizations” they contribute $Millions of dollars to each year and use it as a tax right off. All to be funneled back into their own personal accounts. great tax evasion scheme. why isn’t the justicce department looking into this along with the IRS?

  12. edwardperkins2012 says:

    Dave, you are on point. I think that most Americans are not interested in Hillary anymore. She has been in the limelight for way too long and her track record is far from stellar in EVERYTHING she has been involved with. My friends have no interest in her and I believe that will prove out with the voters as well. I'm with you, its time for Hillary, Bill and Chelsie to retire from the political world – we've all had enough.

  13. apollodr says:

    I'd just as soon love to see her be the Dems presidential candidate. Her overloaded baggage dragging her down will ensure her loss.

  14. dealerdeb1 says:

    Proves she is as irrelevant as I know she is and people are just finding out they blew $21 LOL Can't paint lipstick on that pig.

  15. dealerdeb1 says:

    They are so arrogant they couldn't possibly believe there are intelligent people who think it DID make a difference anyway. My next bet is she will bow out of running by saying she wants to spend more time with her family.

  16. Cap'n Over says:

    Why did it take an entire book for this waste of oxygen to tell you what she knows about foreign policy? She could have saved loads of trees (as if she cared) by just using the smallest Post-It notes available with the word "Nothing." written on them. Sure doesn't bode well for her fat ass in 2016!!

  17. Now if Hillary were to write a book on what she and her husband actually did, the crimes, the coverups, and the corruption going all the way back to their days taking a cut from drug smuggling in Arkansas, that book would be a run away best seller. I would gladly pay full retail for a copy of that.

  18. Good bye Hillary, no body remembers who you are what you did, the younger generations are not interested in a
    aging relic from the Sixties who had an axe to grind and is now full of Botox leaking into her brain cells.
    Go read your self-admiring book, pull out the Rolodex of old International Dignitaries you met having Tea parties
    with as Secretary of State and fade into the annuls of history like all of the remaining aging Politicians. You're a Turkey now, like the famous Al Gore stick a fork in you, Your Done!

  19. Mike Borland says:

    God forbid Hillary does run and the democrats falsify voting results again like they did in 2012. In Philadelpia 52 precincts voted 100% for Obama in 2012. There was not one crazy old buzzard who was totally senile and voted for Romney just by hitting the wrong button? Give me a break. The odds for this to happen are greater than all the stars in the universe. Then in Florida in some precincts Obama got 125% of the registered voters votes! Sounds just like typical Chicago voter fraud. Vote and vote often more than once). No wonder the Democraps don't want voter IDs.
    I wonder if the women will predominantly vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. She sure showed her attitude towards women when she got the rapist off free when he raped a 12 year old girls by lying about her being mentally ill (that makes raping a minor ok to Hillary?) and by saying a 12 year old sexually wanted older men (that also I guess makes raping a minor ok to Hillary). She went after Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones and called them trailer park sluts. She will do anything and say anything to remain in power. The greatest lie for the week was that she and Bill were bankrupt when they left the Oral Office and the Bible is here favorite book or most influential book. Hah,hah,hah….. I can't stop laughing. If she even read the Bible who is her hero? Caine? Satan? Pharaoh?

  20. wattsupsup says:

    I'm a woman and I wouldn't vote for this piece of you know what. There are a lot of women who are smarter than that. The problem are the ones who do not keep up with the news and what is going on in the world and I think if one does not know these things they should stay the Hell away from the poles and let the informed vote and that goes for both men and women of all parties.

  21. allosaur says:

    Age has not been kind to Killary the Kommie Klownface. Lately she makes me think of a female clown, especially when she smiles and makes expressions. We don't need a face like that for our next Marxist-In-Chief. Just think of her sitting in the Oval Office thinking of Monica under her desk.


  23. No question the book was a simple convenient contrivance to try and smooth over her Bengahzi debacle. The timing of it for the coming elections is way past obvious. and the good new is that even the Dems who used to support her are put off by her now . It seems some of the illusions are breaking down here in USSA today !

  24. Kirk Riley says:

    Expect this book at Dollar stores soon…and then being returned for NO SALE even from them…

  25. I had to laugh and enjoyed so many of the comments on the Hildabeast and how most Americans just see right through the lies. There are plenty of those and I don't think America will ever forget Benghazi and the lying she did for o. Just like susan rice, she's dead meat.

  26. I'll wait until it shows up in a yard sale! On second thought, I'd rather have the soup bowl that matches my set! They're both the same price! Fifty cents!

  27. Jeanne Stotler says:

    It'll be on Amazon e-books for free, and I still won't get it, "Broke and struggling", she doesn't know the meaning of it. Oh yes they had debts, why?, because of their own actions and NO I do not feel sorry for them, both Clinton's and Obama's need to live in the real world.

  28. If she ever wrote a book of truth I would buy that. But that is never going to happen. A book on foriegn policy? People around the world hate her. Benghazi proves humongus foriegn policy failure of her administration. She is part of this administration, the most failed administartion of all time. She should disappear for awhile like she did after her failed attempt at Obamacare.

  29. shearwater says:

    A big selfie for Hillary! For everyone else . . . a waste of money!

  30. Charles17121 says:

    She might sell more books if she changes the title to "How I left the foreign Ambassador to Libya and the people that tried to save him to be murdered by terrors ."

  31. Any bailout should come from her pocket not the government

  32. don't forget the sex of willie's many affairs now that would be a best seller to hit #1

  33. Why would anyone spend money on a book from a liberal who lies like any of the Clinton's ? Haven't we heard enough from them over the years. Sorry but I don't think that their is a Democrats out there that knows how to tell the truth. The real truth is that there is too many voters believe all there lies, vote by name recognition only. Wake up America.Look what is happening to this great country under the Democrats

  34. Live Free says:

    Richard Simon (of Simon and Shuster) is Carly Simon's dad. Remember her song "You're so Vain"? No wonder they would publish Hillary's book.

    You're so vain, you probably think we're out of toilet paper.

  35. At this time, what difference does it make?

  36. Disappointed says:

    I recently found out I'll have to stop calling her "Hildebeest" — since that is Michelle O's favorite nickname for her. Drat!

    (BTW, I don't think I'm interested in her book at any price, including she pays me to take it away. Maybe if it told the not-previously-disclosed truth about ANYthing … maybe …)

  37. Disappointed says:

    "Her overloaded baggage dragging her down will ensure her loss."

    You give the Democraps far too much credit.

  38. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Sounds like a Hillary Bail out IF she Cons the pitiful little Liberal MOOCHERS to put her in charge in 2016.

  39. Bama Bill says:

    Y'all better watch your backs! The Clinton's had more people "Commit suicide" with a .45 in the back of their head. They can always buy a coroner to sign the death certificate. Since the newspapers all mostly owned by the Hurst family, and they "Own" much of the media. Like Chicago is "Owned" by the Mafia gone "Legit", aka "Unions", and the unions are the Dems "ATM", you can't hear or read the real truth. Fox is as close as I can find, and they have to all wear body armor.
    The best we can do is NOTHING that benefits the unions. Who can afford to go to a major league baseball game since the "Unions" run them? Now that the police, firemen, sports, and government employees are unionized, the fight is even more difficult. WATCH YOUR BACKS!

  40. You're still getting ripped;o) lol

  41. This is just "pluming the bird" for 2016.

    * Daughter Chelsea is expecting ("Awwww, Hillary's going to be a grandmother! How humanizing for the voters!")
    * another mammoth payoff disguised as an advance for another ghost-written book to give her the illusion of gravitas and depth
    * Distancing herself from Obama on Iraq redux, so she appears to have a mind of her own (never mind she is complicit in all the crimes of the last 8 years)

  42. I agree with you. I'm sick and tired of The Clintons. Lets give a another FRESH politician the job of fixing the problems of the country….. Hillary is NOT the one. She would be another Obama in a pant suit. I trust her and Bill as far as I can throw them.

  43. I say everyone should go into a book store and take the book into the bathroom and defecate on it. Granted, she didn't write word one of the book. I pray she has a massive heart attack and dies. Wait, that would require she have a heart. Maybe her head decapitated by a Muslim extremist. I will take front row seating!

  44. AD Roberts says:

    Do you think that Simon & Schuster will learn a lesson about America buying liberal LIES?
    If they don't, they will shortly be OUT OF BUSINESS, just like liberal newspapers. (The papers never learned and changed to being conservative. They would rather be BROKE than to be RIGHT.

  45. God will enact His perfect justice for each one of us and would NOT tolerate or approve anything in your post.

  46. And yes, the favors in return, are all part of FASCISM! This rotten scum KILLARY is as a big a phoney as her philandering jerk husband and their offspring who made a million running the Clinton Global Initiative, another fleecing of useless idiots contributing to this scam.

  47. But it helps out those poor starving Clintons.

  48. profitup10 says:


    20 words that will change the way we live

  49. The truth would sell, but that's never going to print….

  50. LOL! Wanna go for four?

  51. All’s I can say is: “mama, please wake me up from this nightmare…please!”

  52. People know a good product when they see one. Hillary's thinly veiled campaign-donation book is not "Da-Bomb", simply a bomb – without an explosion. She is getting what she deserves – no mas.

  53. Corporatism, better known as FASCISM, at it's worst. Make it a point to never buy from this publisher. Simon and Schuster, who have had the rights to Clintonista yellow journalism over the years. They now specialize in in Storybook/Fairytales.

  54. I saw copies of her book at Krogers this week, at a DRASTICALLY REDUCED PRICE. I hope her publisher loses $ big time ! I urge you and others to boycott her book sales. This woman is definitely NOT presidential material. She has NO political accomplishments; she has a terrible temper. Remember when she threw the ashtray at Bill's head and the Secret Service had to physically restrain her ? zJust say No to Hillary and he minions.

  55. This woman has a terrible potty mouth and a terrible temper:_These are from the mouth of Hillary._Quotes from 8 different books……and the liberals are falling all over themselves trying to get her elected._After Obama, this is the last person we need in the White House._EIGHT QUOTES FROM 8 DIFFERENT SOURCES…..__Sorry about the language but these are her actual words. __(1) "Where is the Godamn flag? I want the Godamn fucking flag up every morning at fucking sunrise." _From the book "Inside the White House" by Ronald Kessler, p. 244

  56. jheasler12175 says:

    Did anyone expect anything other than a self-serving document from a presidential wanna-be? She is unfit for public office and people, especially liberals, are figuring it out. Her critics have known it for years, but she is a darling of the Ivy League, inside the beltway MSM crowd. Mainstream Americans are beginning to hate her guts. She despises the military yet seeks an office which would make her Commander In Chief. She is absolutely unfit for command and rather than see her running for office, I would rather see her running for her life in the face of felony charges for her behavior as Sec. State during the Benghazi episode.

  57. Jason Deegan says:

    I sure wouldn't want to post a 1-star rating on her book. Knowing how many people closely associated with her that have been murdered, you're really putting yourself at risk.

  58. Kdenney1 says:

    That I hear 3 other people wrote it should be considered! Anybody talk to Bill Ayers???

  59. God, please forbid that to happen, although, I believe if He hasn't already removed His candlestick from the U.S.A., He just very soon might.

  60. It would have to be a series of books as there is so much corruption, lies, rapes, cover ups, deaths and destruction it would take the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica to cover it all.

  61. I would give no Star to her book.

  62. I am a woman and, believe me, I wouldn't vote for her if she were the last candidate on earth. I have never liked her, nor has she ever "pulled the wool" over my eyes, nor have I turned a "deaf ear" to anything she says. I'm happy her book is bombing. I don't know why anyone in his/her right mind would want to buy it. Also, I don't think the publishers were in their right minds to accept it and allow such a huge advance besides. Shimon & Schuster–remember their "loyalties" and "royalties". I'm sure this won't bankrupt them, however, it may make them think more than once about whom they publish.

  63. I wouldn't pay one penny for any book written by her.

  64. George Edward says:

    Most reasonable people by now have figured out that her book is probably just more lies and political rhetoric that has been rehashed over and over again.

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