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Immigration Reform: 8 Steps

Written by Gary North on June 19, 2014

We are told that there is going to be immigration reform sometime later this year. We are told that the Republican Party in Congress is ready for this. That was before Cantor had his head handed to him in the Republican primary. The issue that sank him was his commitment to amnesty. I think that message has now been sent to a lot of members of Congress. It is a new ballgame politically on amnesty.

Let’s think about amnesty. I’m not in favor of giving it, but let’s assume that it is given. Is anything likely to change? No. There are at least 12 million illegal immigrants in the country, and it may be 20 million. There is no way that the government can round up all these people and send them home under today’s non-amnesty laws. With or without amnesty, they will stay in the country. They will live in the shadows if there is no amnesty. They will not vote. But they are not going to go home in either case. This is their home. Their children, who were born in this country, will grow up and vote.

Fact: net migration from Mexico, 2007 to 2012, was zero. All the media talk about a huge influx of Mexicans is not supported by the facts. We have seen the last of the great waves of immigration. Mexico’s economy is improving. This is no flash in the pan.

If we are talking about fundamental change in the United States, amnesty is neither here nor there. What matters are comparative birthrates. Birthrates for Hispanics have dropped since 2007. This country was in replacement mode until 2008. Birthrates were about 2.1 children per woman, which is the replacement rate. In 2007, we were the only major Western industrial country that had a replacement-rate population. The recession reversed this, and it is only slowly beginning to go back up.

Most of this increase was from Hispanic birthrates. White birthrates had gone under replacement years earlier. They were down around 1.7 children per woman. So, replacement-rate demography in this country was based on the presence of Hispanics.

Nothing is going to change anything much, one way or the other. That is the basic rule of economics. Change comes at the margin. There are marginal changes, but they take years to manifest themselves.


Some people think that the big problem with illegal immigrants is that they are taking advantage of the welfare rolls. I’m sure a lot of them are. Whose fault is that? It’s the fault of the Anglos, who created the welfare system. It wasn’t created by illegal Mexican immigrants. It began in the New Deal. It was promoted by graduates of the Ivy League universities. All of this was invented by educated people, and it was supported by grassroots Democrats who used the programs to get elected after 1930. The shock troops of the welfare state are not Mexicans. They are Anglos.

What is the biggest problem with illegal immigrants? Gangs. If the United States tomorrow reversed all of the drug laws, how long would the Hispanic gangs survive? Not very long. They wouldn’t be making it big on prostitution, gambling, and petty crime. They make big it on the drug trade. That’s where the billions of dollars are. The whole system of the drug cartels in Latin America relies on demand, and the demand comes from Anglos in the United States. That’s where the money is.

Take away the welfare system and break up the gangs related to the drug cartels, and the two biggest arguments against illegal immigrants disappear.

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22 thoughts on “Immigration Reform: 8 Steps

  1. Sorry, no, I don't think we need to accept the "givens" of this article. While not practical to instantly round up/ship out all illegals, it should be begun to the extent possible, "Sanctuary Cities," declared or undeclared, need to lose all Federal funding, all laws must be enforced everywhere, and when they see we are serious, many illegal aliens and their children will self-deport.

  2. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Here's a plan.


    2. Lock down any, and ALL, taxpayer funding going to any illegals aliens and the 'charitable' groups supporting them.

    3. Allow Southbaound traffic to proceed in an orderly manner.

    4. Illegals found guilty of violent crimes in America are given the Death Sentence IMMEDIATELY. As Illegal they have no Constitutional Rights and should never be allowed access to OUR RIGHTS.

    5. Any illegals desiring to stay must provide proof of gainful employment, self sufficiency and VALUE to the Society and their progress of "Becoming American" instead of being foreigner in American with no intention of becoming a value.

    6. Mandatory prison for all employers that keep illegals on the payroll, 1 year per illegal on their books.

    7. When FULL Citizen employment is achieved, then those registered workers that meet the above qualifications will be allowed to stay and work towards amnesty and Citizenship.

  3. "All the media talk about a huge influx of Mexicans is not supported by the facts."

    Gary, our new illegals are coming from the failed states of Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua. We don't get many from Costa Rica, I wonder why? Oh yeah, it's run quite well.

    Some of your suggestions have merit, but are politically unfeasible (duh, you're a libertarian – totally get it). Secure the border. Deport the felons. Enforce the laws. I agree with your take on entitlement reform, but come on, that's just not gonna happen until either 1.) default or 2.) death of all the old middle class whites who paid in. That's the price for this is leaving your progeny a racially balkanized country, of course, but what do they care? FDR started this mess, LBJ completed it – thanks guys!

  4. peleus212 says:

    I'm with the Crustyoldgeezer on this one!!

    Secure the borders {all I hear is talk, talk, talk, no action}
    Each one picked up; dip hand in permanent green dye {upon return profiling not required}
    Put lots of truckers to work hauling them back to the other side of border [unions will like jobs]
    No welfare, must show proof of citizenship, pass drug test
    No food stamps, must show proof of citizenship and pass drug test
    No healthcare, must show proof of citizenship and pass drug test
    No jobs unless show proof of citizenship and pass drug test {then they can pay taxes and complain like we do}
    Criminal prosecution for employers/ heavy fines up to include forfeiture of company
    Sanctuary cites loose all federal funding for everything


  6. I like the way you think Crusty. But lets not forget to enforce the laws that are already on the books. IF and that's a BIG IF we see that there are problems with the present laws, THEN we work on fixing that part. This Bulls–t of reinventing the wheel is just that, BULLS–t!!

  7. Phillip the Bruce says:

    The 14th Amendment was ratified by coercion. The States that attempted to secede were told that, if they wanted to be readmitted to "the Union" rather than remain captured territory run by the US Army and carpetbaggers, they had to ratify the 14th, one clause of which states that anyone born in the US was a US citizen.
    NOWHERE ELSE in the Constitution (as amended) does it say anything about citizenship. That is because there were no "US" citizens, per se. If you were a citizen of one of the states, you were a citizen of the US. It was up to the States to decide – still is per the 10th Amendment, with the above exception. Of course some of the States were immorally refusing to allow blacks to be citizens – and not just southern States either. That was the rationale behind the citizenship clause of the 14th.
    I agree with Dr. North. The problem with "illegal immigrants" receiving tax-funded benefits is NOT illegal immigrants receiving them – it is the existence of those tax-funded benefits in the first place. Again, to quote Dr. North, "The 8th Commandment does NOT say 'Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.'"

  8. I agree with you, Dr. North.

  9. Numbers five and six conflict. They won't stay employed if their bosses are subject to imprisonment for employing them. Build the WALL first, then we can talk about who stays and who goes.

  10. Simply enforce the many existing laws. I agree with nearly all suggestions here . But remember Bill Oreilly said just a short while back that the borders were secure and progress was being made ? He said that about 2 years ago and nothing could have been further from the truth . So recognize that we really do live in massive illusions ! And the so-called smart guys and leaders are nothing of the sort. He also said recently that he did NOT see any reason Google and others would want to keep your personal info and he said it on national TV ?

    So pay attention and be aware of the many illusions and buffoons , they are many and nearly all are elites ! In other words THINK for yourself .

  11. We don't have an immigration problem, we have a welfare problem. No welfare for anybody! Personal or corporate!

    If they don't work, they shouldn't eat, and we should treat the alien among us the same as our brother.Simple solutions, but hard to do, because it takes personal responsibility! Remember that? What a concept!

  12. OR-Patriot says:

    Let's be accurate in this: Obama's own Dept of Homeland Security released a report in 2009 that stated that the percentage of the population that consisted of illegal aliens was 10.9%. The population (in 2009) was 314 Million. The means that over 33 MILLION illegal Aliens are in our country stealing our jobs and sponging off our welfare systems.

    The borders need o be locked down immediately and the existing laws ENFORCED. Doing that will make it unviable for the illegals to stay here and they will self-deport

    I think we need MORE DRASTIC action myself, but the majority of the country doesn't have the stomach to implement a SHOOT ON SIGHT policy at the borders. THAT would stop the BS instantly as soon as they saw we were serious, illegal border crossings would stop.

  13. OR-Patriot says:

    No conflict there. If they're illegals, they shouldn't have jobs here. We don't need a wall, we just shoot on sight anyone caught crossing. The illegal crossings will stop almost immediately.

  14. Do you really think that the crime of crossing the border deserves the death penalty??

  15. Arshloch says:

    The term illegal immigrant is an oxymoron. Immigrant indicates that the person entering is doing it legally. If not being done legally, then the op is illegal or, to be more precise, criminal. So if a criminal non resident crosses the border he/she/it is, by definition, a CRIMINAL ALIEN; no more no less. A criminal alien has no status and should be deported asap. If a second illegal crossing is attempted, jail, no less. The reason for the present mess is to gain democrat votes and, as stated by a doofus N.Y. congressman, they should be able to vote whether they are citizens or criminal aliens as long as the vote is dumb-o-crat.

  16. Of course, citizen's militia can be authorized to round these guys up and detain them by any means possible, and under any conditinos necessary. 20 million plus invaders in a country is insane. There weren't that many Japanese troops in China during WWII.

  17. Actually, the crossing won't stop. Some will get through. As long as anyone does, the flow will keep coming. It has been going on for so long that practically NO Latin American country worries about providing for its poor anymore. They just send them here. America is their welfare plan and their Social Security. The wages sent back to Latin America are one of the biggest industries that they have.

    These countries have, in effect, colonized the U.S. Mexico has even officially designated the U.S. as a voting district of Mexico, for purposes of registering Mexican citizens living in the US to vote in Mexico. .

  18. And since they do not mind riding in unairconditioned semi trailers, it should not be hard to accomodate them.

  19. 4. is a terrifying statement but typical of the state worship of our age. If you don't have a blue passport with an eagle on the front you are not human! Rights derive from the creator – not the state. Be careful who you are worshiping!

  20. I'd allow A/C don't want to appear heartless………

  21. ShadowMerlin says:

    Here’s a valid plan for comprehensive immigration reform: http://www.shadowriders.org/marc/immigration.html

  22. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Let's see now, immigration reform! Uhnm, That be the legalizing of the illegal things we are now doing. Yep, we don't enforce our immigration laws because big business is tired of building factories, assembly plants abroad, and hiring their cheap labor, Now it would be much cheaper to just let them come here, work cheap, pay their own way after on the job training, in existing factories and businesses here! Cheap labor drives illegal immigration, and the administration says we need to make the flood legal, cause the economy needs it! Big Businesses need cheaper labor, built here, pay here, buy here, money stays here. That is immigration reform. Our politicians in our oligarchy work for big business, cause they were elected to do their bidding! Cost of primary and running for office is unafordable for 100% of our politicians, therefore they have to be beholding to their benefactors, Big business! Am I wrong?