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Matt Drudge Reports on Iraq: A Total Rout of Neoconservatism

Written by Gary North on June 13, 2014

It’s total. Drudge lists the stories.

The neoconservatives can run, but they can’t hide. Their policies have come home to roost.

So far, it’s a cakewalk for radical Islam, which had no foothold in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

The Pentagon built the American military base in Baghdad. It is called the Victory Base Complex. Maybe the militants will keep this name, out of spite. Baghdad is about to fall to the militants.

This is from Drudge Report.

Exodus from Iraq as chaos spreads...
Terrorists 'full-blown army'...
Medieval Sharia Law Imposed...
Iraqi citizens join fight...
Army Collapses...
VIDEO: Thousands of soldiers captured by ISIS...
Iran Deploys Forces...
Americans evacuated...
USA Secretly Flying Drones...
Pentagon: Rebels may have captured military equipment...
FLASHBACK: Biden: Iraq One of Obama's 'Great Achievements'...
Vets in Congress: 'What was point of all that?'...
Oil Soars...

Here comes Islamic Sharia law. There was no Sharia law under Saddam Hussein.

Here comes Al Qaeda. There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

Here comes the question of question:  Vets in Congress: ‘What was point of all that?’…

Ron Paul answered this question in October 2002.  Take a trip down memory lane.

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21 thoughts on “Matt Drudge Reports on Iraq: A Total Rout of Neoconservatism

  1. Although I am a true conservative, I was against going into Iraq. We were succeeding with containment at a much lower cost in both money and blood. But what is done is done. It was a mistake not to keep troops in place as we have in many other places in the world, always to the benefit of the host country and the hosts economy. But, if Obama had done that and Iraq became a functioning democracy, it would have looked good for George Bush. Obama couldn't stand that happening so he sold Iraq down the river. Many will suffer and die for Obama's arrogance. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  2. Based on the comments yesterday, it is pretty sad that some of the neocons aren't even willing to admit they were wrong. Instead they gave us a lot of denials, howls for more bloodshed, attempts to rewrite history, and calls for mass murder by use of nuclear weapons.

    Neocons, this is a website for liberty and freedom, not death, you aren't welcome here.

  3. Some Guy says:

    A "mistake not to keep troops in place"? Perpetually keeping troops in place would cost us a never-ending stream of lives and money that we cannot afford. Eventually we would have to withdraw and the same thing would happen, just down the road. Iraq was, and continues to be, a NO WIN situation. The pipe dreams of a peaceful Americanized Iraq where tourists go visit and resorts get built is never going to happen. We never should have gone in the first place, and every minute we were there was one minute more than we should have been.

    Also, quit spamming your lame blog on Dr. North's site.

  4. backtotheplate says:

    Again, the loss is a direct result of the OBAMA Administration's policies. Since the Korean War, where an armed and avaricious North Korea and a rapacious Communist major power in the region, China, has desired the obliteration of South Korea, the U.S. has maintained a military presence that has allowed South Korea to become one of world's major success stories: economically and morally. Today we still have about 28,500 soldiers, sailors, marines, etc., there as that military presence.
    That large an active U.S. military presence in Iraq would have prevented al Qaeda incursions, the institution of Sharia law, and the influence of Iran for as long as it remained. It would probably have debilitated al Qaeda and the Taliban further.
    I'm not saying Iraq was the right decision in the first place. I'd love a do-over on this one. And neoconservatism is trigger-happy and compulsive about nation-building, and it has cost us. But what is occurring there now is not a direct result of our war in Iraq. It's a direct result of Barack Obama's abandoning the idea of a military presence to protect the peace and frustrate our enemy's desires. Obama, who once proclaimed that everything was going to be hunky-dory in Iraq as we left, has handed Islamic terrorism a gift, pure and simple.

  5. Owen Kinnan says:

    As much as I dislike the Obama administration and all that Obama stands for, this is one boondoggle that is not his. This is, as Drudge says, a total rout of neoconservatism. And, it is a total rout of Dubya's nation building scheme. Bush and the neocons own this, plain and simple. The outcome was only a matter of time and it would not matter how long we left U.S. troops in Iraq. The presence of U.S. boots on the ground would only delay the inevitable outcome because at some point, Iraq has to fend for itself. What a nightmare and how sad this is for the Iraqi people and for those families here at home who have lost their loved ones or have loved ones who have been injured by this horrible misadventure.

  6. Some Guy says:

    Why is it the job of the American people to "allow South Korea to become one of the world's major success stories"? Why is that our job? Where in the Constitution does it give our government the right to meddle in the affairs of foreign countries, for better or for worse? You want to make Iraq a success story? Then you pay for it, and you go over there to build it, but don't force me to pay for it on your behalf. I have enough to worry about in my own little part of the world that I don't feel the need to interfere with other people 6000 miles away.

  7. backtotheplate says:

    I'm not arguing that point. And I'm sorry if I suggested that we should have had a mission to make South Korea, let alone Iraq, a success story. And I'm not defending neoconservatism. What I'm saying is that, when you are left with the result of unwarranted "meddling," you may have the opportunity to make something good come out of it, or you can blithely turn it into a total disaster. We helped make something splendid out of South Korea. The Democrats forced us to cut and run in Vietnam (which, under JFK and LBJ, they sank us into) and it resulted in one of the world's greatest holocausts. Iraq may have been a mistake (I think so) because of Bush, but it is becoming a total disaster because of Obama.

  8. I hope that the Neo-Cons stick around. They might learn true Conservatism versus the what they think conservatism means.

  9. Sure hope that the development in Iraq helps offset the Neo-Cons in Congress and later in the primaries. I for one want the GOP to go back to its roots, back when the GOP meant "Mind your own Business".

  10. IOW, It;s Obama's fault. BS pal. Bush went in there in the first place. THAT was the problem. It reminds me of fools who think the bust during the boom-bust cycle is the problem. No, it's the BOOM that is the problem. It's artificial, just like Bush's BS war.

  11. Course they won't. They're cowards. The neocon maggots don't have the balls to admit they were full of crap even though it is BLATANTLY obvious that they were. I have no respect for those losers.

  12. Oh, no. The Imperial City's invasion had nothing to do with it. LOL! Please. I have to shake my head at this kind of idiocy.

    "It's a direct result of Barack Obama's abandoning the idea of a military presence to protect the peace and frustrate our enemy's desires."

    So how much longer did we need to waste blood and treasure moron? 10 more years? 20? 50? 100? Not worth it pal. Tell you what. You go over there and volunteer personally to fight. Leave my tax dollars and country out of it.

  13. Finally, somebody with a brain. I have to laugh when people want to blame everything on Obama or blame everything on Bush. Please people. INTERVENTION ITSELF is the problem! Hello?! Bush just happened to be dumb enough to give the go ahead. And the reasons he gave were complete crap. I can't believe we STILL have to open people's eyes to this stupidity!

  14. ABSOLUTE TRUTH: BHO is the ONLY leader in our Hebrew-inspired Scriptures actually PREDICTED to RULE US Anglo-Saxons & Jews! Yes, he is called the "forbidden foreigner" in the Mosheh Book of Yahweh's LAW, or ONLY NON-ANGLO-SAXON "EVER" to preside over(UNDER) US & JUDAH, since being THROWN OUT of "EDEN" for the VERY SAME SIN!!! PREDICTION: NEXT-UP! The two-witnesses of Revelation, chapters 7 & 11 on a soon-coming fall Feast of Trumpets(Spiritual War(next such feast: Wednesday, September 24, 2014???), which will totally DESTROY US, leaving only 144,000 Anglo's & Jews, LEFT-ALIVE, while taking a total of 3 1/2 years to complete! Note: It also is written in scripture that in only 3 1/2 days later, our JEWISH, Not Greek, Savior & High Priest "Yahshua" RETURNS TO EARTH and TOTALLY DESTROY ALL OF BABYLON(including the city, but also all the "confusion & lies" in this present world totally controlled by Lucifer(Satan), UNLESS "YOU" personally have been predetermined to survive: That is 144,000 Israelites, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribe of Israel with the tribe of Joseph replacing the tribe of Dan(Irish) as being protected during the prophetic time commonly called "Jacob's trouble!" and also the 144,000 members of Yahweh's Spiritual Assembly, now headed by the "Eliyah" who must come FIRST, who is Gary Miller of the International Congregation of Yahweh (www.icyahweh.org), who I KNOW is Eliyah because as a Physics teacher(Pure Science) by profession Elder Miller also has been given the ONLY TRUE CALENDER "ABSOLUTELY" NECESSARY to KEEP THE "ONLY SIGN" given MAN that they have been "chosen" to represent "Yahweh" and his son, "Yahshua" in this age of Satan and "Man," which is the SABBATHS COVENANT(7th Day Weekly & all the correct Annual Sabbaths each year from the Passover & Feast of Unleaven Bread through the LAST GREAT DAY immediately following the Annual Feast of Tabernacles! Folks, if I'm reading the "signs of the times" correctly, "forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronomy 17:15 included, TIME for US is RUNNING-OUT! "COME OUT OF BABYLON MY PEOPLE! It's NEVER BEEN ABOUT "Rome" folks, ONLY JERUSALEM!

  15. 11phenomenon says:

    This failure is at Obama's feet. He was in a hurry to bail and had no plan in place for when this happened. He was told it would by those with far more experience than himself, but of course his wishful thinking is what he uses to make policy… No matter where this takes place, to have the ability to stop it and not do it means there is blood on your hands. Think about the innocent people over there. They are human beings.

  16. It’s time for National Defense to be just that – Defense. Can foreign war be won, or does it always evolve into another war – or a permanent "police" assignment? Once boots are put on the ground can we ever bring them home? Rome crumbled trying to spread its civilization using troops. How long before we similarly reach our limit? The free market is the only true catalyst for friendly relationship, and damper on enmity. War has become another big government program . . . and a government program is the closest thing there is to eternal life.

  17. peleus212 says:

    Weather I agree or disagree with reason Bush went there or not does not matter, it was done with the consent of Congress at the time and since then they have changed their mind many times. Was it handled properly since, not that I can see? But let’s keep it simple.
    Should we meddle in the affairs of foreign governments, no? Should we impose our form of government on foreign countries, no? Should we care about how they treat their citizens, no? If they mistreat or harm our citizens we must stop that and extradite them quickly.
    Right now Iraq is a supplier of oil to the world and what percentage do we use, less than 10%. If we don’t like what is going on there or their prices we should / must go elsewhere {like here at home}
    Countries that have more of an interest in Iraq oil should be working out deals and protecting their interests.
    We must not be the world’s police force and if so we should be billing them time and materials and not paying them for the privilege of being the world police. If we do this they better support us or pay us!
    Finally in conclusion we should never get into another police action till the last one is paid for.

  18. A Patriot says:

    Bush, with bipartisan support, started it. After it was won, the objective was changed by Bush, actually the corrupt retards around him, and attempts at nation building began. Obama comes in when things are pretty well contained with a few bombings, but voting and so forth. Then Obama pulls out everything, no de-escalation or scale down, but complete abandonment of the allies we had cultivated in Iraq. Oh, he can blame Malarki, the supposed president of Iraq for requiring the withdrawal, but does anyone seriously think that man's power was greater than the US? Obama has surrendered in the war on terror, and we will pay dearly for that in the near future.

  19. We can either proselytize the world or it will proselytize us. It is foolish to believe it happens any other or that we can hide our light under a bushel.

  20. "After it was won, the objective was changed by Bush, actually the corrupt retards around him, and attempts at nation building began."

    This is your first lie, Bush along with his corrupt retards, are responsible for deliberately attempting to nation build.

    "Obama comes in when things are pretty well contained with a few bombings, but voting and so forth."

    This is your second lie. No, things were not "pretty well contained", they were a complete disaster. Holding an election does not magically stop terrorism. You just stopped paying attention to what was happening since the newspapers stopped paying as much attention to the war.

  21. "We can either proselytize the world or it will proselytize us."

    You think that is our job? Fine, I will buy you a one-way plane ticket to Iraq along with some Bibles and a handgun to defend yourself. You can proselytize all you want, knock yourself out Grebo.