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Iraq in Chaos. A Total Defeat for Bush’s Policies. Of Course.

Written by Gary North on June 12, 2014

Ron Paul voted against the Iraq war in 2002. His speech is on YouTube. He was ridiculed by Republican stalwarts.

Today, trillions of dollars in Americans’ taxes and debts later, Iraq is in a civil war. What do American taxpayers have to show for Bush’s “I’m Macho!” grandstanding? War debts and war dead. Plus this photo:


Paul was right. Bush was wrong. Americans have the debts and graves to prove it.

To the neoconservatives who cheered that war, I say: “We told you so.”

For the Republicans who are ready to go to war every time, I say: “We told you so.”

Iraq is finally back in the news. It is a disaster.

We told you so.

Stories about Iraq were buried even before Obama pulled out the visible troops. Iraq went down the memory hole. “There’s nothing to see here. Move along.” Mercenaries have stayed behind. In addition, the U.S. government still operates military bases. The U.S. military has insisted that this will not change.

Half a million Iraqis died. “Collateral damage,” say the neocons. “They’re not on our conscience!” No. But they are on their personal accounts. “There will be no day of final reckoning!” Yes, there will be.

Did the neocons ever say, “We were wrong?” Of course not.

Did they say we should pull out of Afghanistan? Of course not.

Are we going to pull out of Afghanistan? Yes. Every military invader of Afghanistan always has.

What have we got to show for it? Debts and graves. Bin Laden was in Pakistan, not Afghanistan.

There are no splendid little wars, as Teddy Roosevelt labeled them. There are only wars for empire that drain our Treasury, rack up our debts, and fill our graveyards.

At least for now, voters have had enough. Obama’s attempted macho man play in Syria ended. He drew a line in the sand. Then he stepped away from it.

It’s about time.

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74 thoughts on “Iraq in Chaos. A Total Defeat for Bush’s Policies. Of Course.

  1. Gary; You forget: The world has one less Saddam "Insane" trying to build "His Babylonian Empire." He invaded his neighbor to the south (Kuwait) and threatened the worlds oil supply. Iraq was free for a while until we pulled out. Afghanistan is another matter. We aided in the liberation of the country against the Soviets. In case you forgot. We went in there with the hopes and expectations of getting Osama Bin Laden. When someone is in hiding you don't know where they are until you captured or killed. For you 20/20 hindsight is perfect vision. Tea Party Economist? HARDLY. Barry Soetoro conducted unlawful air strikes (drone) on Yemen, Libya, Pakistan without congressional approval. That is unlawful and illegal. He declared lines in the sand and as you say stepped away. He didn't "step away. He backed off because of Putin's commitment to Syria's president. You should be writing for the Huffington Post.

  2. I was with Mr Paul……this is ending just as I expected….what a horrible waste of young lives and trillions of our taxpayer money…..Bush and all the aholes that were in his camp are war criminals!

  3. Guess we pulled out too soon. The country was stable but the terrorists were waiting in the wings to take over.

  4. Blaming Bush has become an art form of the left while the world burns as Obama fiddles in moronic non policies and bad withdrawal policies purely for political reasons. He caused this just as he will be the reason Iran gets a nuke Assad gasses his people and Putin is in the Ukraine

    Michael ; same sentiments to you !

  5. totally agree – Gary should be writing for the Huffington Post – stuff like this insanity give the Tea Party a BAD NAME.

  6. When Iran gets their nuclear weapons then all this craziness stops.
    No one messes with a nuclear power.

    Now if we would quit making the crazies get elected and maintained in power in Iran, this will work out.
    We need to mind our own bees wax and come home.

  7. navigator30 says:

    This is what happens when "low information voters" vote their pocketbooks and elect incompetent Presidents who know nothing of foreign affairs. It may have been ill advised for us to get involved in Iraq in the first place, but Obama's failure to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement will allow all of that expenditure of blood and treasure to be for naught.

  8. backtotheplate says:

    While I do now believe the war was a mistake, it's hard to say what's happened in Iraq was a total defeat for Bush's policies when he was succeeded by a president who dedicated himself to SABOTAGING those policies.

  9. As a Viet Nam Vet I have known this was going to happen

  10. Keen Observer says:

    Actually, this is erroneous to call this a "total defeat" for Bush's 'policies.' The goal all along was to destabilize Iraq by demonizing Hussein so that in the vacuum left by his planned murder the country would knowingly break apart to facilitate the integration of the "Non-Integrating Gap" countries. It is a total victory for the New World Order. Sometimes you have to dig a lot deeper than just the surface to get at the truth buried far below.

  11. Stuart Shepherd says:

    agree, also. However, even if you conceded that we should not have intervened in Iraq, the current "chaos" is completely due to the incredibly and insanely stupid complete withdrawal of our forces there after we had ALREADY SPENT the lives and a trillion dollar as an investment. AND, we should have taken the oil as a payment for our services as donald trump has repeatedly said. This country is about to become the biggest dustbin in history out of shear STUPIDITY.

  12. We went in under totally false pretenses (lies) for no sane reason what so ever other than Alfred E Newman wanting to get Saddam for targeting his Dad, who I hold in very high regard. What type of "good" withdrawal policy would you suggest? You'd most likely just keep sending young soldiers to die or come back with no limbs so we can send them to the overtaxed VA…then blame everyone else except the people who started the war! I'm no fan of Obama but the likes of you are clueless!

  13. 'The world has one less Saddam "Insane" trying to build "His Babylonian Empire." He invaded his neighbor to the south (Kuwait) and threatened the worlds oil supply.'

    Saddam was a laughably minor threat. The only thing removing him has done is strengthen Iran, as he was their enemy.

    "For you 20/20 hindsight is perfect vision."

    Read the article more carefully, watch the YouTube video and double check the date. Ron Paul had perfect 20/20 foresight.

  14. Southern Gent says:

    We accomplished nothing in Vietnam and Iraq and Afganistan. Our prior leaders have no knowledge of history or they wouldn't have gotten us into them. Obama did what he was elected to do, get us out of lengthy wars and start no new ones. If McCain had been elected, we would have already been in 2 or 3 more new wars.

  15. Rattlerjake says:

    The fact is, that whether or not it was right or a good thing is now besides the point. We as a nation can only do so much for a country, if they are not willing and able to take the ball and run with it, to stand up and fight and not run away like scared little girls, then they deserve to turn into an islamic cesspool. What does the future hold for Iraq? Likely a nuke strike (or two, three, four….), same as for Iran!

  16. Rattlerjake says:

    And lets not forget that we in America are about to have our own civil war; and you haven't seen nothing yet!

  17. The problem is that Bush never finished the job and Obama retreated afterwards. It's the same as if after we defeated Nazi Germany in World War 2 we just left and let the Nazis rise again. Part of the job was taking out the Mullahs of Iran. We should have done that but we didn't so now they have funded the insurgents that are taking over Iraq.

  18. peleus212 says:

    Almost forgot that whatever happens in the world it is always Bush's fault. Even on second term of draw a line guy. While I do not agree for the reason we went into Iraq, the idea we'd send in troops with their hands tied with you can't shoot until shot at and then we'll second guess you is a bad policy. If your not in it to win it, go home!! We have no foreign policy now so it will never be his fault LOL

  19. JGahring says:

    Exactly where has obama gotten us out of lengthy wars? We are still in Iraq and Afganistan. We are still sacrificing our young men and women daily, while obama golfs and campaigns and tells the enemy our plans. As for not getting us in to any new ones, what are our troops doing in Syria and South Africa? Just like in Vietnam, our politicians refuse to allow our troops to complete the task that they were sent to do. The political elite are willing to send our troops to these hell holes, but they are not willing to let them win.

  20. NoToSharia says:

    All of the conflicts we have been involved in since WWII have been undeclared and limited. Any time we enter a war, congress should first declare it. Then we need to use the military industrial complex to give full support to our troops and send them out to achieve total military victory. We have substituted a bunch of shock & awe tactical exercises instead of strategic total eradication of the enemies. In the case of Muslim countries, there can be no victory without total elimination of the practice of Islam, bulldozing all mosques and re-populating the area with civilized people. Muslims are modern day Canaanites who are members of an international Mafia crime family. They fight among themselves. They attack, enslave and plunder everyone, everywhere. They cannot be reformed, and are totally incompatible with the citizens of free nations. Islamic ideology is totalitarian, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-all other faiths. There is no dichotomy of so-called peaceful and violent members. Those who are peaceful are uneducated in the teachings of the Quran and Hadith of Mohammad. The more they learn about its teaching, the more violent and subversive they become. Since 610 AD, Muslims have been responsible for the deaths of over 270 million human beings in the most brutal, heartless manner. Its atrocities exceed all of the modern communist and Nazi genocides combined! They cannot fully assimilate nor can they safely leave Islam, for fear of death. So, if our national interests are at state, let the congress declare war, then let us put aside political correctness, and the false belief the Islam is just a "religion" when we know that it is 80-90% political organization masquerading as a religion. Always has been, and always will be. People are waking up to the fact that they cause trouble and seek to impose Sharia law in the host nations wherever they immigrate. Why do we tolerate their presence in America? All of them should be deported. They are snakes in the egg, waiting to hatch out and start biting!

  21. Perfect! I say turn the middle east to glass!

  22. Southern Gent:
    There is only one place you could get such a stupid slant on history: MSNBC!!!

  23. Seems like almost al of you idiots have forgotten who pulled the troops out and declared victory. Odongo the Insane President.

  24. Is that like "Mission Accomplished"???

  25. There actually are two sides to this story . In retrospect Obama has copmpletely and deliberately undone anything gained on Iraq. But just what was gained? SO it is not a very simple equarion when many people are dying on both sides. It never is I do think Obama has deliberately made bad matters far worse on every front , nt just Iraq. and here at home as well. What a mess ?

  26. 81charlie says:

    What did you think we were going to run that sewer forever? Nuke it!

  27. No moron, it's due to our invasion in the first place. you neocon maggots are so brain dead it's unreal. I can't believe there are STILL little shits like you who are too stupid or arrogant to admit you were full of it. And no it's not hindsight. We've been saying it was ill-advised FROM THE BEGINNING. You morons are beyond stupid!

  28. There are still brain dead morons like the one you responded to who just can't admit they were wrong. Zombies.

  29. Same here. I knew it would end up like this. I told that to people ever since 2003 and of course I got the usual neocon BS accusations. The usual "you hate America!" Blame American first!" and all that other crap. I laugh my butt off every time I hear these brain dead idiots. All they can do is mindlessly repeat TV slogans. LOL!

  30. "You'd most likely just keep sending young soldiers to die or come back with no limbs so we can send them to the overtaxed VA…then blame everyone else except the people who started the war! I'm no fan of Obama but the likes of you are clueless! "

    You hit the nail on the head Michael. Brain dead idiots. After over a dozen f'ing years these morons STILL haven't learned!

  31. David, you are right. When Bush left the WH, Iraq was secure and beggining a democracy. Now after 6 years with Obama and his bunch, Iraq is crumbling back the anarchy of the oldages.

  32. Listening to some of the neocon maggots here has my laughing my head off. These people STILL think Saddam was some kind of "threat" to the US. Yeah, right. Some little ramshackle army was some HUGE threat to the US. The New Hitler! right? ROTFLMAO!

  33. You are completely right.

  34. Hey brain dead moron. There would have been no need to pull ANYONE out if The imperial City on the Potomac hadn't invaded in the first place. Loser. Oh, and just in case your IQ is below 40 I can't stand Obama either. I told the morons on the left the disaster he would continue and create but they didn't listen just like idiots such as you didn't listen when us libertarians were telling you that invading Iraq was based on a pack of lies.

  35. 270 million? LOL! yeah, right. Where in the hell did you get that number?


  37. …so, MIKE…….where do you want to fight these scum? in your backyard? how about one of our major cities? idiot thinking, is what got us here…………………………………

  38. Oh please brain dead idiot. You STILL buy into that TV propaganda clap trap? Are you really THAT stupid? They won't be in our back yard if you stop this BS interventionism crap! That's the reason 9/11 happened in THE FIRST PLACE. They don't "hate us for our freedoms" dummy (that is so tiresome and idiotic it's unreal). Besides, we're losing freedoms on a yearly basis now, starting with that idiot Bush's Patriot Act crap. Obama has of course made it even worse.

    Yes, idiot thinking is what got us here. Idiot's like YOU moron.

  39. I can't believe there are STILL morons like this John character who have this blind Faux News (the ministry for war propaganda) mentality. They DIDN'T come over here IDIOT! 16 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were SAUDI, an ALLY of the US. Hello??!?! You people desperately need an education.

    I can't believe we're still having this same f'ing argument after all this time. You have an internet connection so you have NO excuse pal.

  40. "the current "chaos" is completely due to the incredibly and insanely stupid complete withdrawal of our forces there after we had ALREADY SPENT the lives and a trillion dollar as an investment."

    When you flush money down the toilet, do you call that an investment?

    "we should have taken the oil as a payment for our services"

    If someone came over to your house and soiled the carpets, broke the windows, and spray painted graffiti on the walls, would you pay them for their services?

  41. OMG some of the comments on this article are hilarious. Amazing how many idiots think the Iraq War was smart and justified. Oh and Obama didn't voluntarily withdraw from Iraq — the Americans got kicked out because the Iraqis wouldn't accept a status of forces agreement that let drunk American soldiers rape and murder people without being subject to prosecution.

  42. Gary, you've got a problem. It's your readership. Somehow, a libertarian has managed to get a (mostly) hard-core neocon readership. What are you doing wrong?

  43. Wow you are as clueless as David…..When Bush left, there were thousands of troops….who by the way Bush had scheduled to leave before Obama was even thought to win the Presidency…..so yes things were falsely quiet as we see now once we let them run the show themselves…..what would you have us do stay for eternity!!!

  44. What are you doing on this site you liberal idiot ! You haven't a clue what your talking about YOU LIBERAL IGNORANT IDIOT ! Our soldiers are brave you stupid idiot and if you don't like our military and the way things are in America get the HELL OUT OF IT ! America would be a better place without liberal idiots like you and YOUR KING OBAMA !

  45. I remember when Ron Paul was in the Presidential Primary debates, suggesting that we not go to war in Iraq. He did it so unskillfully, that he came off sounding like a 60's or 70's peacenik. And he lost many, many voters right there. Rather, he ought to have reminded us to go to our Constitution's Article 1 Sec 8, look up the term LETTERS OF MARQUE & REPRISAL to be found there, and suggest a more practical way to punish the rats and everyone connected with knocking down our buildings and killing 3000 Americans than involving the entire US Armed Forces, begging feckless Europeans to help us, and subduing an entire hostile nation or region. Anyone who suggests that we should not have meted out quick justice to those who attacked us is surely mistaken. Whatever Ron Paul actually meant, I don't know, but how he said it at the time was totally indigestible (and rightly so!) to the American people. In that, he did us a real disservice, making the choice SEEM like it was between all-out war and doing little or nothing.

  46. “But they only hate us for our freedoms!” Not the drone strikes, not the mass murder, not Desert Storm, not the US puppet regime installed after we lynched their president, not the embargo that starved 500,000 Iraqi children to death,…….

  47. Richard Smith says:

    There were two wars in Iraq and two wars in Afghanistan. In each case, the first war was to defeat the standing army. In each case, that war was won decisively with very little loss of life on our side. The second war in each case was for the hearts and minds of the people. We have been marginally successful with some of the people at a tremendous cost. The nay-Sayers were against the first but all supported the second. Let's all help the poor, ignorant, religious bigots to be better people. We would have been far better off to have defeated them and then left them to rebuild their lives and countries. Perhaps they would be reluctant to mess with us again. And if they did, we give them more of the same.

  48. Just curious what actions did Ron Paul ever do to change anything, he was there like 30 years? Quit acting like you care how many Iraqis have died in the war…do you care about the ones that died before we got there?

  49. "Quit acting like you care how many Iraqis have died in the war"

    Quit pretending that I am acting Angi.

    "do you care about the ones that died before we got there?"

    You mean the half a million children whose deaths Madeleine Albright said was worth it? Yes I care about those too.

  50. "The second war in each case was for the hearts and minds of the people. We have been marginally successful with some of the people at a tremendous cost. The nay-Sayers were against the first but all supported the second."

    Wrong, the people who you inaccurately call "nay-Sayers" (in reality they should be called "dead on correct in predicting disaster"-sayers) were against the second as well. The hearts and minds of the people in Iraq aren't your business, aren't Bush's business, or anyone in the USA's business.


  51. John, if you go and pick a fight with someone at their house…what stops them from coming over to your house for a rematch?

  52. In exchange for Hussein we have a Shia dominated government, a vassal State of Iran. Massive debt. Loss of trade relations. Dead Iraqis who were not asked what they wanted for their lives.

    Wasn't a good trade.

  53. I too agree with Dr. Paul.

  54. He tried which is more than Hillary Clinton, John Kerry or the others ever attempted to do.

  55. The Ancient Chinese said if you saved someone's life you are responsible for their well being. In a like vein when you "nation build" you are also responsible for the results.

    So much easier and better to mind one's own business.

  56. This is a good posts to differentiate between NEOCONS and conservatives or libertarians.

    I think people here know how to differentiate.

  57. It is pointless trying to blame either political party for involving us in a war. Governments run on money. Bankers control that money. Banking is the sector of the economy that runs on debt, the debts of others. Everything it does is focused on creating more debt. War is perfect. It only creates consumer value offhandedly: technological advances, infrastructure, and educational benefits. It also creates debt in abundance. Using patriotism, religion, and economic incentives, bankers fan the flames of war as a solution to problems imagined by the hoi polloi. What president will admit to being controlled by banking interests? Since they own such a large part of the military/industrial complex they may come off as more interested in the country than the profits from debt. Things are really simpler than they appear. It is all about the money, and the control that money can buy.

  58. Obama ENCOURAGED & FUNDED the "Arab spring" that destabilized the entire Middle East. He BOMBED LIBYA WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, ARMED TERRORISTS in Syria & Egypt, 70% of troop deaths in Afghanistan have been on Obama's watch, his rules of engagement are idiotic, dangerous & getting our men killed, he murdered 2 American citizens without trial, his drone program has killed many more civilians than died under Bush's reign yet no nonstop news coverage, no flag draped coffins, no blown up recruiting stations & no Code Pink CRACKS rallies & as I recall Bush never BRAGGED about being good at killing when speaking about his drone program.

    I, too, hate the neocon obsession with nation building but giving Obama a pass when he has been even worse is just unacceptable.

  59. Yeah, that's it. Shouldn't you be out on a ledge somewhere?

  60. Oh, you mean fight a WAR instead of kiss your enemies a$$? That is unacceptable for our simpering, brainless populace. They down vote you for suggesting we DEFEND our country, PUNISH those that slaughtered 3,000 of our citizens without provocation & then leave so they can ponder if it is worth trying it again. Yes, America's "compassion" is great for people who DESPISE us & want us wiped off the face of the earth but not so much when it comes to our dead & maimed young men.

  61. I think the problem is that they would have to go beyond admitting that they were wrong. They would have to admit that they were played liked a new sorority girl at her first party at the top frat house on campus by the Bush II admin (or is that ‘ad-men’?) working as the front men for the Saudi Royal Family and our own defense contractors and banks. War is good money, if you can get it.

    The meme is that war is about hearts and minds; the reality is that it is about money. War is about playing on the heart and occupying the mind so that the people do not notice the hand that is picking their pockets to pay for it all.

    War materials are incredibly expensive. You can only keep spending if you use the inventory. You can only keep spending if you borrow money. It’s a sweet deal if you can set up the propaganda to con the public’s hearts and minds.

  62. " They down vote you for suggesting we DEFEND our country,"

    He never suggested defending our country.

    " PUNISH those that slaughtered 3,000 of our citizens without provocation"

    That never happened either, none of the hijackers were from Iraq or Afghanistan. I never saw any of you guys suggest we punish Saudi Arabia.

    So yes we down vote ignorant unintelligent people like yourself libslie, that can't even bother to find out what is going on.

  63. orthotox says:

    Since when does having a brain and a conscience give one a bad name?

  64. orthotox says:

    Japan has its Fukushima, Russia its Chernobyl, and the U.S. has Iraq. Bury it in concrete and run!

  65. A Patriot says:

    Go ahead and waste time blaming the corruptocrat in the white house. These decisions are made by the bankers and will only be changed by overwhelming public condemnation. But, we let the corruptocrats hire PR experts to keep the public brainwashed and splintered so that no meaningful condemnation can develop. It has now reached the point where the executive branch of government is a lawless tyranny which we can expect will only get worse.

  66. So you say we should just kill everybody we don't like,would that not make us at least as bad as them,you can never get anywhere stooping to these people's level,who have no regard for human life at all,are we the same as them,if so then we are no better than them,somehow we have to rise above this mind set or we will all perish along side them,and this makes us murders just like them,if we choose to live by the nuclear sword,we will perish by the nuclear sword,remember murder begins in the heart,and mind and can be transferred into actions,if we choose,or not.

  67. Mr. America says:

    Whenever you engage a liberal, like Mr. North, read their thoughts, or listen as they expound on life, keep in mind the very essence of their thinking, the core of their existence are the product of a mind filled with petty baggage in an emotional disaster area. Such is the state of the modern day liberal. And so irrational are they, that there is a name that dwells within each of their psyches, always on the tips of their tongues, and when spoken drives their derangement to new heights of rage. I speak of the dreaded ‘Bush’. And like the burning bush in the biblical parlance, the name will forever burn in their mediocre minds.

  68. Barbarac says:

    Eisenhower in his farewell speech warned the county about the 'military industrial complex'. Every president, without except has fed this glutton. The MIC has murdered millions of people all for the power and money war brings to them. It is silent fifth wheel in the government. They operate through the CIA, NSC and assorted politicians. Their strength is hiding in the shadows, denying their existence.

    JFK was murdered to prevent him from weakening them. The book "JFK" by Fletcher Prouty goes into detail about his murder. It is terrifying how they will stop an nothing. They have no conscience.

    All is fair in love and war, the love of war; the billions that is paid for in blood.

  69. 2warabnvet says:

    To say "Iraq in Chaos. A Total Defeat for Bush’s Policies"
    is analogous to saying …
    The United States in Disarray. A Total Defeat for the Founders' Policies
    Perhaps the failures, in both cases, lay elsewhere.


  71. "Whenever you engage a liberal, like Mr. North"

    That spot, right there, is where your post went off the rails and went flying into a ditch to crash and burn.

    You are completely, totally and utterly wrong Mr. America.

  72. LJjunior says:

    It's already for naught. No president ever has foreseen and controlled the future. We can not colonize the world and dominate the will of others. We should worry about unifying yourselves regardless of political preference. Our enemies will conquer US if we are at war with each other.

  73. It's already for naught. No president ever has foreseen and controlled the future. We can not colonize the world and dominate the will of others. We should worry about unifying yourselves regardless of political preference. Our enemies will conquer US if we are at war with each other.