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ObamaCare Puts My Subscriber in a Wheelchair

Written by Gary North on June 10, 2014

A subscriber posted this on a forum on www.GaryNorth.com.

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Just last week a doctor wanted to refer me to a further specialist for diagnosis and treatment, but he said due to my Medicare status, especially under Obamacare that reduces reimbursement, there are few truly gifted back specialists who will see Medicare patients, and this is in a large metropolitan area.

He asked how I felt about simply getting a wheelchair and some pills, to which my face said it all. He smiled and said he knew the answer since, other than the effects of a motor vehicle accident 15 years ago, I am as capable as someone easily a decade younger. But had to ask, since the “easiest” course is now a chair and a pill. I was horrified, but intellectually aware of the direction of socialized medicine where one’s worth to the collective will likely and increasingly determine one’s level of care.

He said there was only ONE doctor in this field in our area he felt would treat me seriously from the love of healing, rather for the monetary gain possible from younger, more productive individuals with private insurance that incidentally provides a higher reimbursement rate.

Obamacare reimbursement rates I gather are more generous because they ARE private insurance plans that passed Obamacare standards for coverage.

I must say it all made me feel VERY expendable.

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12 thoughts on “ObamaCare Puts My Subscriber in a Wheelchair

  1. Gary, I pray God to help you!

  2. CaptainGH says:

    He should buy a supplemental Medicare plan and he'll be fine.

  3. I wonder if this story will open Shane's eyes to why socialized medicine is always a failure, or if he will just harden his heart once again.

  4. 1775Concord says:

    Medicare reimburses so little to doctors that it is often less than overhead cost to the doctor. I lost my own doctor of 25 years when I went on Medicare, as his accountant pointed out that he would lose money on every patient. Medicare, for instance, only allows a brain surgeon $1,760 to operate on a brain tumor and take care of the patient for 90 days afterwards. That is well below his cost, not to mention the years of training and complexity of the case.
    For CaptainGH: No,he will not be fine with the Medicare supplement. Medicare has set the price for all visits and procedures…most below overhead. Medicare pays 80%. All the supplement does is to fill in the missing 20%, so the patient does not have that as an out of pocket expense. The doctor still loses.
    Medicaid is worse. Further, those patients who go on expanded Medicaid will be the same burden to the system as they will not pay the doctors enough.
    One problem doctors offices and hospitals have now with newly enrolled patients through Obamacare is that they cannot verify whether or not a patient is truly covered. Further, if Obamacare pays a doctor and it is later discovered that the patient has not paid his premium, the government will demand the payment back from the doctor.

  5. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I start Medicare the 1st of August, & as of now, there are only about 4 doctors in my area that are taking new Medicare patients. Obama has decimated Medicare. And, we seniors are going to be in serious trouble, if we have any life threatening illnesses. Obama has achieved one of his goals~kill off as many Americans as he can.

  6. If Medicare won't cover it then supplemental won't pay the remainder of the approved amount.

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  9. I have been on medicare for 10 years. I find it great. I have had a heart attack and now have received my second improved pace maker. All under medicare and medigap by Horizon. Medigap covers what ever medicare does not pay. I can't ask for anything more. My primary doctor doesn't accept medicare. He does however submit a cliam for me. My medigap pays for any of his bill not covered by medicare.____Obama has only improved medicare benifits. He has negotiated a lower price from providers for the same procedures as providers will have a much greater volume of patients. No different then any other purchase. This as increased the life of the medicare trust fund. Those who tell you otherwise are lieing Unfortunately there are big corpporations and wealthy people who do not want to spend money on your health care. You will be fine.

  10. 1775Concord says:

    Oh, please. Obama has not negotiated ANYTHING with "providers." Congress sets the fees. Obama did not include the "doc fix" when he/Democrats in Congress submitted those phony figures to the Congressional Budget Office to claim that Obamacare would not cost too much.
    Here's an outline all can understand. We'll call it Obamagas. Gas is $3.20 a gallon. By adjusting the amount paid to doctors (gas station owners) yearly since 1997, gas stations were being paid 80 cents a gallon for gas. The "gas fix" was set to expire. Station owners would have been paid 60 cents a gallon. That was the figure used by the CBO…a very evidently false number. But Congress, as usual, changed it at the last minute and gas stations now get 81 cents a gallon. It is still below overhead. Gas stations (doctors, whatever business you choose) lose money on every transaction.
    Since doctors lose money on every visit (see my comment above re. my own former doctor), how can an increase in volume help???
    If Medicare were so great, your doctor would be one who accepts Medicare. He/she does not.
    Medicare reimbursement is so low that fully 30% of doctors will not see any Medicare patients, and most of the others limit the number they see…out of humanitarian kindness do they see any.
    There is no "negotiating" with "providers" (a lump term you use to include physicians). The govt says here is the price, take it or leave it.
    Where did you ever get that misinformation that Obama negotiated?

  11. SamAnderson says:

    Re: the article title. Obamacare did not put the subscriber in a wheelchair. His past injuries, medical problems etc. did that. Now, the question is, can appropriate therapy get him out of a wheelchair? That would be our goal. The typical undertreatment mode that the Obamacare policies embrace would do him no favors, that's for sure, although it may be a while yet before the ways this plays out is apparent to the average American.
    BTW, 1775 concord is entirely correct. (I'll add that I am one of those physicians who do not take a cent from Medicare, and haven't for 15 years.)

  12. saltporkdoc says:

    What "death lists"? [questioned sarcastically}