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Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw: Together Again

Written by Gary North on June 5, 2014

Phil Robertson quit as starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech. He wanted to hunt. That gave his backup a chance to start: Terry Bradshaw.

For years, no one heard about Phil. Millions of people knew about Terry. He made the transition to broadcaster. They kept hearing about him.

Today, it’s the other way around.

Phil hasn’t changed much. His bank account has.

What is he worth these days? Maybe $15 million.

Can you tell? Nope.

He made the right decision all those decades ago. But hardly anyone knew this, other than Miss Kay. And it took some tough times before she was sure.

He was an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur on the water.

Happy, happy, happy.

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31 thoughts on “Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw: Together Again

  1. Concerned American says:

    We love you Phil. We are glad that you got out of Football. Ducks are where you belong. Also, you have a great family show and you always include God. I am very proud of you and your family. God, Family & Ducks, ( I like it ).

  2. You forgot homophobia in your list of values.

  3. dick grace says:

    I don't think Phil has any fear of sodomites.

  4. Shane is still upset he had to eat crow after Phil's show was canceled when the cancellation was canceled.

  5. Lloyd Bonifide says:

    There is no such thing as “homophobia.” It’s an invented term to make sexual perversion seem normal by painting opposition to it as the perversion.

  6. Get a life.

  7. Hey Shane: Fact is, Robertson was right; homosexuality is sick and wrong. Stating so is not homophobia. You are moralphobic.

  8. Phil is a man who has learned what is important. He has his God, his honor, his integrity, his family and is of good character. A happy man contented within his own skin. An ideal every soul wants to achieve. A lucky man indeed.

  9. Phillip the Bruce says:

    The definition of "phobia" is an irrational fear of something. I doubt that Phil is afraid of homos. Not sure he's afraid of anything. And if he was, it would not necessarily be irrational. But a lot of homos are afraid of the truth.

  10. Better than having realityphobia like you, idiot.

  11. msjallen says:

    You hit it right on the nail; homosexuals and atheist or anyone against the Lord Jesus Christ are afraid of the truth. They are afraid the truth is correct and they are missing something but don't want to admit it. They don't want interferance in their life. They are so insecure in their non-belief that they have to attack those who are sure of their belief in God.

  12. believe says:

    If Homosexual life style is what you want to live ,THEN why do you care what people think? I don't have to except your life so if you don't want people making comments Shut the Hell up and live your choice.
    Every body has an opinion and mine would be I don't approve, BUT this will eventually cut down the population , No children born of this union.
    Tired of all the BS Verbedge about Stupid, don't want to hear peoples opinion then quiet bringing attention to your selves.
    If your mothers are proud and know they will NEVER havwe grandchildren from there blood line , who else s opinion counts.
    You have a friend in Barack, he is a Homosexual, but of course he must be ASHAMED HE WONT TELL WHAT EVERY BODY ELSE KNOWS, WOULD YOU CALL THAT A SLAP IN THE FACE?

  13. No one fears homosexuals outside of Homer Simpson who ran screaming. But as he is a cartoon don't think he counts. People can be disgusted, repelled, offended, sickened, abhorred and find it loathsome. But no one is scared. Homophobic term was an invented oxy-moron. To put those who do not accept them on the defense. But there is no such thing as a homophobe in any sense of reality. Sodomites are not scarey they are repulsive.

    Phil has God on his side he's not a fearful man. Just happy happy happy.

  14. grumpy3625 says:

    Moralphobia! Now that is the best thing I've heard in a long long time. And It's correct because they really do fear morals and the truth, it makes them squirm.

  15. Real American says:

    One of Phil's most endearing qualities is the way he can give libtards and $3 bills heartburn at the mention of his name. If he accomplished nothing else, that's an accomplishment I appreciate. Never mind the fact that he doesn't need the sociopathic wuss liberals to make a living. How many of these limp-wristed girly men hunt or fish anyway. He can buy these fascist-democraps with pocket change.

  16. Real American says:


  17. Hang on Phil. You know as I do if you live for the Lord the devil and all his little imps get stirred up to tare you down! You are standing in-spite of his attempts! I am proud to see you keeping the faith.

  18. One is bald, pale, and old looking. The other is full of hair, tanned and looks like he lived a life (and a lot richer too). Can you guess which one I’m talking ’bout?

  19. Patriot-Research says:

    Shane…Your another Commie/Demorat MORON…!!! Why won't you AHOLES just dry-up and disappear! Your not welcome in America…get that through your tiny brains…!!!

  20. You forgot brains when you woke up today. Phil speaks truth based on his beliefs. You, I doubt you know the truth. You sound like a leftist, and they couldn't tell the truth if it jumped up and bit them. Leftists are ruining this country, one tax, one bad policy and one lie at a time. I say we need a whole bunch more of Phil

  21. You can add ignorance to yours.

  22. I believe Phil would say he is a "blessed" man not lucky.

  23. Tionico says:

    Homophobia? Phil? Thanks for the belly laugh. He ain't afeered a no sodo mite. ANyone tries to "get" him will have more trouble'n a coon dog whut done got into a porkypine. It ain't even he don't like them buggers…. he jes don't cotton to what they're a doin ta each other. An he KNOWS God says its a bad thing, too. But SKEERED? Now THAT"s a real knee slapper.

  24. Phillip the Bruce says:

    And one of them is divorced from an ice skater, while the other is still married to the wonderful Miss Kay.

  25. Barbaree says:

    When these libs stop with their constant assaults on Whites and Christians — especially White Christian males, then we can talk!

  26. It seems strange that everyone, well not everyone but some are worried about what Phil believes. I believe he is a decent human being and we can never have to many of those.
    We have a president who declared he is Muslim in a book he wrote. One of the ladies who went to school with the president was on the internet being interviewed and she said that she had come forward because she shouldn't be afraid to tell the truth. She stated that Obama was not around the groups she hung out with because he was with the gays and he was having sex with the wealthy business me and could afford cocaine. Crack had not been developed at that time. She also said that if he told you the sun was shinning you had better check because it was probably a thunder storm.
    On his release of 5 murderers for one deserter, he made that trade on his own, it had been discussed with the rest of the politicians for a couple of years and they said absolutely not Obama later decided on his own to trade the prisoners.
    For the sake o Geraldo Rivera those prisoner were war criminals, not POW. They were to be tried as war criminals. they should have already been tried and executed. We have people writing things like what about what Bush did? OK what about Bush? John Kerry said he voted for the war before he voted against it, so it wasn't only Bush that sent us to war. But what has what Bush did or didn't do have to do with what Obama is doing. the other thing is Obama says that is the only way he has to close GITMO. I didn't know war criminals were suppose to go free. As a matter of fact some of that 5 are responsible for beheading 17 people, so why would they get to go free?
    Geraldo Rivera says it was a good trade and he keeps boasting about his war time experience covering the wars. He never tells about the military wanting him removed from the country because he was giving away their position on his news reports. That was when he was with CNN and I have no idea why FOX hired him. He is always against anything that has to do with tightening immigration. I say he needs to go back to Cuba or wherever he came from and shut up.

  27. "On his release of 5 murderers for one deserter, he made that trade on his own, it had been discussed with the rest of the politicians for a couple of years and they said absolutely not Obama later decided on his own to trade the prisoners."

    Good for Obama. Gitmo should have been closed years ago, it is unconstitutional to have it. All the prisoners there should have been charged in the US court system or released. So releasing five of them to get one of our own back is just good sense and one of Obama's very few constitutional actions.

  28. Wait a minute!! All people are children of God…if we profess to be Christians, we must remember that, and God's teaching! Just because homosexuals have elected to follow their own sinful desires does not mean God loves them any less. We all commit sin and to God, sin is sin.

  29. steve klosterman says:

    They are both good men. They showed the world no matter where you come from if you work hard you can achive your dreams

  30. I'll only buy the application of the psychiatric word "phobia" if they will add a new kind of diagnosis: homophiliac — someone who may or may not be attracted to the opposite sex, but is in love with the idea for forcing homosexuality into the limelight because they think it's "cool."

    It works all the way around. Your parents are heterophiles. Bill Clinton is a heterophiliac. Roddy McDowall was a homophile. The mayor of San Francisco who single-handedly decided to issue same-sex marriage licenses would be a homophiliac.

  31. It's bascially sadism.

    A mother tells her chlld, "Eat your spinach."

    A sadist tells a child "You're going to eat yoru spinach, and you're gonna like it."

    Basically the sadistic bent is what most of the homosexual activists have. Not only is the entire community going to have to continue its practice of ignoring the fact that two men live together for some reason other than convenience, and start cheering and having a celebration every time the pair come in sight. Or else.