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When Obama Told the Truth About Gitmo . . . and Then Forgot

Written by Gary North on June 4, 2014

Watch this video. It provides extracts from candidate Obama’s campaign speeches.

He never closed Guantánamo’s prison. I don’t think he ever intended to. It was great for a campaign talking point. It was dropped down the memory hole.

Democrats of course gave him a free ride on this. He was their man, the way Bush II was the Republicans’ man.

Conservatives have also given him a free ride on this. Why? Because they love the Guantánamo prison camp. Deep down in their neocon hearts, they love the whole idea of an American prison camp. It was Bush’s idea, or Rove’s idea, or some Republican’s idea. It would be a crime against the Global War on Terror to close the place.

Obama just sent five Gitmo prisoners back to Afghanistan in exchange for an American soldier who may have deserted. Drudge fills the page with stories.

The entire focus is on the American. What about the five released prisoners, who never received a trial?

Obama is at long last pulling troops out of Afghanistan, yet he is still holding prisoners captured in Afghanistan, who were never given a trial.

If the war is over, shouldn’t we close Guantánamo? “Never,” Republicans say. “This is a great way to spend our tax dollars. This is America’s version of Castro’s concentration camps in Cuba. We deserve one, too!”

Cuba! Concentration Camps R Us!

We can see just how worried the Right is regarding the possibility of similar camps in the USA for Americans. The government could activate them tomorrow, and most conservatives would accept them without protesting if the government used the phrase “suspected members of al-Qaeda sleeper cells.”

Senator Lindsey Graham would make the Sunday morning news interview shows, defending the camps. “We need to protect America from her enemies.”

If “Gitmo, USA” ever comes, there will be no organized mass protests. If there are, the government will arrest a few leaders and stick them in a special camp for “suspected collaborators of the Global War on Terror.” That will end the protests.

You show your defense of Constitutional liberties when you insist that they be applied to your political opponents. You think this: “There, but for the grace of the Department of Homeland Security, go I.”

This is not what conservatives think. “Lock ’em up, and throw away the key!”

They ignore Pastor Martin Niemöller’s warning regarding his years in Nazi Germany.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

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13 thoughts on “When Obama Told the Truth About Gitmo . . . and Then Forgot

  1. dick grace says:

    You need to get a life. The discussion of this issue is over your pay grade.

  2. I have no clue what your trying to convey as most conservatives wanted the prisoners tried and be done with it. Secondly, the f FEMA camps are not for terrorists but Americans that speak out or fight the government and/or Christians who will not comply with the evil that will come and then they will come for people like me that will not surrender and I will have to fight to my victory or death. Yes, there are some in government that say they are conservatives but are not that will lie about it but they are doing it now.

  3. deniseandros says:

    And you are a pompous dick, grace. This issue is about the liar extraordinaire, Obama! He was attempting to sound like a patriot, and a respecter of laws, when he is exactly what his code name, "Renegade," used by the Secret Service, suggests. He is a traitor, liar, murderer, Muslim; a man of lawlessness!

  4. iamforAmerica says:

    This all just adds to the fraud and lies in the Obama administration. If this soldier was a deserter, and he was an
    American soldier, if his father is a TalaBahn supporter, both are traitors to this country, along with Obama. If he ever did a really good thing in the 6 years he has been there, it is very in-significant…all the bad things hit the liberal news as good things…mixed up people!!!.
    **Please note: if a traitor is arrested in other countries, including Mexico, he is tried, prosecuted, executed and that is the end of that. Why should it be any different in the United States. Traitors should not be allowed to remain on US soil, and definitely not in any government or high government position…they should be gone!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. iamforAmerica says:

    This commentator, Gary North, started off telling the truth, then he got on the Gitmo story, and his version of how
    American's think. He messed up there. Most Americans do not think like that…He is way off base and should
    re-write the article the way it should be, not his own personal opinion…

  6. Why don't you tell us how Americans think Mr. Telepath.

  7. Yeah, yeah, Obama was going to "end all the wars", "bring the troops home", "jail the bankers", "close Gitmo", "bring jobs back to America", "restart the economy", make government "transparent"…….then he became the uber George Bush.

    And folks still think there's a difference between the GOP and the DNC. As Ron White famously quipped: "You can't fix stupid!"

  8. Obama and crew must go ASAP ! We cannot endure any more. He has already done a tremendous amount of damage. Some that has not shown its head quite yet. The massive debt he created for starters? But that is not even close to the totality of events coming.

  9. If most Americans didn't think like that, then Gitmo would have already been closed.

  10. Ignatius says:

    The majority of Americans love bombing and killing other people who won't do as we tell them to. Americans deserve what's coming to them, good and hard. It's true, there's no cure for stupid, or for the morally corrupt.

  11. The Commander in Chief is really the Crackpot in Charge!

  12. I don't rememberObama ever telling the truth….. When the hell was this???????

  13. As an American tell me you didn't believe this liar? Ya had to know he was lying too smooth of a speaker to believe anything he said!@!!!!!