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French Fried Entrepreneurs: They Are Leaving

Written by Gary North on June 3, 2014

Rich people in France are pulling up stakes. They will escape the tax man. (Unlike the USA, if you are not living in France, you do not pay taxes to the French government.)

Young people in France who want to start businesses say they want to leave France. A lot of them will.

France’s taxes are higher than anywhere else in Western Europe. French unions are stronger. French workers don’t put in Germanic days — or even Italian days.

Before the eyes of the world, the Keynesian experiment is going belly-up. A self-proclaimed socialist is captain of France’s economic Titanic.

I love it!

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6 thoughts on “French Fried Entrepreneurs: They Are Leaving

  1. That's the Idiot Left for you. Lazy, good for nothing bums! What pathetic little sh*ts!

  2. Also happening in America!

  3. Guest 1 says:

    Sad to see France go this way…. but the French are survivors.

  4. Robert Telljohn says:

    All leave and the Muslims take over sooner.

  5. reg dahl says:

    What do you think will happen when people don't get enough food? China 30 yrs ago
    What country has ever elected its way to prosperity? Show us France or USA!
    What country has ever money printed its way to wealth? Show us France or USA!

    What dummies will feed you when there's nothing?

    Where do you learn this stuff Dummies?

  6. profitup10 says:

    Just like States nations compete for economic growth – high taxes and heavy handed regulations send jobs to the next global aggressive nation. It is Texas V California on a global scale.