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Spritz: Read Faster, But Get Brushed Off Super-Fast

Written by Gary North on May 31, 2014

We see it all the time. Some innovator comes up with a good idea or product. He raises the money to develop it. He starts a company.

Then the company comes up with a marketing plan that works. They are now two out of three. Very few firms get this far.

Then they turn customer support over to untrained people who have had no experience dealing with the public. These support staffers are paid something over minimum wage, but not much. They are given no manual on how to deal with customers. They are paid the same, whether they do good work or bad work. Their performance is not monitored. So, they do what most people do: as little as possible.

These are the only employees the public ever comes into contact with. The public then rates the quality of the firm in terms of the responses they get from customer support.

Customer support people in India want to do well. They may not know much, but they try. They have the best jobs they can get, because they can speak English. In contrast, Americans in this position sense that they are at the bottom of the pile. They do not have the Indians’ inner drive to do the best job they can on their way up. On the contrary, they want to do as little as possible, since there is no way up. They do not see their jobs as opportunities. They see them as dead ends. This, at least, is the image they project to the public.


A GaryNorth.com site member posted a link to this site on a forum.


Spritz is a speed-reading program. It is free. It sounds pretty good.

They make their money a wise way. It is free to begin using it. You must register if you go above 450 words per minute. If you want training above 450 wpm, you must register. This means that you register only if it works for you. There is no risk to the user. I like this approach. It is innovative. It is fair.

But there is a problem: customer support. These people should be sent to India for training.

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2 thoughts on “Spritz: Read Faster, But Get Brushed Off Super-Fast

  1. What Americans view as opportunity and what many foreigners view as opportunity are often two very different things. To many foreigners, a minimum-wage job is a great opportunity. To many Americans, Powerball is a great opportunity.
    I love the disclaimer with Powerball: "Lottery games should not be played for investment purposes." Hahaha! This disclaimer presupposes some things. It presupposes literacy. It also presupposes a knowledge of what "investment" is.

  2. jimaw63 says:

    I read recently that, even though California has a high unemployment rate, they have a labor shortage. Maybe if the law allowed us to hire 13 year olds(or let the market decide…9 yr olds), kids could build a resume by the time they graduated high school. Oh I know the libs will say, "How dare you suggest child labor!" By the time I was 13, I'd had at least 2 paper routes, shoveled sidewalks in winter and mowied lawns in summer. We LOOKED for opportunities and pounded on doors! "Can I mow your yard? $5!" With inflation… $10 or $15 now! "Shovel your sidewalk?" $5 for a sidewalk, $10 for a driveway. As a kid, living with my parents, it's all profit! "Comic book" money! By 15 I was hired to clean our local theater. I was trusted with keys! I was in high school, but as long as the job was done before the 6:30 show, it was good. I also walked beans(Round-Up ready beans made that obsolete). I didn't detassel corn, but I'm hearing that genetics will soon make that obsolete. Where will kids get their work experience? I'm against minimum wage! I'd love to be able to hire a 13 yr old to sweep my store at $3.50/hr. Sweeping is not a $10 job! If he goes above and beyond(dusting, filling in at the register, helping customers), I'll pay him more so my competitor won't entice him away. It's called work experience! It's valuable!