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New Orleans School District Shuts All City-Run Schools

Written by Gary North on May 30, 2014

A district in the city of New Orleans will close all of its city-run schools next week.  Permanently.

This is Katrina for the American Federation of Teachers. Blown away. Washed out. Floating face down. The teachers will never again exercise the strike threat against the district.

Charter schools have replaced the public schools. Charter schools are funded by taxes, but they do not answer to elected officials. Elected officials can no longer count on support from the teachers’ union.

Charter schools can fire teachers. They can replace teachers. Union membership counts for nothing.

Wages will become competitive. Coercion has been reduced. Teachers will get paid closer to what they are worth.

The emotional link to old schools has been cut.

This man does not like it. “This don’t make no sense. Me and my sister, the whole family, the whole neighborhood went to that school.” Grammar was never his strong point.

Around the nation, teachers’ union members are worried. Could this happen to them?

Let’s hope so.

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15 thoughts on “New Orleans School District Shuts All City-Run Schools

  1. bamabasher says:

    nice work– them cajuns is real smart. An awesome solution to solving the problems of the union led destruction of our education system. TS feds keep your nose out of things you are not authrized to do.

  2. pappap42 says:

    Thank GOD-Thank GOD free at last.

  3. Rattlerjake says:

    Funny, I thought Texas was the smart state. But let's not give credit to the whole state of Louisiana, this is the mark of a select group within a select district. Let's see if the rest of the country follows suit. Don't expect it to go over smoothly. Half-azzes teachers who will or have been fired will fight this or just go to another district. Wake up parents, this is a great start!

  4. jimaw63 says:

    Here's a thought. Shut down the DOE and fire ALL teachers…nation wide! Stop! …Give it a minute! You can now apply for a teaching position with no union influence…under local control. You don't need a teaching degree. You compete in the free market. You just need to perform the service you were hired for. If you were a good teacher before, you'll likely be rehired immediately. If you're an unemployed auto mechanic or a hobby wood worker…maybe you could teach a shop class. You make jelly and cheese in your spare time? You could be a Home-Ec teacher. You have a MBA and can't find work? Teach kids how to balance a checkbook! If you are an expert in an area, you could be hired. Let's take it to the step that the Fed will never attempt. If you are a gun expert, you could teach a class about gun safety…which could become shooting competitions. I'd prefer that kids are familiar with guns instead of being scared of them.

  5. Henry Henderson says:

    Seems they learned that the "government" or "Unions" are NOT the answer to Education

  6. Davnkatz says:

    Rattlerjake – you got that right.! Both my wife and I taught school in Texas. I taught 3 yrs; she taught 20+.yrs. We both doubted the effectiveness of charter schools and home-schooling. Then, we began seeing exactly how good those educational altenatives were. Also, I at first condemned church-run schools, then I realized their superior outcomes. Now, my wife and I are strong supporters of church, charter, and home schools.

    By the waqy, I have never heard of ANY young people who were home, charter, or church schooled being involved with drugs, any criminal activity, or going on killing sprees. Most such educated kids have superior college entrance exam scores and are more successful while matriculating.. They mostly declare themselves to be conservative and are very parriotic. Nop wonder libturds condemn educational methods that remove kids from their indoctrination mills.

  7. Congratulations to those in New Orleans that made that happen instead of succumbing to political and union pressure. You have given the children that have the least the opportunity to get a real education. Would that all inner city kids were given the same gift. If politicians truly cared about the people more than their own power and money, this would be universal. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  8. Arshloch says:

    HOO RAH! Best move ever. Get the unions out of the schools and teach.

  9. J.F.Parker says:

    Hopefully the teachers can TEACH rather being bogged down with nonsensical paper work that gets added-to every year! My husband and I were both teachers. He taught 20 years. Sixth graders were his specialty. I taught 29 years in K through grade 2.. Most children want to learn something. They need teachers who can really spend time teaching and not worrying about the'stuff' that some "idiot" thinks is important when it has nothing to do with helping youngsters get a good education in the basics!

  10. Teachers never should have unionized anyway. The states need to take over the education in their respective states and get the Federal government out of the picture. They just waste our federal tax money.

  11. crazymountain says:

    Great MOVE in Louisiana!!! The Teacher's Unions have devastated education in this country. Right behind them are the Feds, with their Department of Education. Funny, education isn't listed in the enumerated powers of the Central Government and, according to the Constitution, is a local issue. So, why have our schools been allowed to rot? Federal intervention, pro union, anti-Constitution. How? By the Supreme Court who have, especially since 1937, have used ideology instead of law to make decisions. Probably the only thing Hamilton and Madison agreed on, that the weakest branch of government would be the Judiciary, has proven to be false. Men of genius could not foresee the packing of the Judiciary with lifetime appointed ideologs.

  12. Lets hope it spreads to all the other school districts in America.!!!!!!

  13. A former governor of Texas figured out that she couldn't fire individual civil servants, because each would file a civil suit for "wrongful discharge." So she let an entire state agency go out of existence to get rid of the dead wood, and then started all over again with a new agency after the rotten apples were gone.

    Only trouble is, if you have any good employees you'd rather keep, they're gone, too. The good employees are the first ones to find new jobs, and won't still be sittng by the phone waiting for the shop to be set up again.

  14. This is disappointing and short-sighted. How is it a victory? Charter schools have no locally elected school boards. This shuts down the voice of the people. They have lost control over their local schools. The result will be taxation without representation. The people will no longer have control over school budgets. Charter schools are required to administer Common Core aligned assessments, measuring student performance based on criteria no longer established within the local community.

  15. WhiteFalcon says:

    Once in a while someone does something right. This is one of those times.