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The Only Democrat I Ever Voted for Just Lost, After 34 Years

Written by Gary North on May 29, 2014

Congressman Ralph Hall of Texas lost in a primary bid for an 18th term. I voted for him in the first year he was elected, 1980.

He later switched to the Republicans.

Ron Paul supported him this time. But, at 91, he has been turned out — the oldest man in Congress, and the last World War II vet.

He was basically a Tea Party guy. He was defeated by a conservative. The election doesn’t prove much, except possibly that 17 terms is enough.

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3 thoughts on “The Only Democrat I Ever Voted for Just Lost, After 34 Years

  1. We have to get rid of all these people that have been in office so many years they are old and cant think right and do as they are told we need new ones in office for shot times and then they get out If they are in to long they scratch each others backs and pay offs are every where we have to stop this To get are country back get rid of the ones that are old and has been in office for years

  2. There should be term limits to get rid of all these diminished capacity "representatives"! Especially Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi…

  3. The only problem, well one of the problems I have with term limits is that we would have to pay for the retirement of a lot more people. The people who write the laws and exempt themselves should be eliminated, I'll let you figure out how. If we base whether they stay on their job performance, we would have no one left. I mean we should base their having a job on the job they do.
    On social security I will tell you what I know. When it was first started you paid a small amount to get in the program and I remember my grandfather said that if he had to go to the bank and borrow $250.00 he was going to do it. $250.00 was much more then than it is now but he did it in spite of my grandmother saying he shouldn't do it. He drew social security every month for the rest of his and then her life. the younger people coming in behind that group were paying for those who joined before them. It has been a bad plan because the government screws up every thing it does. The politicians thought social security was so good they didn't want to have to be in it. they exempted themselves and their staff and the teachers had their own plan as did the railroad. When I was 23 years old I wrote my congressman and asked to withdraw from social security because I felt I could do better with the money I was getting deprived of. He sent me a letter from the house ways and means committee that said if Ii was 23 and had 3 children and lost one arm and one leg I would come out ahead. I wrote back and told them I was 23 and had two children and a vasectomy and I was planning on keeping all my arms and legs as long as possible so that would mean that I would not come out ahead. They still would not let me withdraw.