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The Commercial Case for Organic Food

Written by Gary North on May 29, 2014

I have just seen a very good documentary on the contrast between organic food and agribusiness food in the United States. It is called Fresh. It came out in 2009. I saw it on Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime member, so I watched it for free. Here is a trailer.

I have been aware of the basic story of organic foods for 50 years. I have also not eaten a lot of them, and I am in good health. But I may be an exception. The problem is that, until recently, organic foods were not available in supermarkets and even local farmers’ markets. This has begun to change, which is for the better.

The movie does not cover in detail this obvious problem: outside of the growing season, you cannot easily buy fresh organic vegetables. Supermarkets have fresh vegetables, but they are imported from Mexico or from somewhere in the world where the season favors vegetables. These will be the product of conventional agricultural technologies. So, unless you find ways of freezing vegetables in season, you wind up eating standard vegetables in the winter.

Nevertheless, my main staple is eggs, and we buy the eggs from a lady who produces them locally. The eggs taste better, and I think they are probably more nutritious. They don’t cost much more than what the mid-priced eggs cost at the supermarket. I’m very glad we can buy from her. We’ve been doing this for about four years. Our main meet source is deer. We have an unregulated, non-FDA-approved supplier who sells it, de-boned and packaged, for $1.50 a pound. It’s organic. Sorry, Bambi.

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14 thoughts on “The Commercial Case for Organic Food

  1. Hmmm…grass-fed, free-range venison. Sounds like you got a deal. And your supplier–may his tribe increase.

  2. Real American says:

    If we could get the feet-of-clay Game and Fish people of various states to wise up and allow unrestricted hunting of feral hogs, we'd be killing two birds (or pigs) with one stone–get the feral hog population under control, and allow people to harvest free range organically fed meat.

  3. Rattlerjake says:

    Specialized greenhouse production in many southern states, from California to the east coast could produce all of the necessary organic vegetables year 'round in this country, if we could get rid of government intrusion. In fact if we could get rid of government altogether, we might have a country that would be 100% productive again!

  4. gvhparkridge says:

    I bet you never heard of the best tasting Saurkraut in the world..it's called Artisan Deli Raw Sauerkraut, no preservatives, gluten free, Box 935 East Troy WI 53120…never tasted Kraut so good…family owned.

  5. nancy Kelly says:

    How can you get your saurkraut. We love it! Can we get it by mailorder?
    Hot in Florida

  6. truthseeker1953 says:

    It'd be meAt source Gary.

  7. truthseeker1953 says:

    Sauerkraut's EASY to make. Shred cabbage, pack into Qt. jar, add teaspoon sugar, teaspoon apple cider vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon plain salt, fill with distilled water, cap and shake well, loosen cap enough that any fermentation gas/liquid expansion can escape, set jars in pan to catch expansion, put where temp will be as close to 68F as possible, have kraut in 2-3 weeks.

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  12. Does Artisan Deli have a website or e-address?

  13. Sounds easy enough. Do you absolutely need to add sugar…my family is trying to avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup? Also, I vaguely recall reading someplace that vinegar kills much of the healthy stuff that raw cabbage has to offer. Is the vinegar necessary for fermentation?