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Illinois’ $200 Lemonade Stands

Written by Gary North on May 28, 2014

Entrepreneurship is out of control in Illinois. Kids are setting up lemonade stands.

Worse, some of them are setting up cupcake stands.

They do this on their own, you understand. They have not cleared this with any state or local official. Something has to be done.

Donne Trotter (D-Chicago) has done something about it. Trotter added an amendment to a bill that would have exempted businesses making under $1,000 in sales.

Trotter amended the bill to require anyone selling food products to take an 8 hour food service sanitation course costing $145, obtain a county health department permit costing $25, label the food products to indicate ingredients and the fact that they are homemade, plus another $35 fee.

Another senator decided to surrender a bit. How about $250 a month? No deal.
The Public Health Committee rejected this.

It’s going to get worse. Lots worse. They never retreat. They only move forward.

What Illinois needs is a good, old-fashioned state bankruptcy. They’re working on it.

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37 thoughts on “Illinois’ $200 Lemonade Stands

  1. WE NEED A WAR .

  2. michael says:

    We are at war!!! It's us against the US government and their keepers who's payroll they are on…..at this point they are winning. I don't think anything will change until we DO have a complete financial meltdown…..the fuel ($) running this system has to shutoff.

  3. STOP

    THE INSANITY !!!!!!

  4. shearwater says:

    Donne Trotter probably doesn't want competition with his dram shop!

  5. How about if the child is under the ripe old age of sixteen [16] years leave them the hell alone.

  6. The requirements for Democrats in Congress has got to be stupidity in all it's forms.

  7. Bill Antonini says:

    You are correct about the petro $. As long as only $s are accepted then we will have no change. All those $s will be used to buy treasuries….both bills and bonds. That will allow our profligate spending to continue especially supporting the slugs who dole it out and those who receive it.

  8. allosaur says:

    Hey, demrats! Leave our kids alone!
    You're nothing but a brick in a wall!

  9. CharlieFromMass says:

    Calling a bill that would probably cost ten times what most kids make selling lemonade all summer is a recipe for disaster so stupid, even stupid thinks it's brain-damaged.

    Illinois is definitely off my list of places to consider moving to.

  10. Anybody 40 or older should think back to your early years. Remember freedom? Remember when the government was not in your life every day? Remember when you were a citizen not a subject? The young people today accept what they have because it is the normal for them. Folks, barring a revolution, we have lost. See my blog at http://cranky-conservaive.blogspot.com

  11. ken1lutheran says:

    And Illinois wonders why Wisconsin and Indiana remember Pat Quinn on their list of "thank you" cards every Christmas.

  12. After the bill failed to pass with his amendment, Trotter removed it and the bill passed unanimously. http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/

  13. No one is safe from the freakshow crowd. Not even children.

  14. You are partially correct, when you say U.S. government. You should include city, county and state workers too. It is all about MONEY. Excellent wages, benefits and that high paying pension that can kick in after 20 or 25 years of "service". Compare that to the private sector ….. and there is no comparison. You definitely lose faith in the system.

  15. Smart man, don't move to Illinois.

    20 years ago I worked in downtown Chicago. There were several homeless guys who would sell fruit (apples, oranges and bananas) to commuters on their way to work from little makeshift carts in the early morning. The cops shut them all down …. because they did not have licenses with the city. All you could do was shake your head at how mean spirited the city and cops could be.

  16. DITTO!

  17. David in MA says:

    If the kids keep selling will they be jailed……….

  18. Mike Borland says:

    The USA has a higher percentage of its citizens in prison than any other country in the world. many are drugs users. However anyone can see we need to round up these kids who are selling lemonade without all the permits and put them in jail for at least 10-20 years. It is a great work project for construction cruels building all the new prisons for the kids.

  19. @ allosaur: Illinois AND America has the Government that we deserve and there are dozens of reasons that is true. In Illinois, this should be the last brick in the wall and the Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comm's wall needs to come tumbling down via re-call and at the ballot box in November. Same for America.

  20. saltporkdoc says:

    Yeah, the little urchins are cutting into the politicians' take.
    Besides, only politicians know how to redistribute wealth.

  21. barry1817 says:

    just kill any incentive for youths to learn, and earn at the same time.

    Heck give them that old time Rahm Chicago value system, join a gang, become a politico thug, take from others and live the high life on the back of taxpayers by forcing them to pay for you.

    Did I hear that so many people are leaving that chicago may become the next detroit?

    I do know that my profession class, looking for a place to celebrate our 40th class reunion had a person living in Chicago, trying to organize the event, and told us that he is changing location. Nobody wanted to go there.

  22. Robert What? says:

    RLOwen – you are correct. I just turned 60 and young people today have no way of realizing this but there was so much more liberty years ago. The police really did seem to view themselves as public servants, not as trigger happy state enforcers. Heck, one might even visit your lemonade stand (as a customer). Much of this changed under the watch of the boomer generation (which I am part of). The boomer generation started out as “do your own thing and I’ll do mine” but eventually became “everything is my business”. Not sure when and why it all went south.

  23. Them not so sharp liberals democrats senators need to address the problem! Drugs are being bought and sold on the streets! You won't stop it and you can't make them pay you one red cent of their profit! Good grief!

  24. Another one to the one already going?

  25. georgeallen2007 says:

    Watch out for a drone-strike, kids! Barry "NWO" Davis doesn't like free enterprise.

  26. These Demacraps are brain dead and they are teaching are kids to be that way Are kids cant be kids anymore it is so sad all they here is sex and murder the Demacraps need to go they are all evil and money hugery they are working over time to fill there pockets and control us kick them all out of office from the top to the bottem they are worthless

  27. I notice that Rep. Trotter is from Chicago, not the suburbs or downstate. These large liberal cities ought to be separate city-states, something like the old Hanseatic League, to allow the rest of their states to govern themselves:

    New York City–New York
    Etc. Any additions?

  28. Anonymous Patriot says:

    You want a war? All the hard working true conservatives need to move out of these liberal hellholes. Once there is no one left to pay and support these retarded policies the liberals will collapse on themselves and they will need to come after the wealth in conservative states….by force……and they will lose.

  29. Real American says:

    A democrap and Chicago are redundant terms.

  30. Real American says:

    Start the shooting war. That's what it's going to take. The ruling class isn't going to just voluntarily walk away from the sweetest scam in history. They be happy to oppress the sheeple as long as we allow them to do it.

  31. Isn't there ANY exemption for illegal aliens?

  32. Oh- Oh – I know that one! D-E-T-R-O-I-T

  33. TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Back when the Apple II was released, it came with a game called “Lemonade”. It was a lemonade stand simulation that I believe was written by Steve Wozniak.

    Of course, that was millions of years ago, back in 1982, when the United States was still free.

  34. Yes. A computer game that simulated operating a lemonade stand would look like Grand Theft Auto, with all the electronic cop icons chasing the player.

  35. WhiteFalcon says:

    According to all the wonderful commieonazicrats, we should round up all these offenders and throw them in prison for four or five years for the terrible crime of capitalism, you know, the system that made this country the greatest nation that has ever existed. We don't want any of that, do we.

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