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California’s Shale Oil Goes Down the Drain

Written by Gary North on May 26, 2014

We all know about the memory hole. That was the unofficial name of a department of government in George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. It was devoted to re-writing history. It destroyed historical documents to make this re-writing easier. This was its motto: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

Orwell used the Soviet Union as his model. The USSR was famous for using photo editing techniques to remove past leaders from old photos. These people became non-persons. Photoshop is simply a low-cost tool for modern media organizations to do similar sorts of things. They do it to sell more products. The USSR did it to maintain power.

These techniques are still being used inside what Mrs. Clinton calls the vast Right-wing conspiracy. Today’s leaders want to erase all traces of the earlier leaders.

Why? Because the time-servers who collect their salaries are nonentities. They do not want to be compared to the founders. They do not want the evidence of decline available for all to see. Max Weber had a phrase for this almost a century ago: the routinization of charisma. The bureaucrats inherit the earth.


One of the saddest aspects in the history of the post-World War II conservative movement is the fact that it is almost impossible to trace its history at the grass roots level.

Part of this problem is this: the little organizations used mimeograph machines to publish their message. This was a shoestring movement until at least the mid-1950’s. These materials were tossed out by survivors after the blue-haired ladies died. These women collected newspaper clippings, scoured the Congressional Record, published their newsletters, and had meetings. They left few traces.

The newsletters have disappeared. Think of the Dan Smoot Report. Think of the early years of Human Events. Think of Hilaire DuBarrier’s HduB Report. Think of Don Bell Report. They are gone with the wind.

I have a complete set of the HduB Report on a CD-ROM. I do not think it is possible to trace the history of the European Union without reading these reports. But they are not online. I do not know who owns the copyrights. Neither does the man who created the CD-ROM.

To construct the history of the conservative movement, the various organizations that published newsletters, magazines, and books should go into their files, send them to a specialist in producing searchable PDF’s, and then post all of that information online free of charge. This is the minimal commitment necessary to keep old ideas alive.

If an organization has spent decades asking for donations from its supporters in order to get out the message, and then it suppresses or ignores that message through the 80% of the history of the organization, then something is fundamentally wrong with the thinking of the present directors. Any organization that raises money for years to publish the true word, and then decides to deep-six the true word, has abandoned the true word.

All of that money was raised, all of that enthusiasm was generated, all of that information was published, yet the organization’s present salaried directors decide that it’s not worth preserving online free of charge.

Something is deeply wrong with any idea-based organization that does not post its entire body of published materials online.

I cannot imagine any ideological organization’s senior staff this shortsighted, yet I know it’s the case. I have seen it over and over. There is simply no strong commitment to preserving the legacy of the organization. The present directors implicitly dismiss all of the work of the previous directors, as if all that money, all those ideas, all that effort in publishing the material was not really worth it. It is as if all of this material is worthless today. The senior directors of the organization have self-consciously made a decision not to preserve this information for the present members of the organization.

I’m thinking of a particular organization. Let’s see if you can figure this out. It has been around for over 50 years. It published a great deal of material. It published a magazine every month. It published newsletters from the organization’s senior director. It raised money for years to try to get this information out to the public. It was one of the fundamental organizations in the history of the conservative movement. But its present directors have refused for over 15 years to put this information online.

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8 thoughts on “California’s Shale Oil Goes Down the Drain

  1. Institutional Alzheimers is not restricted to ideological organizations, it occurs in any institution whose leadership suffers from truncated time horizons, which is to say most institutions. Moreover, the more interesting the foundations for an historical record are, the more likely they will be dumped or shredded or at least carefully concealed by present leadership which finds it much more convenient to invent "history" to support the current agenda than to preserve records from which currently "inconvenient information" might emerge. Which is why the available records for the preparation of historical narratives are only accidentally challenging to existing institutions, and are mostly selectively made available to support the agendas of these institutions.

  2. PRAVDA/MSM is the memory hole at work these days in USSA ? Ponder this ,

    We are at a time very much similar to our founding fathers and their associates and cohorts. We are now facing the same phenom of how we want to be ruled and governed just as they did, and the despot now is the current regime of control freaks. Back then it was the British crown and they too were acting as control freaks. So it really is not much different at all. They had the courage and perseverance to stand against the tyranny and we have not done so yet ? We must decide if we want to be free or slaves to control freaks , simple as that. We are already in a war for our liberties and freedoms and few actually grasp that. So did all the veterans suffer and die for nothing ? That is the only valid question on this day IMO?

    Time to nutup and get serious about our current situation and our future generations and heirs. History will tell the truth one way or the other, so lets demand accountability and be done with it ! From the top right down to the bottom.

    Go to my site and seek some truths !

  3. Here's a "memory hole" for you.

    The founders of this nation's government formed a Congress that is separated into two assemblies: a House of Representatives to directly represent the population and a Senate to represent state "legislators".

    Senators, however, have absolutely no obligation to represent their elected state legislatures because their state legislators have absolutely no control over the election (hiring/firing) process.

    Do you know why the federal government owns so much state land? There is no one in the federal legislature to stop it. The Senate doesn't work for states anymore.
    Do you know why the federal government ignores state rights? There is no one in the federal legislature to stop it. The Senate doesn't work for states anymore.
    Do you know why the executive branch has so many federal departments? There is no one in the federal legislature to stop it. The Senate doesn't work for states anymore.
    Do you know why the judicial branch is unafraid to overturn state laws? There is no one in the federal legislature to stop it. The Senate doesn't work for states anymore.

    The essential bonds between the Senate and state legislatures that served a "check and balance" has been broken for over a century.

    Interestingly enough, this happened under a self-professed "progressive" administration (Woodrow Wilson) while the current self-professed "progressive" administration pushes to further usurp the Constitution.

  4. kenny9876 says:

    And the current crowd of control freaks call themselves "liberals" without blushing. Amazing.
    Of cxourse, others call thmeslves "Progressives," when they are, in fact, regressives.

  5. "The USSR was famous for using photo editing techniques to remove past leaders from old photos."

    Just like Romney's people photo-shopping pictures of his rallies to make them look bigger than the turnout at Ron Paul rallies! Probably Obama's people did, too.

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