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The State as Grover Dill

Written by Gary North on May 19, 2014

Two decades before The Christmas Story, I entered the world of Jean Shepherd’s imagination.

I spent two semesters at Westminster seminary in Philadelphia. Philadelphia was within the range of WOR in New York City. Every week night, beginning at 10:15, I would listen for 45 minutes to Jean Shepherd’s monologue. Those were the most imaginatively creative 45 minutes that ever went out nightly over the airwaves. I don’t know how he did it.

We would not get a nightly story about northern Indiana in the 1930’s, but we would get one often enough to make it worth listening to the show every evening, just in case. It was then that I entered the world of Flick, Schwartz, Miss Shields, the Old Man, and those two malevolent trolls, Scut Farkas and Grover Dill.

As most Americans remember from The Christmas Story, Grover Dill was a toady. Whatever influence he had, it was entirely dependent upon his association with Farkas. Farkas had power; Grover Dill also had power, but only as a subordinate.

The world always has plenty of Grover Dills. The number of Scut Farkases is not nearly so great. There is a Pareto distribution of bullies.


There are lots of theories of the origin of civil government. Mine is very simple. I believe in the bully theory of government. I don’t believe there was any social contract between citizens and rulers. But there were always bullies. There will always be some guy who likes to push other people around. He will attract people who also like to push other people around, but at reduced risk. They need a bigger bully to back them up.

Civil government is an operation like a gang, but it has legitimacy. People put up with government bullies because of the rules that have been worked out between the bullies and the citizens. Citizens want predictability in their lives. They do not want bullies with arbitrary power interfering in their lives. When they are walking home from school, they do not want to be challenged by Scut Farkas and Grover Dill. So, they work out an arrangement. Scut Farkas gets a percentage of people’s lunch money, but he doesn’t get all of it. He gets it on a predictable basis. He shares some of it with Grover Dill.

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2 thoughts on “The State as Grover Dill

  1. Excelsior!!!!

  2. AD Roberts says:

    You have several things wrong.
    1. Farkus is much more in control of technology right now than you know. That means that a lot of our ability to deal with the elephant as ants is negated by the elephant dealing with only a few or one ant at a time. We ants KNOW that.
    2. Society has lost their moral compass and their desire to serve God and do what is right. They are now self-centered and expedient. They WILL take care of today, getting one more piece of bread and one more breath.
    3. There are now several thousand Grover Dills out there right now. We know who they are, from Obama, Schumer, Feinstien, J. Roberts down to Blumberg. But NO ONE, including you, are willing to stand up to them individually and REFUSE to submit. And the JUDGES that you so hope will rescue you by legal means, have ALSO been drafted as Grover Dills.
    This is EXACTLY the same situation that he Founding Fathers were in 250 years ago. But back then, they had a REAL RED line that they acknowledged and when it finally was crossed, they FOUGHT. They knew they would probably DIE but they were not willing to live in slavery any more.
    Today, not so much. Even the Christians who are supposed to stand up against evil, have become JUST EXACTLY what Revelation said they would. MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF LAODICEA. They take NO stands and are very acceptable to the world. And those who ARE NOT, are attacked viciously by every aspect of society – Hollywood, courts, politicians, news medias, other so called Christians, atheists, muslims, etc.
    So what is going to happen?
    We are there. And your assertion that we shall still overcome, is nothing but a smoke screen to lull people into a sense of security when they SHOULD be racing to God and falling on their faces in repentance.
    Are you a deceiver? Are you deceived? What other option do you have. Certainly; not a bearer of truth.