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Video: Congressman Gowdy’s Questions on Benghazi

Written by Gary North on May 16, 2014

I had not heard of Congressman Gowdy until yesterday. I hope to hear of him again.

He made a 3-minute presentation in front of the mainstream media’s agents. I have never seen anything like it. As an example of rhetoric, it is flawless.

He ended it exactly right.

He took no prisoners.

All in all, this was a bombshell. It was placed directly under the media, right where it belonged.

This is how it should be done. This is how it is rarely done.

Over 3,000,000 people have seen this. This is impressive. I hope 3,000,000 more see it. Or even more.

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65 thoughts on “Video: Congressman Gowdy’s Questions on Benghazi


  2. Kenneth Murray says:

    You're on the right track so far! Just follow it through, and bring the guilty ones to justice. Do that and you will have my vote for any office you choose to run for. I am sure that this is the thoughts of many,many, many other people!

  3. Peolsi said "There is nothing to see here". Time to fry her dumb butt too. The dems are scared to death that their cover-up will be exposed. I sincerely hope it is. Time to take down obama before he does any more damage. Go get 'em Trey. Take no prisoners. Kick butt and take names.

  4. Press deliberately not reprting the wrong doing of the obama regime! Press minmions of the obama regime also need to be held accountable for crimes as well! The Press fail to report properly and cover up for the obama regime,always. It has been on going since obama frauded his way into the White Houise!

  5. Media is full of crap. So his butt really isn't that clean at all. If ya were to remove the press from his butt. You would find the real A HOLE of all thats been going on. Because it would be right there in front of ya. But at that moment what do ya do then. I sugguest drag his but up to Capital Hill and demand immediate impeachment. But be ready for SWAT, UAW, SEIU, HHS, DOJ, and now an ARMED USDA meat inspectors among others to come running to defend the A HOLE>

  6. Live Free says:

    For anyone who has not seen or heard of this man before, I highly recommend that you visit YouTube and watch him in action, particularly when he was questioning Eric Holder. It was beyond belief. He is, among other things, a model that other Congressmen should aspire to become.

    I presume that most people called before congress are going to get questions like "will Guam tip over?" Gowdy is not like the rest. I think the corrupt cronies are afraid on this man. As well they should be.

  7. Congress must Kick Obama physically out of the White House and his allies!! Do not IMPEACH HIM….Every one he has put in office is Illegal.. Senator Mitch McConnel has the proof!!! Every Congressman who voted for him should be held accourndable . If he is IMPEACHED all those he put into offices can stay! DO NOT IMPEACH HIM !I pray that Dr. Ben Carson will be our next president! He will bring our Nation back to Praying Back To God and God will again Protect Our Nation and RESTORE THE FAMILY BACK!

  8. profitup10 says:


  9. Al Wigand says:

    GOWDY for prez

  10. Mark Erickson says:

    Where can we get a "Trey Gowdy for President!" bumper sticker?….

  11. Charles Morris says:

    Why do we only have one Trey Gowdy? Where are the rest of the congressmen? Are they a bunch of gutless wonders who can't back him up? Why does it seem that he's the only patriot in congress? God help Trey Gowdy,evidently no one else will..

  12. I`d like to see Trey run for president

  13. We do have a few…Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan (a friend of Trey Gowdy), and a few others. Trey Gowdy is awesome, but he can't do it by himself. We need to do all that we can to encourage these few fine representatives to keep on keeping on!

  14. I've been saying for several years that this guy needs to run for president. He is the only one I REALLY trust! He isn't afraid of anybody.

  15. President Trey Gowdy. Has a nice ring to it.

  16. nothing to see when your head is up someones ass

  17. Americans want answers, not the lies that come from the White House press core, or Hillary Clinton What Difference Does It Make Anyway. These criminals have suck the life blood at of America and try calling it good. Nothing about this Administration has come of good period. God as my witness I do hope that Trey Gowdy can get those answers we been waiting for almost two year to get, and parachute the hold dam bunch and put them on a one way trip to China.

  18. Peter Krzywiki says:

    Did you notice that not one of his questions were answered. As far as the main stream media goes they are all a bunch of A–holes. not one of them have the guts to actually do their job. You go Trey

  19. I am proud to be a fellow South Carolinian and supporter of Trey Gowdy. He is a true Patriot!!!!!

  20. TruthOrConseq says:

    BOOM! Shock & Awe! The comfortable lies from on high and a complicit, deceitful, media just got a rude awakening. Don't stop the bombing yet, however, that was just the first wave. They will come back fighting hard with the only weapon of mass destruction that they have, and that is massive lying, deflecting, and sarcasm. Yeah, maybe those harmless Jihadists really were out for an innocent walk on the town, taking in that fresh, cool, desert night air, and suddenly one of them got a text about a video that insulted their dead false prophet, and so he pulled out his rocket launcher from his back pocket and started the whole thing. And if you believe that, then you deserve Hillary as your next Corrupter In Chief!!!

    Mr. Gowdy, just keep the truth bombs going until there is nothing left of their "phony scandal" and "spontaneous protest over a stupid YouTube video" lies. I especially want to see the brazenness of Susan Rice's smug look melt away, and then her boss's, and then her boss's boss's. Then maybe America can start to heal.

  21. I agree wholeheartedly and I hope "extra security" protection is given to Gowdy during this time.

  22. The more I see and hear Gowdy the more I like him and his approach to getting to the bottom of this debacle.

    However, one other thing, an investigation does not necessarily mean he is going to find anything wrong attempting to get to the bottom of something like this is the discovery. It is an investigation not a prosecution. Consequently, why are the liberal progressives scared if they had nothing to hide they should not be concerned and willing to provide any information necessary to clear their name. So are they concerned and why? Any ideas?

  23. Is Trey all that is left of the once great backbone of American government? These comments made to the Lame pissStream media parrots should be made daily. They are not informing America anymore.

  24. If every State in the country had at least one "Trey Gowdy-like" representative with the tenacity to forcefully ask the questions that should be answered, and to hold, not only the myriad of unelected bureaucrats' feet to the fire, but also the media's, regarding government excess, over-reach, incompetency, and deception, there may be hope for America.

  25. Jeanne Stotler says:

    He said he'll depose some before hand, in particular Hillary Clinton, and thos can be read into the minutes and used to nail her.

  26. Jeanne Stotler says:

    I heard a lot of Congressmen/women were shown the proof, if it wasn't for Reid and a few others this would have been over, but Reid doesn't want his free lunch to end, and don't forget it expads into the next generation, his sons are in it neck deep.

  27. Trey Gowdy is truly a great human being! We pray for the Holy Ghost to provide him continued health, endurance, courage, conviction.
    We live for the day that Obama and Hillary are completely humiliated by the facts that this man is going to expose about their pathetic performances. We know Obama is a flim flam, a nothing, an Alinskyite dreamer, an empty suit with impressive "creases" in his pants as one admiring tv personality said, a crackpot, but it is going to be Trey Gowdy who exposes him completely and he leaves the White House in shame, if he is capable of mustering any. And Hillary, the pathetic fool, will be exposed as completely incompetent to do anything except "stand by her man." Obama and Hillary, made for each other, 100% egos, no substance.

  28. pnisher says:

    you cannot blame the democrats. there are rouge democrtas in politics , that are kissing Obamas ass. you can't go blaming a political party. OBAMA HAS A PHONE AND A PEN!!. ARE YOU GOING TO STOP HIM.

  29. I concur. Whoever's missed him has missed a lot.

    I've been watching almost every video of him on youtube, and called his DC office a few times and told 'em he ought to be President.

    In sum: Trey Magnifieque !!

  30. Me too Ken.

  31. Trey Gowdy is very impressive. I would like to hear more about his views on other subjects like immigration, the national debt etc…

  32. Barbara Gottstein says:

    Even though I'm not from his state { I'm from Minnesota} I've never hear of Trey Gowdy until I watched his video on Obama the czar n the complete idiot Hillary Clinton. They are money n power hungry a*****h*****es. Both of them should "crawl under the rock of dreaming n unrealistic fantasies , which have created. Only to come up to a breath of reality. Lots of lawmakers, cronies of his administration n other so called fasified USA departments should join the crawling of utter falsehood. I sincerely hop that Gowdy finds out the true facts on Bengazi and humiliates Obama n Clinton for the "forever shame" that both of them deserve! If they want to sue me for what I'm saying, let them because all they'll get is bubble gum and shoelaces< lol

    Can somebody tell me if Gowdy is a Senator or Representative and if he's a Democrat or Republican?

    He deserves an Acadamy Award for speaking the truth of commen sense! BRAVO to him!!

  33. Mildred Fischer says:

    Barbara Gottstein – Gowdy is a Congressman, not a Senator. He is a Republican from South Carolina.

  34. Charlie says:

    Actually a Senator and a Representative both are Congressmen or Congresswomen .

  35. Charlie says:

    Surprised that the author Gary North had never heard of Trey Gowdy. What news sources have you been reading , watching or listening to receive your news ?

  36. Excellent! I don't think this is a recent interview with Congressman Trey Gowdy but worth hearing it again.

    As for the author "never heard of Trey Gowdy before"??! Treat yourself to many of his other speeches and get a breath of fresh air i your life. He is hope for this country.

  37. David Williams says:

    Trey is going at this situation very well and I hope that it picks up to full steam. He is my hero in more ways than one.
    I hope this investigation brings those high almighty Democrats down (Reid and Pelosi) including the President who is
    taking this great country on the road to hell. Go get 'em Trey. God be with you all the way. My vote is yours.

  38. Brian_R_Allen says:

    Staggering, given the meat-locker IQs of so many of the colleagues of the bright and attractive bunch in the clip with Mr Gowdy, that we have him and his (likely) Very Superior intelligence in our house — and that he is able to so efficaciously apply his intellectual efficiency to whatever is his current commitment.

    BUT — and it's a BIG but — why hasn't he and/or someone of his prosecutorial ilk, brought articles of impeachment against the flagrant criminal, Obama — and against at least a dozen of the other ("cabinet") criminals with whom Obama covers his butt?

    Surely it's not because the senate wouldn't convict?

    Surely Mr Gowdy et al would grant that to use that as rationalization for dodging congress's Absolute responsibility to impeach would equate to the Butch Clinton and the Sun-Dance Kid's Gang's justification for not racing to Benghazi when our beloved fraternal republic was being attacked, there.

    Sun Dance, we're told, went to bed early, to be fresh for his next day's all-important fund-raising jaunt to Nevada.

    Brian Richard Allen

  39. dexter6o says:

    In case you have not seen this

    Bill Whittle: Gaslighting


    Published on May 14, 2014
    You're not crazy. The Obama Administration will just keep GASLIGHTING you until you think you are.

  40. Robert What? says:

    He had a great question for the media: “Do you care that you don’t know?”. I think the answer for a large part of the media is: “No, we don’t care.” Providing flack cover for the administration is their highest priority.

  41. Congressman Gowdy, the scale of the secret the Obama administration is hiding about Benghazi is evident in the Dems' reaction. <ol type="1">
    Congressional Democrats say they will boycott the committee to prevent it having a quorum to proceed.
    The White House has already stated it will not cooperate with that committee even if it proceeds.
    It should be clear some great secret is being protected, one that not only threatens Obama's remaining time in office but also Hillary's chances in 2016.

  42. AS a young man many years ago I was told to always ask Questions,always! Never accept answers without FACTS to back up the answers given,NEVER! Our MSM has forgotten this lesson. OR maybe they are in on The TREASON that is taking place in OUR GOVERNMENT against WE the PEOPLE! Maybe,Maybe not? History is written by the Winners, How will this story be written and by who? WAKE UP SHEEP!

  43. Abinadi says:

    I listened to Trey Gowdy yesterday, Hey this guy should run for President he knows what he is talking about. At least I believe we would be told the truth more than we have been in the past 5.4 years. Gowdy is very intelligent and sounds honest.

  44. I've got news for all of you, Nothing is going to happen to obama! I don't care what this guy does or says! Trey Gowdy is nothing but a smoke screen to distract everybody from the upcoming election in November, or whatever.
    Nothing is going to happen to obama!

  45. Abinadi says:

    I agree with you 100%. Gowdy should seek the presidency. He would certainly be head and shoulders over what we have had the last 5.4 years.

  46. cpovetss says:

    AMEN to that… May God guide him to the truth!

  47. bu4848lldurham48 says:

    Of course the Demo-rats and all of obama the boy kings minions want to try to poke fun at the upcomming hearings, all fools laugh when they face fear. They know that when the truth comes out, again the boy king will be caught up to his flappin ears in the middle of this scandal and coverup. It just follows his pattern of lies and deception. Fast and furious, IRS, this Benghazi , now the VA, and many more. As for VA, he said in 2008 he was going to fix VA, his new boy took over, now the appointment and mismanagement scandal, Vets died, and obama and his minions are busier than a cat covering its poo on asphalt trying to cover them selves. obama will go down in history as the most corrupt and dishonest politician in American history, or if you believe his lies of I did not know, as the stupidest.

  48. SpeakUpAmerica says:

    Come on Gary North, you have never heard of Congressman Trey Gowdy? And you write for the Tea Party Economist? What planet have you been living on? For your information Gowdy is the single most outstanding Congressman in the Republican party and destined for major leadership. I heard him speak even before he was a Congressman:and, I am not from South Carolina. I see him as the single biggest hope for America. Far more brilliant and with a broader knowledge than that of Crews, Lee, Paul, Rubio and JEB put together.

  49. bondservant says:

    re: Gowdy. These same questions – these same lack of answers – this same "acceptance" by people – applies to Boston, 9/11, Waco, and the list goes on.

  50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyPExqHbCWE&i
    No more Luciferians in the White House.

  51. I totally agree with Gary North's comments. Trey Gowdy is bright and dilligent. I love to listen to him speak. However, I am very disappointed in the three elected representatives standing behind Trey Gowdy who thought any of this was funny. They were smiling and trying not to laugh. High school behavior. And these are the ones who have worked so hard on this. Why so smug? This isn't a game.

  52. TREY, RUN FOR PRESIDENT ASAP!!! Although I can't see US even surviving BHO'S pending term…

  53. donnieboy1 says:

    Trey Gowdy is the man. He should be running for president. I'd sure vote for him. I just hope he continues that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW no matter who he/she is. Go Trey.

  54. Ira Klepper says:

    This guy is right on………………………………..

  55. The so-called "mainstream media" can more appropriately be called the "three-monkeys" media–meaning, as Trey Gowdy's unanswered questions implied, said media, as depicted by those infamous cartoon monkeys, "sees, hears and speaks no evil" in regard to the myriad of such that Obama and the Democrats daily commit.

  56. marjorie kinne says:

    I liked all his questions. Not one had been answered by the journalist that were present or in print. Then to gather up his papers and walk off. G R E A T


  58. Martha, I would love to see a presidential ticket of Rand Paul & Ben Carson…two doctors tearing Obamacare to shreds.

  59. Trey was great. It would help, however, if the politicians behind him during his address would avoid smirking.

  60. Bob Davidson says:

    Clear and concise and in your face, Trey Badger Gowdy

  61. When will Mr. Gawdy run for PRESIDENT? God dang this man stands up to anyone. He's GREAT. I VOTE FOR HIM.

  62. Art Fichtner says:

    It's a shame the administration continues to act on its own without consequences. It's a shame the President won't see this less read it

  63. Art Fichtner says:

    Republican or Democrat make no difference, Congress or Senate make no difference. Their in lies our problem when we pick when it's not your party.

  64. guestspeaker says:

    To Gary NORTH: Gary, if you were NOT so very young and you would listen to the news at night, like The KELLY FILE' Kelly Magen, or Bill O'Reilly (sorry I can't stand O'Reilly BUT it makes my point) you would KNOW WHO Trey GOWDY IS. He's been VERY WELL KNOW FOR 4 to 5 (FIVE) YEARS KNOW. He's so DOWN to EARTH, COMMON Sence, BRILLAINT PERSON in CONGRESS!


  65. guestspeaker says:

    Charles and Sam: Agree with Sam but you forgot RAND PAUL as well. WE ALL need to go VOTE in EVERY ELECTION for now on. Say NO to ALL Mils/TAXES. And spread the word!!!!! Also, find out from local Tea Parties who the Candidate they "PICK" NOT Endorse (endorse means they were PAID by the Candidate). Usually Tea Parties do HEAVY RESEARCH on the CANDIDATES BEFORE they make a 'PICK". 'Tea Party EXPRESS' s a good USA Tea Party to Follow TOO! We need all the HELP we can get to get the old timers OUT (including RINO's) and the NEW CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES in! This YOUR way of fighting by taking t friends and families, etc but FIRST get right with the CORRECT GROUPS fightin for the CORRECT Canidates. Then SPREAD THE WORD starting at least 3 months BEFORE Election.