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Government-Created Drought in California: A Long, Dry Summer

Written by Gary North on May 12, 2014

Prices for agricultural produce in U.S. supermarkets will be up this summer. Why? Drought, plus government planning. Call it a drought of liberty.

Utility rates in California will rise.

Small businesses in the state will be hit hard.

There will be 50% unemployment in some agricultural towns.

Farmers are not planting. The water costs too much.

Is all this possible? More than possible. Likely.

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25 thoughts on “Government-Created Drought in California: A Long, Dry Summer

  1. Who are the people who are responsible for this ? Are they Federal or State lunatics ? Who are they trying to control or punish ? This is more government incompetence.

  2. Simon Jester says:

    The government couldn't manage a lemonade stand, let alone a state's agriculture needs.


  3. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    Gary you list all these statements…but with no explaination…..While I agree Calif is a liberal created problem, of unemployment, small business problems, etc…….show me how this doctrine has somehow created a drought….a drought is an act of God

  4. Centurian says:

    Seriously, did you not view the video? The State and Feds prohibited the collection and retention of water in reservoirs during a period of time when rainfall was 200% of normal. They let it flow to the sea, resulting in the lowest reservoir levels ever. Now, they continue to prevent water from recharging the water systems. Farmers don't plant because they don't have enough water. If they don't plant, they don't hire workers. Agriculture is the largest employer in many portions of California. Go look at Kern, SLO or Monterey Counties. You will see fewer people picking fewer crops this year than in most. Crop sprayers will suffer. Companies that supply farmers will suffer. Restaurants will pay more for produce and have fewer customers. This is a disaster caused by utopian central planning.

  5. The government controls the water claiming to protect some rare fish or insect while they do nothing to protect Americans. Is there an agenda here. You bet your life there is. And you may just be betting your life. Just like herding cattle, this country is being driven toward a crisis. Why and to what end is open to speculation. But if you disagree, look at the changes in the country in the last six years. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  6. The Govt. is the worst thing to run anything, The Cure ! VOTE conservative, get these AH ,away from destroying the country & the people, VOTE for real conservatives, to make the country strong & for the people again.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA , If of another religion pray for your Beleaf to help our country.

  7. The normally arid california central valley was a successful agricultural project because of re-directing water through irrigation strategies. The current administration is now willfully breaking the promises of these systems and not distributing water to the farms, instead giving it to mexico and letting it run into unproductive alkali flats. This is yet another attack upon our productivity designed to create conflict and diminish our status.There is just as much water as always and there is no actual drought , just thugs at the levers of power.

  8. Rick Butkowski says:

    This beyond reason. Letting that much wate flow out to sea, in the midst of a drought, is incredibly stupid or just plain evil. So which is it? Are the Central planners incredibly stupid orjust plain evil? This reminds of the year (which was it?) that either the feds or the State of California created a blight of the Imperial Valley and nearly shut down farming there. What is fundamentally wrong with you central planners out there? Hey, here's a possibility. Maybe God knew there would be drought so He provided 200% of the normal rainfall to keep in your reservoirs…not piss it away by draining the reservoirs back to the sea.

  9. ALL AMERICAN says:

    I want to leave California, but I’d rather stay and fight these liberal tards, so that I don’t see this beautiful state get entirely destoyed.
    I realize CA and NY have thier share if Lib scum, but there are those hard working good people trying to save the states they live in. Just in one week, we were paying more than double for beef and almonds, etc.
    Folks, it starts at the top. We need to rid this Country of Lib scum. Please…if you can, be at, or support, AMERICAN SPRING in DC this coming MAY 16, or UNTIL THE EVIL, CORRUPT ADMIN RESIGNS.

  10. Rattlerjake says:

    Absolutely both, but let's not forget the greed of the huge Mexifornia agricultural farms who waste 90% of the water through poor watering methods. open watering vs drip irrigation. The entire Sacramento-San Joaquin /Central Valley is originally an arid climate, not designed for agriculture. Add to this the rise in population of these areas because initially there was adequate water, and the average Joe wastes more than fifty percent of their household water. With all of the factors combined there is not enough water support it all without better water management.

  11. Hey wow a very smart individual just wish you were running the government in California. You are 100% right, the liberal progressive democrats that run california and mis management things and now those decisions are coming back to bite them in the butt. This problem will have far great conditions, business with shut down or move, jobs will be lost and the people living their will be paying higher costs for everything. I feel sorry for Californians but the people that they have elected have allowed this problem to happen. They do not know what a rainy day fun is, where this water that they sent to the sea should have been kept. I feel sorry for all of you but you get what you voted for. Email obama and see if he can make it rain. I would also be interested on what water restrictions will be place on all the hollywood people who have big yards and alotr of grass and like to keep it green. I bet they will get some kind of exception.

  12. I suggest we are Islam's coveted "100th Egg" The actions of our President and his handlers are living proof we are in the fight of our lives. Destroying the middle class and depopulating the earth of humanity are critical elements in the OWG agenda. Aubrey defined the food supply issue quite well.

  13. I fear that Obama with the help of his Dem buddy, our CO Governor Hickenlooper, will insist on diverting more water from the Colorado River that direction leaving our farms here in Western Colorado without the water they need. The Front Range here in CO is already wanting more of the water due to their increased population. That fight has just been in the news here recently.

  14. dieselddemon says:

    I see no one seems to know about the 4 Dams they are going to tear down and let all the water go to the sea and lose the hydroelectric dams that supplys 70000 homes here in Northern cal this is just insane

  15. Ray Hause says:

    Centurian, the Liberals doesn't comprehend what you just wrote and worst of all you can't argue with the idiots. The points you made are exactly what those farmers are facing with not just their lively hoods but how many of those Hispanics that Liberals are always referring to as being supported by only them. The more that they become involved in conversations the more they only point to the ignorance a reality and overall needs of the American people. However, I have heard some good news, all of the Liberals are going to stop eating.

  16. Ray Hause says:

    After viewing these comments I honestly think the vast majority of Americans, not just those posting on this site, are recognizing we have a problem. Simply, minority elements within our lives who receiving all of the headlines subsequently destroying the lives of the majority. We can use of course this topic of a damn minnow or this destructive administration and its total disregard for the welfare of our nation. Those particular farmers are the bread basket for America and not just for those workers in California or the farmers themselves. California is just one spot in America as to the out of control government. Mr. Bundy in Nevada, some fish in Montana, a lizard in West Texas, the fictitious damage to some aquifer in the Mid-West, land grabs in North Texas or some un-named reason in East Texas, the EPA in creating some non existent air qualifications destroying the entire lively hoods of coal miners, we are faced with some drastic decisions. Let this government continue to destroy our country or just flat say, no more.

  17. The Federal government has been playing God with the weather for over 20 years now. All one has to do on any given beautiful day and see chem trails criss-crossing the skies. Keep fooling with the weather and they will destroy the earth and all life on this planet.

  18. Shamus,

    Most of youse folks are too young to recomember–but when I was born, the dead sea wasn't even sick.

    Back in 1974 or so, PG&E attempted to build the Auburn Dam. The greenies stopped the federal funding. PG&E said, O.K., we need the dam for electricity, and this area is gonna need the water–look at these growth projections.

    The Sierra Club and the rest of the greenies got Jerry Brown and the California legislature to kill the project and prohibit the building of that dam. That dam would have provided water for 7 years with no rainfall.

    I hope the Sierra Club enjoys that 2 miles of white water they saved–if it exists still.

    NOW do you understand??


  19. trbilbo says:

    The people responsible are Brown and the irresponsible power hungry Dems who have let "Green' mean NOT green on a very real level. Under the pretext of protecting the California Smelt, the primary pumping stations which fed the worlds MOST PRODUCTIVE agricultural basin… the Central Valley … was deprived of water (because turning the pumps on would disturb this poor endangered species. BUT…. the California Smelt is NOT even indigenous to California but a mislabeled Asian fish that has NO business costing California Billions in income. taxes and millions their jobs directly and indirectly. The impact has been felt as hard in san Diego which relied on Sacramento River waters for it's Rich California Produce economy as well. (The WORLD's largest producer of Avocados for example….NOW from Mexico thanks to blind legislators and OVERLY influential Eco terrorists as well as the corrupt State legislator receiving 'benefits' from the remaining power brokers who are making a fortune in the NOW insanely priced water resource markets.
    Kill the smelt.. turn the water back on.. rebuild the Central Valley agricultural productivity and reduce San Diego's water rates by 50% (They have doubled in less than five years despite RECORD water table rain seasons…..since there is NO PUMP allowed to operate due to the stupid SMELT.
    Insane? You bet. But REAL…..WRITE Sacramento NOW and DO NOT relect Brown of watch water and utility rates SCREAM SKYWARDS in 2016.
    Wake up…

  20. Jet trails are water. When a fuel burns water and carbon dioxide are produced. Look closely at the trail coming out of a jet engine: it is invisible until the water condenses. If the atmosphere there is drying the trail evaporates, disappearing.

  21. This is exactly why this president wants to be able to impose martial law. People will be starving and he will lock them up in government housing and ration food to you. Convert to Islam, maybe you get your freedom, probably not.

  22. weatherwatcher says:

    They don't evaporate anymore, they spread out into a large hazy area. Evil.

  23. If this liberal, big government establishment could do it, I swear they would put a ball bearing in backwards ! The name of their game is control, control,control, and all else be damned. Rosie O'Dpnnel would limit you to 4 sheets of toilet paper to wipe your derriere; Bloomberg would limit the size of your soft drink; Obama wants to redistribute you wealth and give it to deadbeats; all libs would disarm you to better control you if they could.
    The lefty power fanatics want to tell everyone how they should live, what they should eat, drink, think, read, say, and feel.- .
    Just say NO to lefty-loosies !

  24. 800,000+ acre feet of water sent to the ocean. 800,000+ acres not planted. Hmmmmm. Lost electric generating capacity. Welllll, since californication does NOT want to allow rain water to stay in their state for use by their LEGAL citizens, lets NOT allow any electricity to be shipped into calif. Let them suffer for voting the STUPID people into office. Maybe after a year of starvation, 70% unemployment, blackouts, NO WATER to drink or cook with or BATHE in, That state will be ONE STINKIN' MESS. Will they ACTUALLY WAKE UP?!?!?! Let us hope so.

  25. Tionico says:

    I've spent quite a bit of time in precisely the area you specify: Southern San Joaquin Valley. I've seen thousands of acres lying fallow, almond orchards pushed over and left leaning due to the high cost and scarcity of water. I've also seen, at times in the neighbouring fields, drip irrigation as opposed to open, and other inventive conserving methods of irrigation. I've also seen quite a shift to less-thirsty crops. Most of the population rise was to provide the labour needed to produce the lion's share of agricultural products for the nation, now some stupid california idiot passing for a judge ordered pumps turned off because of a two inch fish, the population in that entire area has reduced incredibly. I've seen whole cities, either abandoned or never occupied. I've seen hundreds of liveable homes left for the banks, which cannot sell them at any price. I've seen formerly thriving towns now all but ghost towns. The lack of water because of the fish is one significant cause, yes. But overall, California's insane taxation, even more insane regulations, restrictions, requirements, meddling, "oversight", compliance laws, and general outrageous levels of harrassment make the prospect of taking advantage of the bargain basement real estate prices daunting. I know…. I seriously looked into relocating to Tulare County two, three years ago. Not only that, California has other requirements for other "categories" that are some of the most outrageous in the nation. I will NOT live anywhere that forces me to be on pins and needles, never certain if I'll unknowingly become a felon, over firearms, nor will I register anything I have, or sign and wait for ammunition, or be prohibited from going about my daily affairs unarmed….. as most of California will require I do. They won't let me drive my cars down there, Nor will I take a cut i pay due to their outrageous taxes. Until this insanity reverses and they repair much of the damage done, Calironia will continue to drain away to the other states. Maybe when they're down to the unemployed, illegals, welfare recipients, and government someone will finally see the light. Maybe I'lll be one of the first to move there after it all falls apart, and be able to participate in its rebuilding according to a better plan.