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35 thoughts on “The Global Warming Movement Has Run Out of Gas

  1. Climate change is, will and always has occurred on Earth before there was ever life on this on this planet. The lying politicians are only looking for a reason to tax us to death and gain more control of our lives.

  2. And cigarette smoking is perfectly safe because many smokers live a long, healthy life and some non-smokers die from cancer in early middle-age for no obvious reason.

  3. Global warming might have run out of gas as you say, but the schmcks are still going to push for more legislation and regulations on global warming to shove down our throats just like they did with healthcare.Valid proof of there actually being man caused global warming has absolutely nothing to do with the equation.If these mind numb robots who call themselves liberals were any more stupid,you would have to water them twice a week. Bill

  4. Roy S. Mallmann says:

    The people that have been part of this "Global Warming" issue are dropping out or disassociting themselves with this whiole issue just because of the unwarranted hype that others are using. One of them stated that even the worst case "Climate Change" can be dealt with withh little or no problem or inconvenience. These folks are the Co-Founder of Greenpeace as well as a number of other very knowledgable people that see that it is being misused to extort money and raise taxes. "Global Warming" is NOT RESPONSIBLE for Hurricane Sandy which was only a category one hurricane, nor is it reponsible for the tornados, droughts or forest fires. These have all been worse prior to industrialization and larger concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The weather is all caused by the "Jet Stream" which is a result of the earth's rotation and it tends to move up and down in cycles re: "El Nino" and "La Nina". These mindless people at the UN think they can alter the weather by taxing everyone to death. Solar flares can affect the weather also and we are going to get a big one pretty quick. I saw a woman interviewed on NBC the other night worrying about her kids because of "Global Warming" which is unneccessary as she is being lied to by NBC and others who are forcasting gloom and doom. I want to ask one question. Can anybody in this world honestly say that they have been affected by "Global Warming?

  5. DrAnalog says:

    Just by the fact that global warming is now called climate change should tell us what a hoax this is. Nobody can argue with climate change, it used to be called weather. It's a real stretch to believe that man has the ability to control earth's climate. This hoax is being perpetrated by some very evil people, so that they will have total control over everyone..

  6. Lowell says:

    Why do you need to water rocks twice a week?

  7. Gil, since you don't understand the concept of a false analogy, let me educate you.

    A false analogy is a faulty instance of the argument from analogy.

    Several factors affect the strength of the argument from analogy:

    The relevance of the known similarities to the similarity inferred in the conclusion.

    The amount and variety of the examples in the analogy.

    The number of characteristics that the things being compared share.

    An argument from analogy is weakened if it is inadequate in any of the above respects. The term "false analogy" comes from the philosopher John Stuart Mill, who was one of the first individuals to engage in a detailed examination of analogical reasoning.One of Mill's examples involved an inference that some person is lazy from the observation that his or her sibling is lazy. According to Mill, sharing parents is not all that relevant to the property of laziness

    In this case the analogy is poor because cigarette smoking causing cancer is backed up by scientific studies showing a causal link. In contrast, global warming caused by carbon dioxide production does not have a basis in scientific studies, as temperatures stopped warming around 1998 despite the fact that carbon dioxide production kept increasing.

    Gil has tried to defend man-made global warming here in the past by citing temperature increases that were based on made up numbers. That thoroughly destroyed his credibility.

  8. Daniel Spickard says:

    There is no such thing as global warming in the sense that man can understand. Back when the earth was first formed the earth rotated on its true north/south axis, and there were no polar ice caps. The earth was hot and humid all the way around. Then an asteroid hit the earth at the equator at a 45 degree angle throwing the earth off its true axis causing the ice age which killed off the dinosaurs (which gave us our fossil fuels of today). Now the earth is wobbling back up to its true axis once again. This is how nature controls the climate on earth. As for CO2, mother nature controls that as well. Since we had all those wild fires out west killing all of those trees that take in CO2, and expel oxygen, nature has to balance the high CO2 by rain fall. The water vapor in the atmosphere builds up to capacity then falls to the ground bringing with it the CO2 to feed the plants so the cycle can continue.

  9. RLOwen says:

    This is untrue. American politicians, particularly Barack Obama, constantly take action based on Global Warming. They rob the public coffers and pass along our money to their cronies to fund phony green projects. Half the money gets lost. Some comes back to the politicians and they're all happy and we keep paying. What a system. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  10. That is the poorest comparison I have seen so far, drank the Cool aid did you?
    The Global Cooling / Warming / Climate Change scam has broken down under the weight of it's own lies and propaganda. Nobody buys this crap anymore. Just an excuse for more controlling bureaucrats and higher taxes.
    If you Want to stop climate change, then put a 10 mil thick 2 gallon plastic bag over your head, secure tightly with a strong cord. The CO2 emissions will stop and you will quickly be out of everyones misery. A win-Win for the Environment, Science and the citizens.

  11. redmeatstate says:

    Deception, subterfuge, and tyranny are the defining issues of our time.

  12. JH Laprime says:

    When I was in College, it was global cooling that was threatening the planet. When that scam failed. it was turned on its head with Al Gore and Chicken Little proclaiming: "the globe is warming, the globe is warming, we all gonna fry"!
    Can we get the "junk" out of science and go back to empirical, repeatable and verified results, instead of a "consensus of the paid/bribed?

  13. carlwk3c says:

    The tyrants put up a boogie man that they claim they will save us from, if only we will give them all of our assets, allow them total control over every aspect of our lives, and become their slaves. Phuck 'em!

  14. carlwk3c says:

    It's never been about the climate or the good of mankind. It's always been about money and power.

  15. WhiteFalcon says:

    "…If we do not take urgent action, all our plans for increased global prosperity and security will be undone.” For the word "prosperity" substitute the word control or dominance and you have the whole reason for pushing the fraud of global warming. It is all about power and global control and global tyranny.

  16. kenny9876 says:

    Global warming religionists overwhelmingly are clueless as to the science, which is that globally averaged temperatures warmed about one-third of a degree from 1978-1997 (and probably one-quater of a degree if you use satellite measurement), followed by no statistically significant warming for 17 years. From this they built a false case that C02 was at fault, ignoring all the naturally occurring factors that have always controled climate. It was always about control, niot science.

  17. The carbonazis are religionists. Great Britain has even accorded belief in "human caused global warming" the status of a religion. Which it is. Not science.

    And never forget what these true believers are capable of when they aren't taken seriously. Many thousands of men and women were burned alive at the stake because a deranged group of fanatics in that earlier age were convinced that witches and warlocks really existed.

  18. allosaur says:

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Do $omething now! Or we will all die! The sky is falling!

  19. allosaur says:

    Guess I will always have a shadow post.

  20. Absolutely true, although they are still trying create the illusion . Fortunately many are seeing it for the illusion that it is . 30K scientist signed a petition, stating it is bogus and NOT based in any scientific fact? that is quite a few and all are verified . Oregon petitions put that out, so good on them.

    Just another grand control mechanism .

  21. New World Order, agenda 21, one world Government . Take your pick, its all about control and this administration
    is pushing HARD FOR IT.

  22. That woman would better serve her kids and her country, if she would worry and do something about how the UnAffordable Health Care Act is going to bankrupt her childrens and grandchildrens future.

  23. Redwhiteblu says:

    You are absolutely right…..there has been ice ages…..global warming for millions and millions of years….eons before man has inhabited the earth

  24. TinStarred says:

    ……and what these morons don't understand is that liberalism is not unlike riding a tiger……after eating everyone else, it will eventually eat you too. A perfect example of the insanity of liberalism and the law of unintended consequences. I guess this is why many think it is a mental disorder; their beliefs and actions not based on facts, truth or even reality in many cases. Much of the blame for this can be laid at the feet of our public education system.

  25. Global warming bears a striking resemblance to the relgious cults that sprang up during the 19th century. Self-proclaimed prophets preached that apocalypse was imminent. The solution, for the few who wanted to survive, was to surrender all their worldly goods and move to a cult compound controlled by a tyrannical cult leader. The Anyone with the slightest skepticism that an apocalypse was imminent was pretty much told that he or she was too stupid to live anyway, and called "infidel," "apostate," "denier," and other slurs.

    Few of these cults have survived, but the ones that have eventually tacitly admitted that the predicted apocalypse was not going to occur, and quietly moved it out of their public personna and into the darkest, dustiest archives.

  26. Oh, fie!! Metinks the environazis will finally crawl back under the rock from whence they emerged…………riiiiiggghhhhttt! Just keep beating them back with facts, just the facts. I know…. they are fundamentally unable to understand the facts.

  27. Holy Shirt says:

    "The Global Warming Movement Has Run Out of Gas"

    Tell that to the ['All the News that Fits we Print'] New York Times!

    Earlier this week they featured a front-page editorial, disguised as an "Official Study," drawing the opposite conclusion.

  28. When the last global warming fanatic is carted off to the loony bin strait-jacketed and foaming at the mouth that you can put water in a sauce pan, set it on the stove, turn on the heat and it will turn into a block of ice, only then will the world be free of their deranged nonsense. Of course, there will still be the schemers who know it's all B.S., but conceal the real unstated goal is to impose a carbon tax on humanity.

  29. Smoking is centuries old yet lung cancer only started to appear around 1930.

  30. "Smoking is centuries old yet lung cancer only started to appear around 1930."

    Completely wrong Gil. Malignant lung cancer was known since before1878 at the very least. The link between smoking and lung cancer was established in the 1920s, but that doesn't mean lung cancer didn't appear before that.

  31. A glimpse of any third world country tells us that food, shelter, clothing, sanitation and medical care are a vital aspect of the human environment. Our legislators should regard the economy as important to mans’ survival as brine shrimp, meadow mice, wet lands, climate, or weather. The EPA – Environmental Protection Agency – may be well meaning, but it may just as well be destroying our most essential environment – the economy. The country may be in need of another EPA – an Economy Protection Agency to serve as a check and balance against environmental wackos.

  32. Stuart Shepherd says:

    This is undoubtedly true, but there is also very sound scientific reasoning to support the concept or belief that man does contribute to ozone depletion and the accumulation of greenhouse gases in ways and amounts that it (mankind) has never previously done. That being said- 1. We just can't stop going on living or even in pretty much the same fashion that we are right at the moment and "renewable energy" is simply not viable for the overall picture of our energy needs without draining every last penny of the treasury and all our personal accounts (and even not then!), 2. It's global, so the advances we've made are offset by China's massive pollution (and India) so there's really no point in us knocking ourselves out any further until there is sometype of global adherence. In light of these facts, "reasonable" would be to simply proceed with fracking and the use of gas, which is a win-win because it will help our economy (greatly) and reduce greenhouse gases. Simple! (but nothing ever is when you're dealing with politicians).

  33. bouttime says:

    It's all a scam by the ruling "elite" they want us gone from this earth. We must not give in. There is nothing happening on this planet climate wise that didn't happen thousands of years ago. We are dealing with cosmic powers and of course our government has a top secret weather modification program called HAARP that is being used against the people to make the sheep believe the lies. Dont give in

  34. bouttime says:

    The EPA isn't well meaning. Their goal is to destroy the middle class. make us all dependent on them, the government

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