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California School District Assigns Essay On Whether Holocaust Was A Hoax

Posted on May 6, 2014

The Rialto school district in California is under fire over a stunning eighth-grade assignment that asked students to write an argumentative essay about the Holocaust and “whether or not you believe this was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.”

The thoroughly debunked idea that the Holocaust was nothing more than a “hoax” created by the Jews has long been alleged by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.

The San Bernardino Sun first reported on the 18-page assignment that gives students three sources to use to write their essays. One of the sources reportedly alleges the gassings in concentration camps were a “hoax” and there is no evidence Jews actually died in gas chambers.

The source, traced to a webpage on biblebelievers.org.au, states: “With all this money at stake for Israel, it is easy to comprehend why this Holocaust hoax is so secretly guarded. In whatever way you can, please help shatter this profitable myth. It is time we stop sacrificing America’s welfare for the sake of Israel and spend our hard-earned dollars on Americans.”

The other two sources were from About.com and History.com, KTLA-TV reports.

In a statement issued Monday, the school district said Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam would meet with administrators to make sure references to the Holocaust “not occurring” are taken out of current assignments and not included in future assignments.

The Los Angeles-area chapter of the Anti-Defamation League sent an email to the school district blasting the assignment.

“It is ADL’s general position that an exercise asking students to question whether the Holocaust happened has no academic value; it only gives legitimacy to the hateful and anti-Semitic promoters of Holocaust Denial,” the email reportedly states.

In a separate blog post, the ADL said there’s no evidence that the assignment was given as part of a “larger, insidious, agenda.” However, the post continued, “the district seems to have given the assignment with an intent, although misguided, to meet Common Core standards relating to critical learning skills.”

A spokesman for the Rialto school district told KTLA-TV in a statement that the district’s “CORE team” would meet to revise the assignment.

“The Common Core state standards, which have been adopted by most states and the District of Columbia, emphasize critical thinking in students, which is what the assignment is intended to teach, according to school board member Joe Martinez,” The San Bernardino Sun adds.

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29 thoughts on “California School District Assigns Essay On Whether Holocaust Was A Hoax

  1. Keith B Denney says:

    I believe COMMON CORE is a dangerous attempt to CONTROL the schools even MORE than it does NOW! But being CALIFORICATION you have to give them a little break THEY MAY REALLY NOT KNOW it was real! Props to the "Administration" when they were caught in this CRAP they backed off!!! They could said anything such as 1st amendment right of free STUPID speech!

  2. Sharon Metro says:

    Look at the "interim superintendent's" name and see if THAT doesn't answer the question as to why this even came up…! America better wake up – we're being influenced by people whose political agenda is not a "common core value" or even an AMERICAN one!

  3. The common rhetoric has been "It's for the children." Well then let it be for the children. Stop the lying, the deceptions and the restricting or learning in the public schools. Truth be known, not many families have the ability or finances to home school. Vouchers have always been a good idea to allow some competition in education and to get this idea some more traction we (parents, grandparents) need to park on local school boards and forcefully dismiss the teacher's unions in favor of our kids.

  4. Barbaree says:

    Unbelievable, isn't it!! I thought it was a joke!

  5. peleus212 says:

    At least we know why kids are so low on the world education classes, their heads are pumped so full of BS propaganda there is no room / time to dwell on real facts and useful information. That could cause them to choose better at the voting booth.

  6. Is California real, or is it just a hoax to bleed money from the rest of the country?

  7. marcjeric32 says:

    "Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam…" Is this real or am I living a nightmare?

  8. Now I am really curious to read some of the essays the 8th graders turned in on this topic.

  9. justjammin says:

    They will keep preaching it, the older, educated people will die, and a whole new history will be written. These leftists are not just progressives, they are communists. they live in la-la land. We have to get them out of teaching.
    We are losing our country fast.

  10. Oh dear, watch for History Channel to rerun a bunch of episodes about Hitler and the Third Reich. Followed by a healthy dose of McCarthy-ism. And — as always — Hollywood probably has a bunch of projects poised for mass distribution and consumption: Nazi vampires, Santa Claus vs. the Nazis, Nazi porn, Nazi werewolves, Nazi this, Nazi that…….

  11. Maybe some of those schoolkids could pick as their subject "Financial Scams Inspired By The 'Holocaust'" like this one. Or this one. Or, perhaps this one. Or — oh, I don't know….this one.

  12. allosaur says:

    When I watched left wing people do their Occupy Movement on TV, I was rather shocked at the many they carried that put down Jews. Many Jewish celebrities have revealed themselves to be supporters of left wing causes. So I just don't get it. I'm a Christian libertarian with a hard conservative slant who has always considered Jews to be God's chosen people. That's what it says in the Bible and Jesus was born a Jew.

  13. Perhaps it should be mandatory for public school administrators to engage parents as part of the study material and curriculum selection. Apparently the overpaid administrators and teachers graduating from our prestigious institutions of "lower learning" i.e. liberal strongholds cannot function without the help of "big brother". Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to recall a time past when another "big brother" came close to destroying mankind.

  14. Rattlerjake says:

    There is no Cali-fornia, it is Mexifornia.

  15. Rattlerjake says:

    It would be even more interesting to see how they are graded. Do they get a better grade for pro-holocaust or con-holocaust?

  16. podunk1 says:

    Got to say this again…

    True, but…! Truth will set us free! Fire the "super" & anyone else involved! Force "them" (superintendent, unions, whoever) out of "hiding" and into the open, by very publicly forcing them into endless explanations of the unexplainable. As the spider says, come, visit my "web", we'll compromise on opinions, agree on facts, and then have dinner!

    There is nothing like a corrupted public meeting on the "web"! FORCE THE ISSUES – MAKE IT HAPPEN, and there will be peace in the valley… free of ticks and dung beetles!

    pass it on!

  17. Neal Avery says:

    Maybe this will show the "Religion of Peace," apologists what the "Religion of Peace," is all about. Hello, Democrats, do you see what "The Religion of Peace" is all about? Do you really think they will vote for you when they get enough of them in our country to vote in their own candidates. Check Europe if you don't believe me.

  18. Neal Avery says:

    Where are the Rabbis? Could this be how the Holocaust got started? Where were the Rabbis then?

  19. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    More school instructional time wasted on past events in history, accepted as the truth because it is the truth and must be instruced that way! Eisenhower said, " Take a lot of pictures boys, document everything, document the bodies and starvation, take pictures of the ovens, raid the camps, arrest the perpretaters, cause sure as hell some azzhole is going to say, it never happened". He knew these idiots pretty well, didn't he? Our school leadership is sure hurting.

  20. The left is in alliance with Islam. The left has always been very adept at re-writing history and twisting issues through carefully controlling the language they use in the mdeia, etc. This is just another attempt to foment the leftist/Islamist agenda and destroy our freedoms.
    The lefty power fanatics want to tell everyone how they should live, what they should eat, drink, think, read, say, and feel.- Dean Kuntz paraphrase, DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART. p. 483.

  21. SunniD says:

    mohammad z islam ?? Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Lorraine E says:

    The illegal dept. of education (Indoctrination) should be defunded and eliminated. The responsibility for education should be returned to the local level where it belongs. Children should be educated and not indoctrinated.

  23. LiberalsRCommies says:

    Why is it that someone who questions a jewish fable is automatically anti semitic? Do you see how this pre-emptive strike is always pointed at covering up the truth and blaming the messenger?
    1) Jesus was not a Jew, He was a Hebrew of the Israelite tribe of Judah.
    2) DNA proves that jews have very little Israelite blood in them.
    3) The Big Lie of the Holocaust was tried in WW1 but the jews didnt have total control over the worlds media yet.
    5) Our bible says "Do not believe in Jewish Fables".

  24. Education in public schools is nothing but political indoctrination. The slaves are more useful if they are taught how to read and write, but to make them harmless, they are brainwashed into being unable to think for themselves.

    The political bent of this is very obvious, given that a more appropriate assignment would have been to have the students investigate the claims of global warming to see if they are real, or simply a hoax to aggregate political power and money in the hands of a few. But that assignment will never be given, because it is unthinkable to question anything as sacred as the apocalyptic global warming cult.

    Apparently, though, it is o.k. to question the factuality of an event that has been completely verified, and that is directly responsible for the existence of a nation that liberals (and coincidentally, Islamic terrorists,) hate: Israel.

    No one would tolerate a takeover of the public schools by a right wing cult that assigned a paper questioning the existence of slavery in the antebellum US.

  25. so what you are saying is that the American Soldiers that came across the death camps are all liars, my Uncle was one of those Soldiers.

  26. They, the Dept. of Education, do not want Home Schooling or any other type that will interfere with their indoctrination of our children. They want complete control over brainwashing. I watch every assignment coming home now because in CO I've found several that were flat out liberal bs; some pushing the "paying your fair share" ideas in Comp/Lit. Parents, please open your eyes. If you can't afford private school or homeschooling then watch carefully what your children bring home and ask questions at conferences.

  27. Look at all of the other blame games….Obamacare costs are the Insurance Companies fault, Cancellations, again, the Ins. Co's fault along with the GREEDY employers. Cut in hours due to the ACA, employers fault. The coming layoffs and hour reductions……employer, Lack of jobs….Bush, Gun violence…..legally-owned firearms, This administration always has someone to blame and funny enough, they are working hand-in-hand with the Insurance Companies and Banks.

  28. The modern "jews" lost God's favor and are not His chosen people as they rejected the Messiah who is Jesus. They are an accursed race as the Bible says they said, when crucifying Jesus, "let His blood be upon us and our children" Matthew 27:25. They (perhaps specifically it may be said Jewish supremacists) are also responsible for the Federal Reserve which commits sins of usury and many socially degenerate policies of our time.

    Also, Mr. North, please see —–> dailystormer.com. Many have woken up to the truth, especially in light of the genocide against the Palestinians perpetrated by Israel. A man wrote that "genocide is justifiable" in this case against the Palestinians. It wasn't ok when the Nazis supposedly targeted Jews – is this not hypocrisy? There is a pictoral comparison of Nazis to Israelis circulating the internet. The Holocaust is a myth promoted to expand Jewish power, although like all myths it contains elements of truth.

    Do your research, people.

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