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Almost Blast from the Past: Nuclear Explosion in North Carolina

Written by Gary North on April 30, 2014

The CBS news show, 60 Minutes, reported that shortly after JFK was inaugurated, a bomber with a nuclear bomb accidentally dropped it on North Carolina. It came close to going off.

Close, but no exploding cigar.

The show said that we have 400 nuclear missiles in the ground. They did not mention MIRVed warheads: 10 warheads per missile. So, it’s one bomb per missile, if we are to believe the story. Yet to keep these armed and ready, it will cost the government $25 billion a year to upgrade them. Some of the equipment was deployed in the Nixon administration.

Will they be upgraded? Don’t count on it. Missile command is more like Missile Command than they admit: old and forgotten.

The phones barely work. They will be fixed . . . in a few years. They are analog phones.

They will keep the 8-inch floppy disks. They are immune from cyber attack. They are too old for the Internet hacks to get too them.

Where do they buy them? Not Radio Shack.

Why not just deploy nuclear missiles on submarines and bombers? You can at least call back a bomber, unless it’s Dr. Stragelove.

Can you call back a sub-launched missile? No one asked.

The land-based missiles are targets. Why not switch to train-based cruise missiles? They can be called back. They are slow: about 600 mph. Because they are slow, they are defensive weapons only — launched after a first strike on the U.S. They cannot be targeted: mobile.

I recommended this 30 years ago. The technology was there. It is better now. It gets land-based missiles off anyone’s radar. But no. We stick with the old systems.

Why? Infrastructure. Human infrastructure. Bureaucracy. Careers. “Better to be inside a missile target than to be inside a shut-down branch of the Air Force.”

Like floppy disks, bureaucracies persevere. But upgrades are very expensive.

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8 thoughts on “Almost Blast from the Past: Nuclear Explosion in North Carolina

  1. marycrum says:

    Gov. sure doesn't mind spending our money on their pet projects, supplying food stamps to Mexico, funding terrorist organizations, muti- million dollar vacations for the Obama's, dozens of personal servants for Mrs. Obama, lavish parties, and on and on and on. He not only won't update our defense but he is eliminating a lot of it.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Very scary world we live in!
    I do not believe America should be the "Police for the World",
    but I do believe in "Peace through Strength".

    On any other ideas, I don't know.
    Maybe a Tea Party candidate would be interested in updating and keeping our military strong and viable.

  3. 2warabnvet says:

    It sounds as if CBS aired a "scare story" to promote Obama's unilateral disarmament scheme.

  4. kc135topboom says:

    The 400 ICBMs are the Minuteman III missiles, a product of the late 1960s, but they have been upgraded, at least through 1990. They are not capable of carrying 10 MIRVs, they carry 3 MIRVs, for a total force of 1200 warheads. The SLBM Trident II missile on our SSBNs can carry up to 10 MIRVs, they don't have as long a distance to fly. The Ohio class SSBNs can carry up to 24 SLBMs. Fourteen of the Ohio class boats are still SSBNs, and 4 have been converted to SSGNs. Our nuclear strike bomber force consists of 20 B-2As and 65 B-52Hs. The B-52 can carry up to 20 nuclear armed cruise missiles, the B-2 can carry up to 24 of them. The bombers also can carry any of the nation's nuclear free fall bombs.

  5. pastorvon says:

    The only problem is that the bomb was not armed. It could not be detonated. The free-fall bombs like the that was dropped in North Carolina had to be armed manually.

  6. Micky T.v GUEST says:

    typo error? I'm sure that the train carrying missiles DO NOT travel 600 mph! Perhaps more like 60 mph??

  7. Bean Bagger says:

    This is what happens when you put Demoncraps and career politicians in power. When we get attacked and pulverized they will stick out like a sore thumb, you know what I mean?

  8. When comparing modern day Hiroshima to modern day Detroit it can be easily argued atomic bombs aren't particularly worse than other types of weaponry.