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Kerry Refers to Israel as a Not-Quite Apartheid State

Written by Gary North on April 29, 2014

Well, it finally happened. Secretary of State John Kerry has pulled off a verbal faux pas that makes Joe Biden look like a rank amateur.

He publicly said that the State of Israel is bordering on becoming an apartheid state.

Now the fun begins.

The waffling.

The “I meant to says.”

The “he meant to says.”

The “I assume he meant to says.”

The verbal soft shoes are being laced up as we speak. The song and dance will begin before the day is out.

This is a foot-in-mouth declaration that will ring through the halls of Congress all the way to AIPAC. It’s an election year for Congress.

This is the best thing for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in weeks. “Let’s put Benghazi behind us.” This will do it. Benghazi was a minor event compared to this, media-wise.

Election years are mostly about entertainment value. This will have great entertainment value.

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32 thoughts on “Kerry Refers to Israel as a Not-Quite Apartheid State

  1. Simon Jester says:

    Most corrupt, idiotic administration ever…

  2. A;L EISNER says:

    Kerry is one of the biggest idiots in this idiotic administration and a joke as a Secretary of State

  3. Kerry is too stupid to know that many Arabs live and work in Israel – something impossible for an Israeli in the surrounding Muslim-controlled countries.

    Of course, he and the "progressives" have their insane agenda.

  4. We've all heard the slogan "Don't Mess with Texas." Well, the same thing applies to Israel and even more so. That is God's land and He doesn't like it when someone messes with it. When will politicians learn! Every time they open their mouths against Israel or the Israelis He sends a catastrophe against the U.S. This time it's devastating storms and tornadoes. Do the research yourself and you will find that it happens every time.

  5. NIKITA 63 says:

    KERRY IS , ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE A CAHMEOELEON AND A NIOT VERY BRIGHT AND COWARDLY ONE AT THAT.! He vilified others' service in Vietnam with scurrilous accusations of command staff duplicity and widespread atrocities which were NEVER substantiated because the NEVER happened. He hung with other anti-war protestors of the time because his political career and his duplicity DEMANDED he be in the ublic eye and controversial but he is a consummate and pathological liar and in the end , truly not very bright. Hius posturing now over the Israeli Apartheid remarks shows him for the scoundrel he is and has always been. He should not be in the position he is bit then , NEITHER SHOULD HIS EQUALLY UNFIT PREDECESSOR; HILLARY CLINTON AND HER OWN FIASCO STILL NOT HELD EITHER RESPONSIBLE OR ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DEATHS INVOLVED IN BENGHAZI-GATE! THEY ARE DISGUSTING; !AS IS TGIS ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION

  6. ccfonten says:

    It is patently obvious the hatred for Israel this administration has combined with obvious preferential treatment to those who are self proclaimed enemies of us as well as Israel.
    It is also glaringly obvious Kerry's total lack of knowledge of Israel and the muslim terrorists!!
    Heard a great comment: Lurch Kerry makes hitlery look successful.
    Now that is truly scary!

  7. marcjeric32 says:

    There is a difference between Kerry and Biden, as follows:
    1) Biden is a low-IQ bloviating gasbag;
    2) Kerry is a dangerous psychopath with strong traitor tendencies.

  8. marcjeric32 says:

    No secrets there; after all, Kerry serves the purposes of Mullah B. Hussein Obama, our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya.

  9. Occasionally the mask comes off and the truth slips out. This administration has aliened itself with America's enemies. the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Hugo Chavez, etc. That Israel is being pressured to accept suicidal conditions to appease this administration is obvious. To think Israel would accept suicidal conditions is arrogance beyond belief. Kerry is backing agreements he knows Israel cannot accept and is now putting the blame on Israel for not bowing down in submission to this administration's demands in the name of "achieving peace.". What Israel is being offered is a piece of ……………….

  10. Kerry sure as hell has nothing on Hillary!! The idiocy continues!!

  11. marjorie says:

    Now just what is apartheid? How does this apply to Israel? Where does Kerry get this administrations view to carry out this "apartheid"? Do I need to go any further?

  12. John thomas says:

    He was an embarrassment to America with his self-serving attacks on fellow vets during the Viet Nam era. It has always been about "John" and what he could get out of it. It was only a matter of time before he embarrassed America again.

  13. Kerry is just as anti-Israel as Obama is and both border on being anti-Semites. Kerry's statement on Israel was no mistake, he told the truth but didn't think anybody would object.

  14. I hartily agree to every reasoned thought that you have put forth here.!
    Then again, is it not the liberal press, that failed to test Kerry, Obama, and a host of other Obama staff and appointees, that has led to these meatheads coming into positions of power; creating policies that have furthered the hatred of Americans? Every day in every way, it is the Liberal Media that floats to the top of the news pond, just like the scum that they are and represent.

  15. I hartily agree to every reasoned thought that you have put forth here.!
    Then again, is it not the liberal press, that failed to test Kerry, Obama, and a host of other Obama staff and appointees, that has led to these meatheads coming into positions of power; creating policies that have furthered the hatred of Americans? Every day in every way, it is the Liberal Media that floats to the top of the news pond, just like the scum that they are and represent.

  16. Meanwhile Israeli Arabs live better in Israel than some in Saudi Arabia itself! For instance women have all the rights and privileges that men have. How do women fare in Arabia? Fk this stupid bastard Kerry.

  17. That what Liberals are! When they are caught committing sins against God or against anyone, they will do their mighty best to reason out. Kerry will kill himself first before admitting his mistakes. But these 3 steps should help him wake up to his senses. To apologize,. follow these 3 steps:First, admit that you are real sorry for your mistake without justifying it. Second, promise not to do it again. Third, offer a restitution to the affected party..

  18. Kerry and Hillary have no differences between them. They are both as bright as Obama and Obama is not bright at all.
    Not only that, all three of them have no lights on above the cellar.

  19. peleus212 says:

    On an up note he is no longer screwing up in Congress he has taken screw ups to the world stage now

  20. peleus212 says:

    Both have raised flatulence to a whole new level

  21. Kerry is just like Obama. He says what he means then when it is exposed to criticism it wasn't what he meant to say. The man is anti-American and anti-Semitic. He should be removed from his office immediately. He is a embarrassment to any true American. He hates Israel as much as Obama does. That is what got him his office in the first place. That and his longstanding hatred of America.

  22. mole_johnson says:

    Why can't this "moe-ron" and Barak just go away?

  23. Amateur Hour at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave – twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

  24. msjallen says:

    Please resign, Kerry, you are just making things worse. Of course he can't see that because he has been blinded by his narcissistic personality.

  25. Apartheid is a system of racial segregation,where the right of the blacks where curtailed in South Africa,this has nothing to do with the rights of blacks,or race its about people trying to divide the land of Israel,and steal the land allotted to the Israelites,and to annihilate Yahweh's chosen people,the plan is the same as always Satan uses ignorant people like John Kerry and Barack Obama to attempt to carry out his own evil plans,he knows that if the land is divided by men,that Yahweh will judge all that was involved in this travesty,remember those blood moons a few days ago,that people poo pooed,and said there was nothing to them,well we will see shortly want we,if anyone thinks Yahweh won't Judge us over this you are just kidding your self,he will always carry out his Judgments to the last tittle.

  26. Offer restitution you say,well that means we will give the Palestinians some more of our money,that is the liberal idea of restitution and Justification,keep in mind they have turned the world upside down,wrong is right,and right is wrong.pride will not allow them to admit any wrong in this,even if the evidence says otherwise,they will pass the buck,and slither out from under any responsibility for anything if possible.

  27. In light of the disgraceful and disgusting recent remarks from Secretary of State John Kerry calling Israel an apartheid state and comparing it to South Africa of thirty years ago America will do well to remember the words of a former president:

    “I will insist the Hebrews have [contributed] more to civilize men than any other nation. If I was an atheist and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations …

    They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. The Romans and their empire were but a bubble in comparison to the Jews. They have given religion to three-quarters of the globe and have influenced the affairs of mankind more and more happily than any other nation, ancient or modern.”

    President John Adams
    Letter dated February 16, 1808

  28. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Arabs living in Israel have more rights and freedoms in Israel than they have in Arab countries, and Kerry makes those stupid remarks? His verbalizing is an open window of how his mind works. He's always been a whacky BS artist, and nothing more.

  29. Obama is surrounding himself with people who will think like him, support him in all he says and does, so what can
    one expect from any of his nominations placed into office?

  30. 2warabnvet says:

    And, Traitor John is a "not-quite" American.

  31. Joanne says:

    We have an administration that is bent on turning everyone into a racist, so they now think all of us will go along with there warped views .. GUESS WHAT .. most Americans are not racists ,and we do not fall for all the *@#%&**#@ coming out of washington

  32. Joanne says:

    skip the first three and go right to number 4 retirement (without a pension) ..