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Woman’s Wild Ride Stops Bank Robber From Getting Away

Posted on April 28, 2014

Who can possibly know why Tina Gleim made such a dangerously bold move?

Whatever lit the fire under her, the volunteer treasurer for a nonprofit group — who has stage-four colon cancer — knows one thing for sure: Had she been sporting a vehicle fancier than her pickup truck with 190,000 miles on it, she may not have gone through with her wild ride.

It all started when Gleim, 51, was in the middle of the most mundane of chores Thursday morning — filling out paperwork at a bank.

Little did she know she was in store for much more adventure within minutes.

Gleim exited the PNC Bank in Warrington Township — about an hour west of Lancaster, Pennsylvania — to roll down the window on her pickup truck to give her 10-year-old deaf and adopted Siberian Husky, Echo, some extra air.

At about the same time a man exited the bank and starting running across the parking lot. Then a breathless, shaking teller told Gleim he’d just robbed the bank.

“I guess I wanted to take some action if I could,” she told WHTM-TV in Harrisburg.

So she she hopped into her pickup and followed the suspect who was headed to a different parking lot where his getaway vehicle awaited.

And when Gleim eyed the culprit in the driver’s seat, something inside she can’t quite explain took over.

“The opportunity just presented itself to step on the gas and run into his vehicle to try to disable it,” she told WHTM on camera. “It just happened. It wasn’t a lot of thought process.”

After Gleim rammed the guy’s ride, he “looked at me and he’s thinking ‘This woman is nuts.’

“Maybe I am,” she told WHTM wistfully.

The robbery suspect, 38-year-old Alexis Laskowski of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, drove only about a quarter-mile before his vehicle became disabled from the crash, police said. He was arrested after a 30-minute search involving four police agencies and a state police helicopter.

Gleim’s response when she heard the good news?

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t total my truck for nothing.”

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13 thoughts on “Woman’s Wild Ride Stops Bank Robber From Getting Away

  1. Good for Tina Gleim !! Maybe the bank will help fund a replacement vehicle for her.

  2. Way to go Gleim.!!!!

  3. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Any reward should include a new vehicle in a lot better condition than the one she had before.

    I'm thinking a NEW F-250 with a grill guard strong enough to fully protect the front end the next time she decided to ram a bad guy.

  4. Oscar Byington says:

    The way things are now a days its a miracle she will not be charged for ramming the robber. She at least ought to be rewarded by the bank for stopping the robber. By all means

  5. fred turner says:

    the bank will finance her new pickup for 27.5% for 12 years..

  6. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a reward if I were her. Banks are notoriously tight.

  7. The good guys win a battle. You take them where you can when the bad people run everything now.

  8. arrest her says:

    what a sick bitch, voluntarily apprehending a hero who assaulted a fiat currency fractional reserve bank, truly the vast majority of americans are now perfectly conditioned and controlled by the occupying force.

  9. and the robber will probably sue her for unknown injuries and get rich off the law suit, the lawyer that handles the case and wins can retire the scrum
    There should be a Law that if you are injured in a crime you cannot sue anyone for any injury you receive.
    That always bugs me about home robbers would sue owner for his injury or family sues for his death at hand of homeowner.

  10. Way to go Tina! We need more citizens like you.

  11. Carl Heresy says:

    Citizen involvement… reward it, not punish. It'd be interesting to hear what happens. I'd chip in a few bucks toward a new truck for her. Or her bail.

  12. applaud her says:

    She's a part of the 1%–a woman who has balls.

  13. msjallen says:

    Instead of possible injury to herself, I wonder if she could have called 911 & followed the criminal? This way she can avoid a possible lawsuit and distruction to her truck. Criminal think they have the right to sue even if they are at fault.