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Were Pulitzer Prizes Awarded To Traitors?

Posted on April 24, 2014

I rarely write rebuttals to articles, but sometimes an article is written that is odious and ignorant enough to warrant a counter-article in order to clear the air of the pollution that these mole-sighted “journalists” vomit into our collective consciousness.

The article of note in this case is an editorial by conservative hack Michael Goodwin, who is currently poisoning minds at the NY Post. Goodwin wrote an article on April 20th titled, ”The Pulitzers Reward Traitors and Treason.” I will utilize excerpts of that article in my rebuttal, the full text of which can be found here.

Goodwin begins with a typical broad, foolish statement:

It’s official: Treason is cool and traitors are acceptable sources for journalists. The Pulitzer Prize says so.

Immediately questions are raised if you are a person who doesn’t implicitly trust the State to always have the best interests of the people in mind: Who exactly is the traitor here? And who has committed treason?

According to the State, Edward Snowden is the traitor. However, his actions can barely hold a candle to those undertaken by the government against the people, which was revealed in the documents Snowden shared. Were there some “universal court,” which was somehow legitimized, our “leaders” would have been tried and hanged for treason against their own people enough times over that all of Middle America would be gallows. Are crimes against the people lesser than those against the State? Only because the State has the power to brand with a scarlet “T” those who would oppose it.

In giving the 2014 Public Service award to The Washington Post and The Guardian for publishing stories based on Edward Snowden’s stolen documents, the Pulitzer judges gave their stamp of approval to news organizations that cooperate with criminals and compromise national security. No doubt the lesson will trickle down to scoop-hungry young journalists that they should cultivate people willing to betray America.

Snowden has been categorized as a criminal by some and a hero by others, but honestly that shouldn’t matter in the least. State law enforcement agencies deal with criminals all the time during investigations, but even more egregiously, the State also intentionally deals with perpetrators of war crimes. The State also finds allies in thieves, rapists, murderers, etc., all in the name of National Security. Why? In order to put U.S.-friendly leaders on the throne (which almost always results in blowback).

So why should the media, which is supposed to be one of the protections intended to keep the State accountable, be any different? If the truth is the truth and wrongdoing is exposed, does it matter that it comes from a “hero” or “villain”? Absolutely not. But Mr. Goodwin would like us to play by some set of imaginary rules that walk the razors edge of journalistic morality. If the government doesn’t play by these rules, why should the media?

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4 thoughts on “Were Pulitzer Prizes Awarded To Traitors?

  1. Main stream media has sold out to the Obama administration. Fox news hasn't sold out~yet. But, about the only place you can get the REAL news is online. i.e. If the online report on the Bundy ranch situation hadn't gotten out, that whole family would probably have been wiped out. The BLM had 300 armed men surrounding that ranch, & were really being horrible, until they figured out that there was more of US than there were of THEM. Thank God for the internet!

  2. Holy Shirt says:

    Is anyone in the Washington press corps old enough to remember Radical Revolutionary Patty Hearst's bank heists?

    Are any of them smart or independent enough to report her current role as the biggest media tycoon in the U.S.A.?

  3. AD Roberts says:

    Who cares about the Pulitzer? I don't. But I do believe that Snowden IS a hero and a true patriot.
    The only, and I say ONLY, people who believe that he is a traitor and that he hurt American interests ARE people who have a VESTED interest in DOING ILLEGAL THINGS and they want to make sure that NO ONE tells on them
    When you hear someone condemn Snowden, KNOW that they are MOST likely a corrupt and evil person.

  4. AD Roberts says:

    This WILL be the pattern. The government wants to restrict our communication and prevent us from knowing what they are about to do.
    Then they will attack and kill or INTERN people by OVERWHELMING them with superior firepower and numbers.
    If they can do their deed without anyone EVER knowing about it, so much the better.
    Folks, the leaders are EVIL people.
    Their foot soldiers are just like the Brown Shirts. They WILL follow any orders to KEEP their pittling job.