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Reporter Pushes Asks For One Accomplishment From Clinton and Gets Nothing

Posted on April 23, 2014

When pressed by Associated Press reporter Matt Lee at a Tuesday press conference, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki was unable to name a single “tangible achievement” from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2010 Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review.

In 2009, Clinton announced the State Department would begin conducting routine performance reviews in the QDDR. The Pentagon reportedly uses a similar review process.

“Off the top of your head, can you just identify one tangible achievement that the last QDDR resulted in?” Lee asked the spokeswoman.

“Well, Matt, obviously it’s an extensive, expansive topic—“ Psaki began before getting cut off.

“So, no,” Lee interrupted.

The reporter continued to ask for “just one” accomplishment that resulted from the 2010 QDDR, but he never got a straight answer.

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28 thoughts on “Reporter Pushes Asks For One Accomplishment From Clinton and Gets Nothing

  1. And she's gonna run for U.S.President – On WHAT RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS ?

  2. …..and any of you low-information voters out there know why this woman can't name a single accomplishment of Hillary's, hmmmm?

  3. Kitty Mama says:

    Well, what accomplishments did our current one have and he got elected twice. I will always believe that whole bunch uses fraud or whatever it takes to get what they want and I am including people just disappearing. They seem to believe just because, they are entitled. Evil.

  4. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Hilary's chief accomplishment seems to have been putting up with Bill all these years.

  5. Ronifer she has the same accomplishments as her boss Obama absolute "O".there is no record that Hillary has ever accomplished anything every,that I know of,so that is the record she will have to run on isn't it,a big fat "O" I probably have more accomplishments than her,at least I did not have people killed to hide my crooked dealings like the Clintons are likely guilty of.

  6. redmeatstate says:

    so name an accomplishment of Barack Obama's!! Anything? Anyone? Committing fraud to get elected doesn't count.

  7. she gave her daughter a 3 million dollar wedding while many people were out of work and on food stamps !

  8. Behavioral and psychiatric disorders this is what Hilary”s accomplishments are and that is what we have results?

  9. What record did Bush have before he got elected? A mediocre National Guard career, worked on a failed Senate campaign, failed his own run for the House of Representatives, became governor of Texas and proclaimed a "Jesus Day" and gave tax cuts to the wealthy.

    It doesn't take very much to become President.

  10. Sorry if I "offended" some of you, but the truth hurts I guess.

  11. At least we could see Bush's travel records, college transcripts, and legitimate birth certificate. At least Bush held down jobs in the private sector and helped run a business. Bush had held at least ONE executive position before becoming president. This clown Obama never had any of that and was totally unprepared for this office. Truly a disgrace to this country, and the rest of the world laughs at us for electing him TWICE. The most transparent administration in history. A complete joke. And I'm still waiting for my $2500 savings on my health care costs.

  12. Well how many accomplishes did obama have? Don’t sell these liberal progressive communistic democrats short. They don’t need accomplishments. Just breath and your in!

  13. My point as well!

  14. mutantone says:

    first what accomplishments had Obama achieved prior to his election?
    Hillary did manage to lose $6 billion dollars!
    and the increase in cigar sales when Bill was free of her

  15. True enough but a better question for Hillary would be "how much damage did she do?" No surprise to anybody she accomplished zip except the Benghazi disaster and treasonous acts ! I voted for GW but since I have changed a lot of thinking processes. 9/11 was a major wake up call for me not just the junk wars. we do not have and never have had the truth of 9/11 ? Make of that what you will, but it is true. I do not pretend to know exactly what the full truth is. I just know we have been seriously lied to and do not have all the facts. That is based on physics and many eye witnesses and other facts. And of course that was under GWs watch. We really do live in massive illusions my friends !

  16. grumpy3625 says:

    These are the moments that make my day. Billary is the liars liar. She's so good at it and she can put on the face of honesty. Excuse me but I gotta go puke now.

  17. allosaur says:

    Jen shoulda said :What difference does it make?"

  18. Econoranter says:

    Shane , you know how people are, you guys will defend Obama and company to the death of our country and Republicans will defend, heaven help us, every dim-witted, big money RINO like you know who, no matter how discouraged we get with "our guys" and no matter how much harm they do. It's why the constitution limits the power of politicians over the rest of us, we will go to ruin and blazes with the politicians; as long as it's "our" politicians. That's why adherence to constitutional principles is so important and why politicians of all parties hate the constitution. If we have any sense at all we should insist all the pols follow the constitution, just as a matter of self-preservation.

  19. Thankyou for posting this twice! Thank you for posting this twice!

  20. Or, before it was truncated. At this point, what difference does it make!

  21. Shane, it is a good point and Love is not easily offended, thus, I'm not. However, the true Clintone "accomplishments" or deeds have more to do with dead chickens and people floating in rivers in Arkansas, banking scams, dead "friends" and "lovers", rapes, trashing WhiteHouses, international scams, planes shot down, missing FBI files, Marcy Park, etc.

    Even the Tory Bushes with all of their CFR, FED stuff, seem to pale in comparison to the Clintone Accomplishments. Nonetheless, no offense here. Thank your trollness for the reminder, now go back to TrollDom (or is it Trolldumb?)

  22. … same as Obaa-baa-ma's: they are COMMUNISTS hellbent, and hell sent I might interject, on destroying America and replacing it with AMERIKA! Off the top of my head, I'd say they are about 95% there thanks to a state-run media, a gutless (opposition?) and a dumb-downed, drugged-up, uninformed, misinformed, apathetic and stiff-necked elecorate which makes me believe that – REVOLUTION is the only SOUTION!

  23. Being a business owner and running for some offices( winning some..losing some but being the governor of one of the biggest states in the union before he ran for President!) to give President Bushes short list… President Obama… clean and articulate speech reader, community organizer… won some senate positions by destroying his opponents reputation…the Chicago way !.. his short list. Doesn't really compare. See…spin works both ways…

  24. Holy Shirt says:

    In all fairness to Mrs. Clinton, her Benghazi Nazi decision to bar reinforcements from responding to Chris' pleas for help buttressed Barry's budget, more than the cost of deployment. millions in salaries, health and retirement benefits to those who would not live to collect them. May it go down in Democrap Anals as the Hillary-US Austerity Pogrom!

  25. She managed to get people killed and didn't get fired. That's an accomplishment in itself.

  26. The perception of Hillary as an extremely negative asset is entirely appropriate. Look at Obama. He got elected because nobody knew anything about him. In Hillary's case, the opposite is true.

  27. Barack Obama's only accomplishment in office is this:

    As a lawyer in Chicago, he filed lawsuits demanding that major banks be forced to give subprime loans. Most of the loans he managed to secure are in default, and have long since been foreclosed. Howevrer, he ordered HUD to refinance subprine loans to prevent homeowners with these type of loans from going into foreclosure. This is about the only thing that he accomplished, and it was directly related to fixing a mess that he made BEFORE he got into the White House, but it is an accomplishment none the less.

    I do not like Obama, I have never voted for him, and I think he should be impeached. But I cannot truly say he has accomplished nothing positive, if only for this one thing.

    But focusing only on Obama's sole accomplishment is like cheering for a man who is 20,000,000 in debt to the IRS because he made $100 with a weekend lemonade stand. The Presidency is tough business, and Obama is no more cut out for it than I am.

  28. Why does she need an accomplishment? A community organizer that was born in another country got elected twice at least she's a legal citizen. Oh Dear Lord help us all through this and deliver us from the evil within and those that would destroy our people and country.