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Bizarre New Curriculum Being Introduced in Chicago

Posted on April 21, 2014

Chicago public schools are set to introduce a new Afro-centric curriculum, according to a closely-guarded copy obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The curriculum covers kindergarten through tenth grade and is designed to align with Common Core. It includes a web link to TheAfrican.com, a website whose publisher decries “fake-Jews” and calls the United States a “Zionist-occupied enemy territory.”

The site also claims that the world will end sometime this year and that President Barack Obama is “merely another trick of [the beast of the 4th Kingdom].”

The new Chicago curriculum was announced last December.

“CPS has taken great pride in developing a yearlong, interdisciplinary African and African-American studies program that will enrich the understanding and appreciation of African and African-American history and culture to help build stronger and more cohesive student communities,” said Chicago Public School chief executive Byrd Bennett in an announcement of the curriculum, dubbed IAAAS.

CPS began developing IAAAS after a push last year from groups that wanted to implement a state law passed in 1990 that required public schools to offer one unit on African-American history.

But CPS went above and beyond, implementing the curriculum across all core disciplines, which include literacy, mathematics, science, social science, the arts, physical education and health.

“The law said it had to be one unit devoted to the history of African-Americans,” Annette Gurley, CPS chief officer of teaching and learning told the Chicago Tribune in 2013. “What we’ve done is we’ve taken it throughout the year for all subjects, not just one subject.”

But some of the subjects, including those discussed at TheAfrican.com, are heavily controversial. The Chicago curriculum topic discussed at TheAfrican.com is “The Black Athena,” a book written by historian Martin Bernal. Sixth and ninth grade Chicago students will discuss the book and an accompanying full-length Youtube documentary.

In the work, Bernal claimed that ancient Greeks stole much of its civilization from Egypt, which, Bernal asserts, was populated by blacks. The Chicago curriculum entertains rebuttals to Bernal’s theory but skews heavily in its favor.

Ron Fritze, a historian, the dean of Athens State University, and author of the book “Invented Knowledge,” says that Bernal’s theories are not historically accurate and have no place in Chicago schools.

“As a historian and an educator, I am very troubled by the notion of [students] in Chicago city schools spending five weeks on Bernal’s ideas,” Fritze told TheDCNF.

“His ideas are outliers of scholarship and have been largely discredited among other scholars,” said Fritze, noting that few scholars from Egypt or even China and Japan subscribe to Bernal’s theories.

Fritze says that while most of Bernal’s critics had proven expertise in Classical studies, ancient history, and Egyptology, most of his supporters were not specialized in those fields.

“But they were people who found his ideas to be politically attractive,” said Fritze.

Chicago fifth graders will be exposed to another controversial and widely-criticized theory in Ivan van Sertima’s “They Came Before Columbus.” Van Sertima, who taught at Rutgers University, theorized that Africans populated the Americas well before Columbus.

But critics largely panned the work. In a 1977 New York Times book review, archaeologist Glyn Daniel called van Sertima’s work “ignorant rubbish” and labeled it “myth and folklore.”

Fritze is critical as well.

“I and most historians of exploration consider ‘They Came Before Columbus’ to be very wrong in its contentions about African voyages to the Americas,” he told TheDCNF.

Nevertheless, the IAAAS curriculum provides a unit on the work that includes links to seven-part Youtube video series.

Laid out in the curriculum are pictures with arrows drawn to help guide teachers’ lessons. One asks, “Is the water under the ‘boat’ telling us that these people traveled over the ocean from a place with pyramids?”

CPS initially denied TheDCNF’s request for a copy of the curriculum, made last year, citing the fact that the curriculum was still a preliminary draft.

But last December, Byrd-Bennett made a presentation using slides taken from the IAAAS curriculum. State open records laws require officials to release records of preliminary drafts when those records have been discussed in a public forum.

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23 thoughts on “Bizarre New Curriculum Being Introduced in Chicago

  1. AmericanIcon says:

    Does this African 'history' include the documented fact that the slave trade was based on muslim traders paying coastal blacks to raid villages in the interior of Africa and capture their black 'brothers and sisters' to be shipped off in chains?

  2. Here's how they integrate this new curriculum into math:
    1. "How many job has Letitia had?" (zero)
    2. "How much it cost for an Obama phone?" (zero)
    3. "How many baby daddy be payin' child support? (zero)

  3. how many lies has OBAMA TOLD? we have no number large enough….

  4. no, no documentation or facts necessary.
    merely being around this course of study will qualify the students for a satisfying, yet casual, career in government service. included: comfortable work environment, lax supervision, the satisfaction of pointless harassment of evil others, a new imported SUV, full healthcare benefits and life-long pension plan.

  5. David Vieira says:

    I recall reading a 1857 speech by Lincoln, in which he called for the liberation of the slaves, but stated that they should all be sent back to Liberia "where they came from". Lincoln' assassination put an end to this plan. Obviously the USA would today be a totally different country, whether for good or for worse.

  6. robert h siddell jr says:

    Morons turned public school systems over to Blacks because they thought Blacks could teach Black kids better. Instead of iron sharpening iron (Prov 27:17), we got stupid dulls stupid. I hope they love the emperors new clothes and all big cities adopt this curriculum so they can get to the bottom of the barrel sooner and come to their senses.

  7. Doug Rodrigues says:

    It would appear that racist Blacks are wanting to re-write history to make Blacks look more intelligent than they are. If Al Sharpton is any indication of the IQ level of Blacks, then the re-writing of history won’t be believable.

  8. disgusted says:

    Try having a white history program and see what happens. Like Chicago schools aren't pathetic enough already.

  9. armydadtexas says:

    So, Chicago is going to start RACIST INDOCTRINATION. Anti-sematic, anti-white, hate filled rhetoric from hell. And democ-RAT run areas of our nation are collapsing why? Just one more example

  10. Jack klouseau says:

    For Good.

  11. David in MA says:

    I am still amazed that people who know the truth can champion falsehoods….got to be a mental illness thingy.

  12. mutantone says:

    what is next Latino centric curriculum in California and Arizona and Texas and all the southern states?
    how about we remove these prejudicial sorts of education labels, which are desired only to exacerbate the racial division in the nation, we need to remove all ethnic based factors to limit the cost of education to "Citizens" and "non citizens" excluded
    no more racial descriptions only "American" and "not American" (or as I like to call them visitors) should be allowed anything else is the workings of the democrats to further divide the nation and her citizens into ethnic groupings that can be manipulated for their political desires after all who was it that formed the KKK, passed Jim Crow laws and pushed segregation on the Nation ?

  13. You miss the whole point. Racist agitation and division serves the Democrats well. As long as they get 90% of minority votes, this will not change. That is the reality of "racial integration".

  14. Phillip the Bruce says:

    One thing Bernal got right – Egyptians were black in the past, probably before the Exodus. After the whole army was drowned, including Pharaoh, they were easy pickings for the middle eastern Hyksos. But the Sphinx had a definitely 'negroid' face. That's why Napoleon had his artillery shoot it off.
    Check Joel Freeman on black history.

  15. back in the 70s in chicago they tried WE BE , YOU BE, SHE BE see how that worked

  16. What is so surprising about this? This where Barry the Fairy's home was!

  17. Cindymccoy28 says:

    Oh, I'm sure that will be left out!!! They will put stuff that incites trouble. Works up the crowd!! That is really what they are trying to do. Or put things that will not be proved so that they can lie!!!

  18. Cindymccoy28 says:

    Oh the answer to everything is zero. Thanks now I know the new math.

  19. i bet it does not include the fct that the first owner of a black slave was a 'black'. or that a 'white' man tried to get his freedom through the courts.

    is afro centric meaning the center of a bushy head of hair?? just wondering.

  20. TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Given that African-Americans in Chicago are far behind most other Americans in every single significant economic endeavor, you would think that Chicago would simply concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic.

  21. Cindymccoy28 says:

    It needs to be stopped before it gets started good. It sounds like a bunch of crap!!! I'm so sick of the school systems thinking they know better than parents or anyone else that may come up against them!!!!

  22. mutantone says:

    as I pointed out "anything else is the workings of the democrats to further divide the nation and her citizens into ethnic groupings that can be manipulated for their political desires"

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