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Bet You Didn’t Know A Speeding Bullet Looked Like This

Posted on April 21, 2014

Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun campaign paid for by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, seemingly posted a photo on its new Facebook page Sunday that had gun owners rolling their eyes.

The image features a bullet shooting out of the barrel of a rifle — anyone who has ever fired a rifle should immediately notice the problem.

You see it, right? Obviously, no bullet would ever shoot out of a barrel with the shell casing.

“Who is faster than a speeding bullet?” the text in the photo reads. “Nobody.”

It didn’t take long for users on Facebook and Twitter to take notice and mock the anti-gun group for seemingly revealing just how much know about firearms.

“Bloomberg’s idiot everytown group depiction of a gunshot,” Twitter user @BigFatDave wrote. Yes, really. No, not a parody.”

“Why is a shell casing coming out of the barrel?” a Facebook user commented.

“You wouldn’t get health advice from your mechanic, why would you want gun safety advice from someone who doesn’t own any?” another Facebook user wrote.

While the image certainly appears to be created by Everytown for Gun Safety and includes the web address of the group’s official website and logo, the Facebook page it was posted on is not the one the group’s website currently links to.

The Facebook page that uploaded the photo joined the social network on April 17. The group recently said it was working to secure a new Facebook group page after a pro-gun group swooped in and used the group’s name to promote the Second Amendment.

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41 thoughts on “Bet You Didn’t Know A Speeding Bullet Looked Like This

  1. The Iceman says:

    Who is dumber than a speeding bullet ? Bloomberg ! He may be rich but he sure is dumb. He is just a bully trying to rule peoples lives as only a Liberal wack job would do.

  2. Countermeasure says:

    That is what Liberals do: expect everyone else to change their lives and lifestyle to be compliant in their liberal pipe dream, they are never willing to change anything about themselves; their only happiness comes from using the courts to take away or limit the rights of those who do not agree/comply with them.

  3. Almost as dumb as the congresswoman bringing up "heat-seeking bullets" in her anti-gun push.

  4. David Lindstedt says:

    New York gun owners must give up NY RESIDENCY! Change your residency, move to FL. Come on down, drive, reregister your car in FL, get a FL driver's license, STOP PAYING NEW YORK STATE INCOME TAX! Register to vote in FL, thousands vote by absentee ballot. Why pay taxes to a government who would steal your freedom? Note: Increase in FL residency means more FL congressmen in congress and less New York congressmen. Housing in FL is half or less the price of NY. Homestead act in FL greatly reduces real estate taxes FL HAS NO STATE INCOME TAX! Why the hell would you want to be a NY state resident?

  5. T Thompson says:

    Hahahahahahahaha, lolololololol. I needed a good laugh today.

  6. elmcqueeen3 says:

    If you think this is a shocker…Time Magazine did the same thing when Ronald Reagan was shot…A complete bullet leaving the front end of the barrel…They then turned around and published an article about the poisoned bullet laced with mercury again complete with drawings on what happens when the bullet encounters flesh and disposes of its Mercury contents…Since that day I have little respect for Time Magazine…Most of their articles found in this magazine are the imagination of liberal leftist writers who know beans about what they are writing…Even though they be literate writers!

  7. This is true. But, I might add that in battles against State government, including their created local chartered COUNTY OF SO AND SO, CITY OF SO AND SO, that are corporations to govern government and its creations, along with the federal government's three branches and all their creations, that not ONE official at any level obeys even one statute meant NOT to govern the people but government itself and its creations. NONE obey their Oaths of Office and haven't a clue that Freedom means, "NOT UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTROL", not that provisions of the Constitution for the united States of America and the many state constitutions mean freedoms exists only so long as governing bodies politic determine otherwise.

    True freedom is that we may do as we wish so long as we do not intentionally interfere with the rights of others. If the inference is by accident, then it is a civil case for the damaged to receive redress for the damage done.

    Bloomberg and the other "leaders" of the anti-American traitors and other enemies of America epitomize those that are set to destroy white, Christian America, turning into a playground for themselves with the people – a few of them anyway – to manage the Ameri-Kan plantation and resort-like land.

  8. That is why he is known as Blunderberg.

  9. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Why is it that a stopped clock can be right twice a day but bloomingidiot is never right on anything?

  10. redmeatstate says:

    Ha ha this is just an example of the exposed ignorance of the gun haters.

  11. Brain dead with money. Molon Labe.

  12. dexter60 says:

    I donno,, looks to me like it actually raises their credibility …. I didn't think they knew which end the bullets came out of any gun.

  13. Bob Racine says:

    They are welcomed in Florida as long as they leave their NY politics in NY

  14. icemancold says:

    WELL: Looks like These people are not any smarter than the anti gun nut Talking about GHOST guns That shoot 30 caliber clips and can shoot an ungodly number of these 30 caliber clips in a second. These ANTI GUN NUTS LIKE BLOOMBERG,FEINSTEIN,PELOSI,BIDEN,OBAMA and the rest need to take a BASIC N R A FIRE ARM NOMECLATURE and SAFETY COURSE BEFORE THEY OPEN THEIR PIE HOLES TO SPEW FORTH THEIT BULL SH*T

  15. darylj46 says:

    So very right as money doesn't buy brains and like him, when money and power is god then brains go out the window

  16. No…this is correct because I saw a nerf gun do the same thing!

  17. As usual, liberals who claim they know so much, actually know very little. But that does not mean that they aren't willing to pass laws based on stupidity. It happens every day. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  18. Andy Schnatz says:

    if he was dumb he wouldn't be rich And with his money you can be anything you want.Also he is laughing all the way to the bank
    We are the dumb ones not he

  19. CaptTurbo says:

    I don't think I've ever seen better example of liberal stupidity!

  20. Bloomberg; Better Known as Bloomingidiot!

  21. waltincranston says:

    stupid is as stupid does-need more be said

  22. What is scary is that most people who hate guns will probably approve of such tripe.

    Thanks for putting this up, Dr. North.

  23. canislupus100 says:

    I have known dumb persons who are rich, and i have known smart persons who are rich. One of the secrets of American exceptional-ism is that even very dumb people can get rich in America. If you can't see that Bloomberg is obviously an ignoramus when it comes to firearms, I wonder about you. But even you could get rich in the USA.

  24. I beg your pardon,speak for yourself.

  25. This was meant for Andy Schnatz

  26. Jack klouseau says:


  27. Hillbilly says:

    There are educated fools, natural born fools and damn fools. Sadly, some people fit into all three categories.

  28. paulrph1 says:

    FAKE! Just like their whole message. Fake. That right there should tell us something. We just finished watching the movie "The Book Thief". No people should have to live through this. But it looks as if someone wants it all to happen again.

  29. It didn't take long for users on Facebook and Twitter to take notice and mock the anti-gun group for seemingly revealing just how much THEY know about firearms. (grammatical error)

  30. WOW! Just picture it! No more wasteful brass stinking up our peaceful Chicago Streets! EPA: Stand up and CHEER!!
    (Is ANYone surprised? These idiots don't want anyone to have weapons because THEY'RE afraid of them, have nightmares about them, and believe they are from Satan. They believe guns have a mind and spirit of their own, and they're out to get us.) Such a shame: A mind is a terrible thing to LOSE!

  31. More like a mind is a terrible thing to have never had.

  32. This is a special, two-stage, bullet. When the booster kicks in, the bullet is propelled into orbit. Then the brass casing disconnects and the bullet emits radio signals.

  33. onewildman says:

    Who's dumber than a speeding rock? Bloomberg is. That's who!

  34. liberals dont even know anything about what they condemn , next they should arm the police and military with nerf weapond

  35. And when we report on how many "bullets" Homeland Security is buying, we should ask, "Are they buying cases, primers and powder too?" Even the conservatives, who should know better, are calling them "bullets".

  36. hanginjudge says:

    Hey and Bloomberg is one of the brighter liberals on the planet. No I take that back its impossible to combine the word liberal and bright in one sentence unless said liberal has set his or her head on fire!

  37. Of all the scary things in the World, Stupidity is the scariest.

  38. When you have a left brain, what do you expect? After all this is from Bloomingidiot!

  39. Random Dude says:

    You're wrong, it's not that they don't want anyone to have weapons, it's that they don't want anyone but themselves to have weapons. Remember, these politicians all have personal armed guards and guns protecting them everywhere they go, they just don't want you or I to have a gun.

  40. saltporkdoc says:

    A way to redeem themselves would be to add to the narrative on the photo. I would suggest they add after,"Who is faster than a speeding bullet? No one", THANK GOD!

    Isn't it ironic how the regressives [sicI] want a "level playing field" except when it comes to a 60+ yr old disabled person defending themselves against a young,athletic, agile, street punk?

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