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Seattle Firefighters Avoid Felony Charges In Assault Of Homeless Man

Written by John Odermatt on April 18, 2014

Violent attacks on homeless people by tax-siphoning State agents have seemingly increased in recent times. Perhaps law enforcement has always lashed out against the less fortunate who are unable to protect themselves and the growth of Internet media has assisted by shining a spotlight to expose these incidents.

Regardless of the reason why, incidents that reveal appalling police abuses on homeless victims have gained exposure in the past few months as violent videos have gone viral on the internet. Two especially terrible incidents, where agents of the State have committed crimes against the homeless, ended tragically with the the homeless person ultimately losing their life in each instance.

In California, two Fullerton cops were ultimately found not guilty of charges tied to the beating of a homeless man by the name of Kelly Thomas to death. After watching the incredibly disturbing video of the beating it is hard to reconcile how a jury could refrain from locking the offending officers in a cage for the rest of their lives. One of the police officers charged in the beating death even had the audacity to ask for his job back after the verdict!

A second recent egregious attack on a homeless man occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico about a month ago. The unfortunate events resulted in another senseless death when police shot an unarmed man, James Boyd, for illegally camping in the Albuquerque foothills.

It is not just police officers that are fond of aggressive attacks on the homeless; apparently there are also firemen who are also partial to assaulting the poorest individuals in society.

This week in Seattle Washington, the King County Prosecutor’s Office announced that it will not be filing felony charges against firefighters accused of beating a homeless man, because the victim would not participate in the prosecution. The cases against the two firefighters and their female companion during the beating are still being weighed for possible misdemeanor charges.

Firefight News has a detailed account of the despicable action of the two firefighters and their female acquaintance against a homeless man who did nothing to provoke their ire.

The two Seattle firefighters were off-duty and accompanied by a woman when they became involved in an altercation at the Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Occidental Park on March 15.

According to Seattle police, Bullene, fellow firefighter Robert Howell and Mia Jarvinen were walking through Pioneer Square around 5 p.m. after attending a Seattle Sounders game at CenturyLink Field when they saw the homeless man sleeping on the memorial.

Witnesses told police that Jarvinen, 37, kicked at the man, yelled at him and threw food on him after she saw him sleeping on the memorial.

Howell then started yelling about how the victim was disrespecting his “brothers” and began punching and “stomping” the man, police wrote in a report.

The fracas drew other transients, according to police and witnesses.

Steve Banfield, a Pioneer Square resident who witnessed parts of the incident, said the man later identified by police as Bullene then “got in a fight with a different homeless man, took his walking stick and started beating him with it.”

In an apparent attempt to ward off the attack, one of the homeless men got up and stabbed Bullene.

This story is really going to hurt Seattle’s ranking in the next Huffington Post list of the top ten cities to be homeless. I say this tongue in cheek, as I don’t think Huff Post has come out with this list…..yet.

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6 thoughts on “Seattle Firefighters Avoid Felony Charges In Assault Of Homeless Man

  1. AD Roberts says:

    Elitists: No compassion for ANYONE but themselves. This is what liberal society is good for. Class warfare.

  2. Well, since one of the firefighters got stabbed, I assume he is a bit wiser now and will be more reluctant to be the self-appointed "no homeless people may sleep on the Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial" enforcer.

  3. so, these testosterone-hyper "heroes" now take it upon themselves to play lawmaker, cop, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner all in the space of a few minutes. Too bad an armed citizen didn't happen alomh and act as the protector of the weak and victimised.

  4. CharliefromMass says:

    I've known and am friends with many firemen- and a couple of women who are EMTs and paramedics.

    No fire department in this area would tolerate such behavior by any member of their staff. As screwy liberal as Massachusetts can be, most of the emergency service personnel don't go out of their way to embarrass themselves and their departments like these two chuckleheads did.

    I understand their sentiments, but it would have been a far more fitting tribute to their fallen comrades to make some effort to help the man, not kick him like a soccer-ball. Get him a cup of coffee, a bed for the night, find out if he needs some other assistance and try to arrange it.

    You know…be a public SERVANT!

  5. Do what they needed to do and don't do something that will hurt their position. They are so foolish!