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Eric Holder Could Lose His Salary For Being Held In Contempt Of Congress Under This New Bill

Posted on April 17, 2014

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) has introduced a bill called the “Contempt Act,” which would prevent current and future federal employees from collecting their taxpayer-funded salaries as long as they’re being held in contempt of Congress.

The bill, which has no chance of becoming law in a divided Congress, currently would apply to one man — Attorney General Eric Holder, with whom Farenthold tangled at a congressional hearing last week:

“I’m committed to maintaining the constitutional balance of power and the authority that this branch — this Legislative Branch — has, and I just don’t think it’s appropriate that Mr. Holder be here,” Farenthold told the Judiciary Committee last Tuesday.

“If an American citizen had not complied with one of the Justice Department subpoenas, they would be in jail, not sitting here in front, testifying. I realize there are questions to be asked. I’ll yield the remainder of my time.”

Rep. Farenthold released the following statement on April 15:

In 2012, the House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the botched Fast and Furious gun-running sting operation – despite this fact, he is still receiving his paycheck courtesy of American taxpayers.

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34 thoughts on “Eric Holder Could Lose His Salary For Being Held In Contempt Of Congress Under This New Bill

  1. That's a great bill we all should get behind and have our representatives pass. Hit them in their pocket book, that is probably the only way the Obama criminal machine can be stopped. The bill is totally fair as it could cut both ways if a republican were to be as corrupt as the democrats that are now in power.

  2. bless2live says:

    Give hin prison, he earned it!

  3. The turd needs a rope tied around hid neck and hung from an oak tree.

  4. krisgault says:

    i'm on board with you…if any other american citizen would have jail time…then what gives any other american citizen who holds an office the 'right' to avoid punishment??? NONE!

  5. Lorraine E says:

    Remember the pad of executive orders that our appointed president has and the one he used to bail out Eric Fast and Furious Holder in 2012? BHO is still busy filling out these EO forms to get whatever he wants and he will probably use them again to protect his buddy Eric Fast & Furious Holder.

  6. Holder needs a rope tied around his neck and a loaded shotgun shoved up his ass. When he drops, the butt of the shotgun hits the ground. Boom! Problem solved.

  7. LMAO!

  8. ccfonten says:

    Now wouldn't that be a kick in the collective pants for the corrupt dem(wit)s?? Best way to "hurt" them IS in the pocket book!!
    Couldn't you just see the explosion from holder??? Maybe he will tell another legislator: "You don't want to go there, buddy!"???

  9. ccfonten says:

    If oblamo wanted to make some really serious money: he could start selling "get out of jail free" cards to any and all in his administration!!!

  10. everyone can hope and pray, but it will never happen.
    All we hear is talk, talk, and more talk.

  11. Cindymccoy28 says:

    I'm glad that someone is finally trying to hold these people accountable!!!! This guy is so crooked, oh I can't wait to see him fall. I hope that is not wrong but he has caused so much pain for so many people. Even to the point of death. Look at Fast and Furious!!! He has threatened people, look at the black panthers at the voting polling places?? Did he do anything to protect those voters or correct what was happening. No, no he did not!!!

  12. When He is found Guilty , as he will be, He should be made to pay back all of the salary that he received from day one !!!! Why should us tax payers be made to pay his salary when he is put on paid leave ?

  13. I would be willing to double his salary if he agreed to never show up for work again.

  14. Stuart Shepherd says:

    Oh, he must be a racist for proposing that bill!! And holder is fully black, not even bi-racial! Shame on him. How can you impugn a black person? Don't you know they have immunity from self-responsibility and are victims already (even Holder)? There is affirmative action for political irresponsibility, corruption, abuse of power, and sociopathy. Didn't he know that? Didn't he know hat? Ah, but Lois Lerner could also be affected. There he goes again. The War on Women. She's a victim of sexism. The laws don't apply to her nor common decency and self-responsibility and honesty. She pleaded the fifth. She said she "didn't do anything wrong." ! How outrages, sexist, piggish, racist and vile fo him to ask that these people be held accountable for their EVIL deeds!! Ou7trageous!

  15. But he won't because 1st) his boss is Obama, 2nd) he's a liar, 3rd) he's a racist and let's face the truth. America right this very moment is all about being politically correct, tolerant of others even if they a completely wrong, and not damaging someone's self-esteem, NOT WHAT IS DOING RIGHT AND OBEYING THE LAWS OF THE LAND, and listening to the "Will of the People because politicians in America could care less what their constituents think or want!!! They have changed the laws and look at as if "WE the People" WORK for them instead of they are elected by the constituents and are suppose to be working for us. As long as you allow illegal immigrates to vote, dead people to vote and commit voter fraud, AND AND give the entitlement people what they want your going to when elections. oh and doesn't help that the opposing parties (Republicans, Libertarians, and TEA partiers as well) doesn't have any back bone and are a bunch of spineless, twits with no balls for a fight because they are scared how the liberal media will talk about them in the news. Eric Holder is a LIAR, a Liberal, and a thief, who wouldn't or couldn't tell the truth if it jumped up and bit him in sorry ASS, that goes for HIS Boss as well he's a bigger Liar than Holder, REMEMBER "If you Like Your Doctor, you can keep you doctor. "If you like your present health care plan you can keep your health care Plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. David in MA says:

    I really wish I could be present when obozo throws his buddy under the bus and without a sigh simply assigns another useful idiot to the atty. gen. position.
    BUT, obozo has a problem, if given full immunity slime butt holder will sing like a canary.

  17. a isolated padded cell and bread & water until he complies

  18. LOVE IT!!

  19. You're right-lol

  20. Here's another notion…. anyone taking a federal job must agree to sign a waiver surrendering their 5th amendment defense for anything done in the line of their job duties.

  21. 2warabnvet says:

    I don't thing Holder is worried overmuch about his salary. He can scam all he wants from many sources, and continue his primary mission to destroy the Rule of Law.

  22. Oscar Byington says:

    Am with you 100% no one is above the law.

  23. He can go out and sell a Cargo Trailer full of Automatic Weapons to subsidize his salary ! He will never see a day behind bars as a Full Pardon will be ready for him and Lerner if they even are found guilty ! The next thing is another false flag to activate Marshall Law and then Obama Will Never Go Away !!!!! What a Messed up Bunch of Corrupt Demo's we have leading our Beautiful Country….. I say Get Rid of them ALL …..Clean House….

  24. carlwk3c says:

    This is nothing more an more kabuki theater designed to make people think that the RHINO "leadership" in the house is actually willing to do something about the corrupt Obama regime.
    Even if it passed the house, it would go nowhere in Dirty Harry's corrupt senate, and if it did, Obama would veto it.
    TINVOWOOT – There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This
    Except, perhaps, from the rooftops.

  25. rosie6600 says:

    I'm all for doing anything to punish Eric Holder for his corrupt dereliction of duty, and that includes loss of his salary. But, objectively, loss of salary doesn't even constitute "a slap on the wrist" for Holder. Everyone associated with the upper stratum of the Obama administration is wealthy, very wealthy, and loss of salary would not impinge on Holder's lifestyle beyond changing some numbers in one of his bankbooks. And his accountant or business adviser would probably do that for him.

  26. A Senator who deliverately absents himself from all Congress' proceedings to run for president should be deprived of his salary as well. There is no need to single out Mr. Holder as a scapegoat. We need to put all these guys in the stocks.

  27. Holder defies and mocks his oath/duty of office (“I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office…”), as well as The Constitution and laws thereunder!
    The same is true of the Senate majority, who by their defiance and mockery of their own same oath/duty of office allow the highest office of the land to actually mock, defy, and obstruct those supreme laws of the land! The president is at war with the Constitution. We are a lawless nation that no longer respects God or country! A debt rapidly approaching $18 trillion, inability to produce what we consume, and unwillingness to defend individual freedom is a one way expedited ticket to progressive bondage! Holder is actively obstructing and that right! Does anyone care enough to defend, protect, and exercise the right to vote?

  28. victorbarney says:

    Right? There would be a better chance of having either Wilson of FDR posthumously resurrected and impeached than Eric Holder either losing his job, let alone impeached! p.s. I even saw the 1000bc Isaiah scroll in Jerusalem predicting both Obama & Holder(i.e., "forbidden foreigner") and they were there for our own judgment by the two-witnesses of Revelation, not their own impeachment! WATCH…p.s. No, sorry, but "women alone" didn't make him president for that reason, but they will not refuse he becoming their "scape goat" either, watch…

  29. Andy Schnatz says:

    couldn't happen to a nicer man

  30. Doug Rodrigues says:

    This is just another Dog & Pony Show by the worthless politicians. They have the power to suspend Holder’s pay without going through the process of sending a Bill to the Senate where it will die, but will they? No, because we citizens are being played as dupes by both Parties.

  31. I will believe it when I hear that it happens. So far all I have heard is threats!

  32. If you think dirty Harry will allow this bill to be heard, then I feel sorry for you. Harry will do as he usually does, which is to sit on any bill written by a GOP member. Fairness be damned ,especially when a man of Harry's caliber and his tendency to sit on any bill produced by a GOP member. I guess Harry hates GOP Congress members by putting them in the same category he has for us peon citizens which he calls liars and domestic terrorists for standing up for our rights.. Term Limits desperately are needed to stop this type of elitist governing to continue. I am not wild about Harry, and I hope Nevada will vote him out in 2016.

  33. mutantone says:

    he should lose his job as well as all salary and pensions for violation of the law, for what he has done is a violation of his job description:The principal duties of the Attorney General are to:

    "Represent the United States in legal matters.
    Supervise and direct the administration and operation of the offices, boards, divisions, and bureaus that comprise the Department.
    Furnish advice and opinions, formal and informal, on legal matters to the President and the Cabinet and to the heads of the executive departments and agencies of the government, as provided by law.
    Make recommendations to the President concerning appointments to federal judicial positions and to positions within the Department, including U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals.
    Represent or supervise the representation of the United States Government in the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts, foreign and domestic, in which the United States is a party or has an interest as may be deemed appropriate.
    Perform or supervise the performance of other duties required by statute or Executive Order."

  34. Well, I sure hope something is done to get rid of Holder. While they are at it they can maybe get rid a few others. I read where they are going after Rep; Grimm f on federal fraud tax charges. Why can't they do the same for Holder, Lerner just to name a few. They should clean house.